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Fantasy Mock Draft Pick #7: 2-QB League

📷Photo by Robert Robinson, Blitzalytics

By: Robert Robinson

This week I take on the challenge of drafting from the number 7 position in a 2QB format. Follow Blitzalytics across all your favorite social media platforms, as we’ll be releasing full mocks from each draft position for 12 team standard, 0.5 PPR, and 2QB standard leagues. These mocks were done using Fantasypros’ Mock Draft Wizard, and the roster settings for today’s mock are as follows: 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex (RB/WR/TE), D/ST (team defense), and K, 6 bench STANDARD scoring format. Make sure to check out last week’s mocks, and stay tuned later in the week for more!

Final Roster:

QB: Aaron Rodgers (GB)

QB: Matt Ryan (ATL)

RB: Jerick McKinnon (SF)

RB: Derrius Guice (WAS)

WR: DeVante Adams (GB)

WR: Michael Crabtree (BAL)

WR: DeVante Parker (MIA)

TE: Kyle Rudolph (MIN)

FLX: Rashaad Penny (SEA)

DST: Los Angeles Chargers

K: Wil Lutz (NO)


RB: Jamal Williams (GB)

RB: Bilal Powell (NYJ)

RB: Spencer Ware (KC)

WR: Tyler Lockett (SEA)

WR: Michael Gallup (DAL)

QB: Tyrod Taylor (CLE)

Overview: I like this roster, but it does have its downsides. I really like my QB situation. I think I have some issues at my skill positions as I’m not sure what to expect from Crabtree and Parker, and I am taking risks on young unproven running backs….I don’t mind a little risk taking though, and should I notice a weakness too big to overcome via the free agent player pool I have the single greatest trade chip in 2QB format and could easily flip Rodgers for an upgrade at my weak position and still get an above average QB back in the deal.

Round 1:

1.1 Todd Gurley, RB (LAR)

1.2 Le’ Veon Bell, RB (PIT)

1.3 David Johnson, RB (ARI)

1.4 Ezekiel Elliott, RB (DAL)

1.5 Saquon Barkley, RB (NYG)

1.6 Antonio Brown, WR (PIT)

1.7 Aaron Rodgers, QB (GB)

1.8 DeAndre Hopkins, WR (HOU)

1.9 Alvin Kamara, RB (NO)

1.10 Tom Brady, QB (NE)

1.11 Deshaun Watson, QB (HOU)

1.12 Leonard Fournette, RB (JAX)

Analysis: It was really hard to pass up on DeAndre Hopkins here, but in 2QB leagues I think that Discount Double Check is just too good to pass up. The man averages RB1 numbers, and in a league where QBs are sure to fly off the board give me the best. Don’t let last years injury taint your perception of Rodgers either. He HAD an injury. He is NOT injury prone.

Round 2:

2.1 Melvin Gordon, RB (LAC)

2.2 Kareem Hunt, RB (KC)

2.3 Odell Beckham Jr, WR (NYG)

2.4 Julio Jones, WR (ATL)

2.5 Michael Thomas, WR (NO)

2.6 DeVante Adams, WR (GB)

2.7 A.J. Green, WR (CIN)

2.8 Carson Wentz, QB (PHI)

2.9 Dalvin Cook, RB (MIN)

2.10 Russell Wilson, QB (SEA)

2.11 Keenan Allen, WR (LAC)

2.12 Cam Newton, QB (CAR)

Analysis: Dalvin Cook was almost the pick for me here, but I think Adams is primed to breakout in huge fashion this year. He was great last year with atrocious QB play, he gets an All time great back from injury to help inflate those numbers. I could see him catching 120 balls and 15 TDs this year. I will take the upside there and the stack that it gives me with he and Rodgers playing together.

Round 3:

3.1 Devonta Freeman, RB (ATL)

3.2 Lesean McCoy, RB (BUF)

3.3 Christian McCaffrey, RB (CAR)

3.4 Mike Evans, WR (TB)

3.5 Kirk Cousins, QB (MIN)

3.6 Rob Gronkowski, TE (NE)

3.7 Jerick McKinnon, RB (SF)

3.8 Doug Baldwin, WR (SEA)

3.9 Jordan Howard, RB (CHI)

3.10 Stefon Diggs, WR (MIN)

3.11 Drew Brees, QB (NO)

3.12 T.Y. Hilton, WR (IND)

Analysis: I had McKinnon as my last RB in this tier so it was a pretty easy choice for me. I did look at Jordan Howard since this is a standard league but I just see him getting less and less work as I project the rise of Tarik Cohen. The other thing is that San Fran payed this man a handsome ransom to come to town. I know we don’t know what he will do as a lead RB but the money tells me he will get the volume, and in fantasy football volume beats talent.

