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Eliminated from Playoff Contention: Houston Texans

(Image credit Jay Biggerstaff/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Well, it is official the Houston Texans are now mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. On a side note, It still boggles my mind that the Lions have not been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs which is just mind-boggling to me as the Lions currently have double-digit losses. This to me was not a surprise and Let's be real the Texans never had a chance to make the playoffs this season especially as the Tennessee Titans and the Indianapolis Colts are in the division. There are many issues and reasons why the Texans did not make the playoffs but I decided to narrow the reasons. So let's get into it and take a look at the 3 main reasons why the Texans were eliminated from the playoffs.

1. The QB Issues

This was an easy choice here as the Texans had a ton of QB issues this season. I think Tyrod Taylor is a solid QB but the problem is he can’t stay healthy. Davis Mills has promise but he had been inconsistent and had more bad performances than good ones. I doubt DeSean Watson ever plays a snap for the Houston Texans ever again. Who even knows if Watson will ever play in the league again if the allegations against him are true. It will be a wait-and-see with what the team does. One thing is for sure the Houston Texans need a quarterback and I don't believe the Texans have one for the long term.

2. How Awful the Texans defense is.

If there is one word to describe the Texans defense I would go with “Horrendous”. The Texans Defense was completely horrible all season. They were most of the season gave away 20 points due to how terrible the secondary was. It was so bad that they had to cut players during the season that started for the Texans including CB Vernon Hargreaves. This defense has been a clear weak point to the Houston Texans

There were a few bright spots including LB Kamu Grugier-Hill who was solid this season, DE/EDGE Jonathan Gullard being the best and only good pass rusher this season, CB/ST Desmond King being a solid contributor, and S Justin Reid being a consistent player. Besides that, the Texans defense was a mess this season and the Texans have to build it during the offseason.

3. The Toxic Culture of the Organization

Now we get to the big reason for the Houston Texans troubles and why they did not make the playoffs this season. It is due to the Toxic Culture of the Houston Texans. Look at what is going on with Brandon Cooks as he has requested a trade from the organization after they traded RB Mark Ingram. It is clear that Cooks is not a part of the long-term future for the team and the Texans can get value for him. What do the Texans do? Well, keep him and his unhappiness in the locker room. Does not make sense now.

Speaking of the trade deadline they have completely mismanaged the QB DeSean Watson negotiations. Even though it was obvious he was not going anywhere due to the legal issues. But the fact that they demanded more value for him when the allegations are not yet solved is just ridiculous. The Texans are willing to make Watson inactive the entire season and it is clear that he wants out and is a distraction to the Texans Locker Room.

The players have also constantly been breaking team rules on a weekly basis. These are even players for the future like LB Zach Cunningham and S Justin Reid that were involved. It showed to me that the current players don’t care at all about the “Culture” set by the team.

When players like DE/EDGE Shaq Lawson, RB Mark Ingram, and DE/EDGE Whitney Mercilus are saying that a weight was lifted once they departed the Texans shows how toxic this organization is. I doubt this culture will be improving anytime soon as it doesn't help that the Texans are undergoing leadership that can't be trusted at all. David Culley has not been a good coach at all, Nick Caserio has made questionable moves, and executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby's reputation with players has not been strong. Speaking of which, Why is Jack Easterby Still here? It is clear that this culture has not gotten better at all.



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