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Eliminated From Playoff Contention: New York Giants

(Image credit Matthew Emmons/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

No Joke I am writing this article with 10 minutes left to go in the 4th quarter where the Giants are currently losing 34-3 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants season has pretty much been over for many weeks but this was the killing blow as with this loss the Giants were officially mathematically eliminated. My Goodness, this season was a big disappointment this season as they were expected to make a big jump this season with an expectation of playoffs. There were many things that went wrong for the New York Giants this season. But as always when I write articles like this one, I decided to narrow it down to the Top 3 reasons why they did not make the playoffs for this season.

1. Inconsistent performances by Daniel Jones

Again the phrase I keep saying about Daniel Jones for this season is that “I don’t know about this Quarterback. This quarterback shows you that he could be something if he’s coached right’’. Now we're going to get to the coaching later but Daniel Jones has been inconsistent this season. He has strong performances against the Washington Football Team, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons. But then he has brutal performances like he did against the Los Angeles Rams, Las Vegas Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Dallas Cowboys. Another big problem with Daniel Jones is Durability as he cant stay healthy and it has been constant throughout his career in the NFL. This latest injury concerns me a lot as it is a neck injury. Neck Injuries are no joke at all and look at how it affected former players like TE Jermichael Finley and almost ended the career of Peyton Manning. The Giants have to be very careful when handling his injury and rehab. I am also concerned because Daniel Jones has the weapons he needs but he has not gotten better at all. But I am very concerned about Daniel Jones if he again struggles next season.

2. Flop Free Agent Signings

The Giants were big spenders during the offseason. A ton of their signings were complete flops this season. DT Danny Shelton has been injured and when he is on the field has not been good. (1 year for 1.1 million), CB Adoree Jackson had been inconsistent (3 years for 39 million dollars), QB Mike Glennon is well Mike Glennon (1 for $1.3 million dollars), TE Kyle Rudolph was a complete overpay (2 years for 12 million dollars), WR Kenny Golladay has been injured and has not even scored a touchdown this season (4 years for 72 Million dollars), and WR John Ross stinks (1 year for 2.2 million). The only signing that has been solid is RB Devontae Booker and he has not been that good. This was not a good Free Agency class and the big loser in this season was GM Dave Gettleman who was already on the hot seat. He needed this draft class to be a success and so far this free-agent class has been a big flop. I won't be shocked at all if the Giants decide to move on from Gettleman after this season.

3. Coaching

Remember during training camp where multiple players decided to retire. Judge also was criticized for his handling of the culture of the locker room as well mainly attributed to the team and player discipline. I really thought that Joe Judge would have improved as a coach this season boy was I wrong. He has made a ton of questionable decisions this season and has been too conservative at many points this season. Heck, he has even admitted to never using analytics which is absolutely ridiculous as in the new NFL you have to have an analytical approach. Just denying it as just being numbers is already putting this team behind. Now I don't think the Giants will be getting rid of him this season and utilized former offensive coordinator Jason Garrett as his scapegoat. Garrett did not even last the whole season as the coordinator. But I doubt the Giants will be winning with Joe Judge as the head coach.

Apparently, according to Adam Schefter, the plan is to keep Joe Judge as the head coach and Daniel Jones as the starting quarterback. I honestly will believe it when I see it but I won't be shocked if the Giants do decide to move on from Daniel Jones. They do have two top 10 1st round picks in this draft class thanks to the Justin Fields trade.


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