Round 4:

4.1 Adam Thielen, WR (MIN)

4.2 Joe Mixon, RB (CIN)

4.3 Tyreek Hill, WR (KC)

4.4 Travis Kelce, TE (KC)

4.5 Josh Gordon, WR (CLE)

4.6 Derrius Guice, RB (WAS)

4.7 Kenyan Drake, RB (MIA)

4.8 Zach Ertz TE (PHI)

4.9 Derrick Henry, RB (TEN)

4.10 Matthew Stafford, QB (DET)

4.11 Larry Fitzgerald, WR (ARI)

4.12 Alex Smith, QB (WAS)

Analysis: Guice could be a workhorse for Washington this season. I know he hasn’t officially been named the starter but I am not worried about Samaje Perine taking food off his plate. Thompson is still there, but he has a very niche role. I did look at Larry Fitzgerald here, and had we been in PPR scoring I may have given the nod to him, but in standard I need as many cracks at RBs as I can get.

Round 5:

5.1 Demaryius Thomas, WR (DEN)

5.2 Andrew Luck, QB (IND)

5.3 Amari Cooper, WR (OAK)

5.4 Jimmy Garoppolo, QB (SF)

5.5 Allen Robinson, WR (CHI)

5.6 Jared Goff, QB (LAR)

5.7 Rashaad Penny, RB (SEA)

5.8 Alex Collins, RB (BAL)

5.9 Ben Roethlisberger, QB (PIT)

5.10 Sony Michel, RB (NE)

5.11 JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR (PIT)

5.12 Phillip Rivers, QB (LAC)

Analysis: I think Penny sees a ton of work this season. Seattle has already expressed an interest in running the ball more this season, and the only RB on the roster I see even contesting Penny for touches is Chris Carson, but the Seahawks didn’t take Penny in the first round to let him sit behind a 7th rounder who can’t stay healthy. I also looked at JuJu, who is one of my favorite players (the guy is just fun), but I don’t think I’ll own much stock in him this year as the price tag doesn’t seem to mesh with his pecking order in the Pittsburgh offense as it stands today. Plus I think the depth is better later at WR than at RB.

Round 6:

6.1 Alshon Jeffery, WR (PHI)

6.2 Brandin Cooks, WR (LAR)

6.3 Marvin Jones, WR (DET)

6.4 Jarvis Landry, WR (CLE)

6.5 Patrick Mahomes, QB (KC)

6.6 Matt Ryan, QB (ATL)

6.7 Mark Ingram, RB (NO)

6.8 Sammy Watkins, WR (KC)

6.9 Golden Tate, WR (DET)

6.10 Will Fuller, WR (HOU)

6.11 Jay Ajayi, RB (PHI)

6.12 Jamison Crowder, WR (WAS)

Analysis: I went Ryan here, though Golden Tate’s consistency almost won out. At this point I had a feeling there would be a run on QBs again here soon and I saw my #2 target sitting right here for the taking. Mariota would also have been nice had Ryan not been there, but the weapons Ryan has at his disposal are so impressive I leaned Matty Ice’s way.

Round 7:

7.1 Ronald Jones, RB (TB)

7.2 Greg Olsen, TE (CAR)

7.3 Jimmy Graham, TE (GB)

7.4 Evan Engram, TE (NYJ)

7.5 Corey Davis, WR (TEN)

7.6 Julian Edelman, WR (NE)

7.7 Michael Crabtree, WR (BAL)

7.8 Marcus Mariota, QB (TEN)

7.9 Lamar Miller, RB (HOU)

7.10 Royce Freeman, RB (DEN)

7.11 Chris Hogan, WR (NE)

7.12 Emmanuel Sanders, WR (DEN)

Analysis: Crabtree is moving on to a new squad in Baltimore this year, but could very easily see an uptick in target since the Ravens are thin at the skill positions. I also think Joe Flacco comes out gunning this year (I expect quite a few weeks of “Playoff Flacco”), because if he doesnt the Ravens fan base will quickly call for the Lamar Jackson era to begin sooner rather than later.

