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Eliminated From Playoff Contention: Seattle Seahawks

(Image credit Joe Nicholson/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


Well, the time has come as the Seattle Seahawks have mathematically been eliminated from the playoffs. This was a stunner as many including myself thought that the Seattle Seahawks would be a playoff team and potentially win this division. I mean who wouldn’t as Pete Carroll is the head coach and the Seahawks have Russell Wilson as the quarterback. But unfortunately for them, the Seahawks will not be a part of the playoffs this season. At least Seattle can look forward to selecting a good player to help build their team next season as their draft pick will be a top 10 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Oh wait they don’t have that. The New York Jets do as a result of the Jamal Adams trade. Well, that stinks. Again there is a long list of reasons why the Seattle Seahawks were eliminated from the playoffs. But I will give the three reasons why they missed the playoffs.

1. Injuries

Again I hate using injuries as a reason for a team not making the playoffs but I will make a big exception as Seattle was completely derailed with injuries this season. Especially on offense as it was a big issue. RB Chris Carson suffered a neck injury which took him out for the season and Russell Wilson’s hand injury took him out for a majority of games. Wilson has regressed a lot due to his injury as he was not throwing the ball properly. The defense especially the secondary had a ton of injuries including Tre Brown, Marquise Blair, and Jamal Adams. The injuries heavily affected the Seahawks this season, especially with Russell Wilson.

2. Poor Drafting has caught up

It is time to admit that the Seattle Seahawks have had a recent history of bad drafting for the past few seasons and it has finally caught up with them. There were awful drafts in the past few years but it did not get completely awful until the 2018 NFL Draft. Now I am not going to grade the entire draft as that will be a later article when draft day gets closer. The Seahawks used a 1st round pick on RB Rashaad Penny who was a reach and stinks. Some of the players they could have gotten were RB Nick Chubb, LB Darius Leonard, OL Braden Smith, WR Courtland Sutton, TE Dallas Goedert, TE Mike Gesicki, and etc. The only draft choice in the 2018 NFL Draft that has been a good pick was P Michael Dickson. In the 2019 NFL Draft, the Seahawks wasted a 1st round pick on DE/EDGE Rusher LJ Collier who was not a great selection. Who the Seahawks could have taken WR Deebo Samuel, OL Elgton Jenkins, and OL Cody Ford. The only draft choice they made in that class that was a great pick was WR DK Metcalf who was an excellent choice. Now we get to the 2020 NFL Draft and LB Jordyn Brooks was a pick many had a reach but has been a good player than expected. It's too bad the rest of the draft has not been good. Then comes the 2021 NFL Draft where for some reason Seattle went into this draft class with only three draft picks. They wasted the first pick in the second round on WR D’Wayne Eskridge, CB Tre Brown had promise but got hurt, and OL Stone Forsythe who also was not good. It has been years upon years of bad drafting and it finally caught up on the Seahawks.

3. End of an Era

This season has pretty much signified that this is an end of an era for the Seattle Seahawks. It could be a change of times for Seattle especially with the fiasco that involved Russell Wilson this season. It is clear that he does not want to be in Seattle anymore and Wilson was almost traded to the Bears during the last offseason. I can see the Seahawks decided to move on and get some value for a declining Russell Wilson. I hate to say it because Pete Carroll is a great coach and I wish he was the Jets head coach and could've built the Jets as a Super Bowl contender but thank Leon Hess for that (It led to Richie Kotite being hired from the Jets too). But it is time to move on from Pete Carroll. The game has passed him by and Pete Carroll is 70 years old. I doubt he will be the head coach long-term and I can see the Seahawks making the decision to move on from him or Carroll choosing to retire as the head coach. I hate to see him go but it is time. As for the case of GM John Schneider, I could potentially see the Seahawks deciding to move on from him. I doubt it though, but the signs are there for Seattle to move on from him. If I am Seattle though I would blow it up. I would purge big pieces and start the rebuilding process. I don’t see Seattle winning with the current core that they have right now.


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