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Fantasy Mock Pick #3: 12-team, 2QB Roster

📷Robert Robinson Blitzalytics

By: Alexander Amir

This week we have been drafting from pick #3 in our three different league types. In case you missed any of our previous installments, let me explain how we are organizing our Blitz mocks. Each week we will pick from a new draft position. Last week was with the second pick, this week is with the third pick, next week will be with the fourth pick, and so on. To further break it down for all those different league types out there, we’ll be releasing full mocks from each draft position for 12 team standard, 0.5 PPR, and 2QB standard leagues. These mocks were done using Fantasy Pros’ Mock Draft Wizard , and the roster settings for today’s mock are as follows: 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex (RB/WR/TE), D/ST (team defense), and K, with standard scoring. Make sure to check out last week’s mocks, and stay tuned later in the week for more!

Final Roster:

QB: Kirk Cousins (MIN)

QB: Philip Rivers (LAC) RB: Ezekiel Elliott (DAL) RB: Derrius Guice (WAS) WR: Michael Thomas (NO) WR: Stefon Diggs (MIN) WR: Jamison Crowder (WAS) TE: Trey Burton (CHI) FLX: Lamar Miller (HOU) DST: Empty K: Justin Tucker (BAL)

Bench: QB: Derek Carr (OAK) WR: Allen Hurns (DAL) RB: D’Onta Foreman (HOU) WR: Tyler Lockett (SEA) RB: Samaje Perine (WAS) WR: Christian Kirk (ARI) WR: Michael Gallup (DAL)

Overview: I’m going to preface this by saying I’m not as familiar with 2QB leagues as I am with other types, but I am decently happy with the job I did in this mock. My two QBs are going to be extremely solid and consistent, which is what’s most important at the position. Both Diggs and Guice have enormous upside, and Thomas and Elliott will undoubtedly pick up any slack. I went heavy on the handcuff approach, because by the time I built up my QB depth and established my starters, there weren’t many great players left. I felt safer just handcuffing the players that I did have. Finally, you may notice that I didn’t draft a defense. I usually stream defenses each week based on matchup, and I thought that it would be more productive for me to draft Michael Gallup than take a defense. For a breakdown of each pick, look down below!

Round 1:

1.1 Todd Gurley, RB (LAR)

1.2 Le’Veon Bell, RB (PIT)

1.3 Ezekiel Elliott, RB (DAL)

1.4 Aaron Rodgers, QB (GB)

1.5 David Johnson, RB (ARI)

1.6 Tom Brady, QB (NE)

1.7 Deshaun Watson, QB (HOU)

1.8 Antonio Brown, WR (PIT)

1.9 Saquon Barkley, RB (NYG)

1.10 Russell Wilson, QB (SEA)

1.11 Leonard Fournette, RB (JAX)

1.12 Alvin Kamara, RB (NO)

Analysis: Gurley and Bell are the clear cut #1 running backs, but Zeke isn’t far behind. He was the NFL’s rushing leader in 2016 and the 2nd best fantasy running back, and in a suspension shortened 2017 he still ranked 10th in carries in the league with 24.2 per game and finished as the RB9. He’s running behind the league’s best offensive line that only got better this offseason. David Johnson could have been a consideration here, but Elliott is arguably the safest back in all of fantasy.

A note about 2QB leagues- while you don’t want to wait TOO long for your QBs, as you normally may in other league types, it’s not worth spending a top 3 pick on a QB. These running backs are much too valuable to give up, and there are loads of viable QB targets later on.

Round 2:

2.1 Kareem Hunt, RB (KC)

2.2 DeAndre Hopkins, WR (HOU)

2.3 Dalvin Cook, RB (MIN)

2.4 Odell Beckham Jr., WR (NYG)

2.5 Julio Jones, WR (ATL)

2.6 Cam Newton, QB (CAR)

2.7 Melvin Gordon, RB (LAC)

2.8 Carson Wentz, QB (PHI)

2.9 Drew Brees, QB (NO)

2.10 Michael Thomas, WR (NO)

2.11 Andrew Luck, QB (IND)

2.12 Keenan Allen, WR (LAC)

Analysis: I got my star RB in round 1, and now was my chance to get my top receiver. Thomas has been a top 10 receiver since his rookie year in 2016, and will always be a top notch receiver has Drew Brees’ number 1 target. He commands almost 30% of the team’s targets, and the Saints are so well rounded with Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram coming out of the backfield that it’s hard for defenses to key on Thomas. We saw 4 QBs total taken this round in addition to the 4 taken in the first, so it’s time to start thinking about that position.