Round 8:

8.1 Delanie Walker, TE (TEN)

8.2 Jordy Nelson, WR (OAK)

8.3 Jameis Winston, QB (KC)

8.4 Devin Funchess, WR (CAR)

8.5 Dion Lewis, RB (TEN)

8.6 Kyle Rudolph, TE (MIN)

8.7 Robert Woods, WR (LAR)

8.8 Nick Chubb, RB (CLE)

8.9 Pierre Garcon, WR (SF)

8.10 Marquise Goodwin, WR (SF)

8.11 Dak Prescott, QB (DAL)

8.12 Randall Cobb, WR (GB)

Analysis: I think Rudolph could finish as a top 5 TE this season. He was good last year and now has Kirk Cousins coming to chuck balls his way. Cousins loves throwing to the TE as evidenced by the fact that whomever played the position in Washington was a viable fantasy option, regardless of who it was.

Round 9:

9.1 Marshawn Lynch, RB (OAK)

9.2 Cooper Kupp, WR (LAR)

9.3 Tevin Coleman, RB (ATL)

9.4 Derek Carr, QB (OAK)

9.5 D.J. Moore, WR (CAR)

9.6 Andy Dalton, QB (CIN)

9.7 DeVante Parker, WR (MIA)

9.8 Robby Anderson, WR (NYJ)

9.9 Case Keenum, QB (DEN)

9.10 Rex Burkhead, RB (NE)

9.11 Allen Hurns, WR (DAL)

9.12 Blake Bortles, QB (JAX)

Analysis: Yes, Parker has burned you the last 2 seasons, but I’ll play the lottery considering all the targets that Jarvis Landry left behind and the lack of depth at the position. I looked at Robby Anderson here, but not knowing his situation scared me away, I think he will be fine when he does play but after looking at my roster thus far I didn’t know if I could go the four weeks Anderson may miss.

Round 10:

10.1 C.J. Anderson, RB (CAR)

10.2 Carlos Hyde, RB (CLE)

10.3 Marlon Mack, RB (IND)

10.4 Jaguars, DST (JAX)

10.5 Dez Bryant, WR (FA)

10.6 Jamal Williams, RB (GB)

10.7 D’Onta Foreman, RB (HOU)

10.8 Kerryon Johnson, RB (DET)

10.9 Sterling Shepard, WR (NYG)

10.10 Nelson Agholor, WR (PHI)

10.11 Rams, DST (LAR)

10.12 Kelvin Benjamin, WR (BUF)

Analysis: Yikes! My third Packer. Last one, I promise….With Aaron Jones suspended the first 2 games Williams has the chance to shine and win the job outright, but even if he doesn’t he is the superior pass blocker of the two, so he may find favor with Rodgers. I think he does and even if he splits carries he will be on the field enough to be a good flex option at worst.

Round 11:

11.1 Kenny Still, WR (MIA)

11.2 Baker Mayfield, QB (CLE)

11.3 Cameron Meredith, WR (NO)

11.4 Mitch Trubisky, QB (CHI)

11.5 Tarik Cohen, RB (CHI)

11.6 Eli Manning, QB (NYG)

11.7 Tyrod Taylor, QB (CLE)

11.8 Chris Thompson, RB (WAS)

11.9 Lamar Jackson, QB (BAL)

11.10 Isaiah Crowell, RB (NYJ)

11.11 Calvin Ridley, WR (ATL)

11.12 Ryan Tannehill, QB (MIA)

Analysis: I had a set of three guys I was looking at here; Bilal Powell, Duke Johnson, and my eventual pick Tyrod Taylor. I went Taylor because after Baker went off the board it forced me to look at what was left. I inevitably will need a guy to fill in for Rodgers and Ryan’s bye weeks, and I did not like what I saw. I pulled the trigger on Tyrod as he has been one of my favorite streaming options over the last couple years, and I just need him to keep the job through week 8.

Round 12:

12.1 Duke Johnson, RB (CLE)

12.2 Trey Burton, TE (CHI)

12.3 Jack Doyle, TE (IND)

12.4 Marqise Lee, WR (JAX)

12.5 George Kittle, TE (SF)

12.6 Bilal Powell, RB (NYJ)

12.7 Devontae Booker, RB (DEN)

12.8 Christian Kirk, WR (ARI)

12.9 Martavis Bryant, WR (OAK)

12.10 Joe Flacco, QB (BAL)

12.11 Desean Jackson, WR (TB)

12.12 Jordan Reed, TE (WAS)

Analysis: Well Duke got picked but Bilal was still on the board. We have never seen Powell as a lead back, but I don’t see how we don’t get that chance this year. He only has to beat out Isaiah Crowell and Elijah McGuire and even if he doesn’t than he should AT MINIMUM have the same volume he had last season when he finished with 940 all purpose yards and 5 touchdowns. If he gets the job Im happy to catch a starting running back in the 12th round.

Round 13:

13.1 Sam Bradford, QB (ARI)

13.2 James White, RB (NE)

13.3 Aaron Jones, RB (GB)

13.4 Ty Montgomery, RB (GB)

13.5 Josh Allen, QB (BUF)

13.6 Theo Riddick, RB (DET)

13.7 Tyler Lockett, WR (SEA)

13.8 Chris Carson, RB (SEA)

13.9 Corey Clement, RB (PHI)

13.10 O.J. Howard, TE (TB)

13.11 Legarrette Blount, RB (DET)

13.12 Rishard Matthews, WR (DET)

Analysis: I think Lockett takes a step forward this season after the departures of Jimmy Graham and more importantly Paul Richardson. Lockett also recently said he played last season at around 80 percent health, so assuming he is healthy and can pull in a good portion of the targets left after those departures, Lockett could be a steal.

Round 14:

14.1 David Njoku, TE (CLE)

14.2 Vikings, DST (MIN)

14.3 Josh Rosen, QB (ARI)

14.4 Mike Williams, WR (LAC)

14.5 Josh McCown,QB (NYJ)

14.6 Michael Gallup, WR (DAL)

14.7 Eagles, DST (PHI)

14.8 Josh Doctson, WR (WAS)

14.9 Nick Foles, QB (PHI)

14.10 Paul Richardson, WR (WAS)

14.11 Mohamed Sanu, WR (ATL)

14.12 Eric Ebron, TE (IND)

Analysis: I was targeting Gallup and Nyheim Hines so I kind of just flipped a quarter and took a guess at who I thought would be around the next round, I figured Gallup would go before Hines, so I took him here. As for why, it’s simple to me. Who is the number 1 here? Allen Hurns? No. Cole Beasley? He is “just a rapper who happens to play football.” This is Gallups’ job to lose.

Round 15:

15.1 Chris Ivory, RB (BUF)

15.2 Giovani Bernard, RB (CIN)

15.3 Nyheim Hines, RB (IND)

15.4 Latavius Murray, RB (MIN)

15.5 Kalen Ballage, RB (MIA)

15.6 Sam Darnold, QB (NYJ)

15.7 Chargers, DST (LAC)

15.8 Samaje Perine, RB (WAS)

15.9 Doug Martin, RB (OAK)

15.10 Chris Godwin, WR (TB)

15.11 Kenneth Dixon, RB (BAL)

15.12 Austin Ekeler, RB (LAC)

Analysis: I just love the Chargers defense. I love everything about them. I usually wait on my defense until the second to last round but I think the player I am targeting will be there and I KNOW the Chargers won’t be so I’ll reach a round to get Bosa & Bros.

Round 16:

16.1 Texans, DST (HOU)

16.2 Tyler Eifert, TE (CIN)

16.3 Broncos, DST (DEN)

16.4 Aj McCarron, QB (BUF)

16.5 Ravens, DST (BAL)

16.6 Spencer Ware, RB (KC)

16.7 Danny Amendola, WR (MIA)

16.8 Saints, DST (NO)

16.9 Seahawks, DST (SEA)

16.10 Chiefs, DST (KC)

16.11 Teddy Bridgewater, QB (NYJ)

16.12 Patriots, DST (NE)

Analysis: Well I was right. He lasted. I know Kareem Hunt blew up last year, but would it have happened without the injury to Ware? He got a lot of volume that may be split more this season. I love Kareem, I really do, but I know Andy Reid sometimes forgets who his best players are so there is a high chance that Ware gets playable volume with a healthy Hunt….and should something happen to Hunt this pick is a steal.

Round 17:

17.1 Stephen Gostkowski, K (NE)

17.2 Greg Zuerlein, K (LAR)

17.3 Justin Tucker, K (BAL)

17.4 Jake Elliott, K (PHI)

17.5 Harrison Butker K (KC)

17.6 Matt Bryant, K (ATL)

17.7 Wil Lutz, K (ATL)

17.8 Matt Prater, K (DET)

17.9 Chris Boswell, K (PIT)

17.10 Mason Crosby, K (GB)

17.11 Robbie Gould, K (SF)

17.12 Dan Bailey, K (DAL)

Analysis: It’s a kicker. No analysis needed.



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