Round 3:

3.1 Christian Mccaffrey, RB (CAR)

3.2 Davante Adams, WR (GB)

3.3 Kirk Cousins, QB (MIN)

3.4 A.J. Green, WR (CIN)

3.5 LeSean McCoy, RB (BUF)

3.6 Devonta Freeman, RB (ATL)

3.7 Mike Evans, WR (TB)

3.8 Rob Gronkowski, TE (NE)

3.9 Jordan Howard, RB (CHI)

3.10 Doug Baldwin, WR (SEA)

3.11 Derrick Henry, RB (TEN)

3.12 Josh Gordon, WR (CLE)

Analysis: To be completely honest, I’m not too familiar with 2QB drafts, and I have been told that a popular strategy is to wait until the 4th round. However, I have a late pick in the 4th, and I feel very comfortable with my first two picks. I love Cousins as my first QB, as his new situation in Minnesota is optimal with the amount of weapons he has around him. He’s also quietly finished as a top 8 QB each of the past 3 seasons. If Davante Adams was available I would have strongly considered taking him, but he was taken immediately before. I was very happy that no other QBs were taken this round, because that means I should have quality QB2 options alter.

Round 4:

4.1 Tyreek Hill, WR (KC)

4.2 Brandin Cooks, WR (LAR)

4.3 Joe Mixon, RB (CIN)

4.4 T.Y. Hilton, WR (IND)

4.5 Jerick McKinnon, RB (SF)

4.6 Adam Thielen, WR (MIN)

4.7 Larry Fitzgerald, WR (ARI)

4.8 Jimmy Garoppolo, QB (SF)

4.9 Travis Kelce, TE (KC)

4.10 Stefon Diggs, WR (MIN)

4.11 Amari Cooper, WR (OAK)

4.12 Matthew Stafford, QB (DET)

Analysis: As you may know if you’ve read any of my previous mocks, you’d know I am extremely high on Diggs this season. While former Vikings QB Case Keenum is much more conservative and relied a little more on fellow receiver Adam Thielen, I expect the more free throwing Cousins to air it out to Diggs. He both started and ended last season on high notes, and I expect him to be the focal point of the passing game next season.

Round 5:

5.1 Jarvis Landry, WR (CLE)

5.2 Ben Roethlisberger, QB (PIT)

5.3 Philip Rivers, QB (LAC)

5.4 Kenyan Drake, RB (MIA)

5.5 JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR (PIT)

5.6 Demaryius Thomas, WR (DEN)

5.7 Jay Ajayi, RB (PHI)

5.8 Jared Goff, QB (LAR)

5.9 Jameis Winston, QB (TB)

5.10 Alshon Jeffery, WR (PHI)

5.11 Dak Prescott, QB (DAL)

5.12 Matt Ryan, QB (ATL)

Analysis: I’m quite happy to get Rivers as my 2nd QB, as he’s been a top 14 QB for 5 years and just ranked 8th this past season at the position. In 2018, Rivers will have arguably the best supporting cast he ever has, with an excellent running game, a solid offensive line, and tons of speed on the outside. Despite being 36 years old, Rivers just had one of the more productive seasons of his career. He will be an extremely reliable #2 QB with lots of upside.

Round 6:

6.1 Zach Ertz, TE (PHI)

6.2 Alex Collins, RB (PHI)

6.3 Jimmy Graham, TE (GB)

6.4 Allen Robinson, WR (CHI)

6.5 Rashaad Penny, RB (SEA)

6.6 Mark Ingram, RB (NO)

6.7 Golden Tate, WR (DET)

6.8 Marvin Jones, WR (DET)

6.9 Chris Hogan, WR (NE)

6.10 Derrius Guice, RB (WAS)

6.11 Sony Michel, RB (NE)

6.12 Evan Engram, TE (NYG)

Analysis: The running back market was wearing thin this round, so I went with a guy that will likely receive a solid amount of carries and who also has the skill set to be a feature back in the NFL. Derrius Guice has a solid build at 5’11” and 224 pounds and ran a 4.49 40 yard dash at the Combine. He has excellent balance with an aggressive running style and a bit of receiving ability out of the backfield. While 2nd year Samaje Perine and 3rd down specialist Chris Thompson will likely take some carries from him, I think it’s only a matter of time before Guice cements himself as the team’s top back. And I trust Ezekiel Elliott to help compensate for any deficiencies in touches.

Round 7:

7.1 Julian Edelman, WR (NE)

7.2 Marshawn Lynch, RB (OAK)

7.3 Lamar Miller, RB (HOU)

7.4 Greg Olsen, TE (CAR)

7.5 Michael Crabtree, WR (BAL)

7.6 Delanie Walker, TE (TEN)

7.7 Devin Funchess, WR (CAR)

7.8 Tyrod Taylor, QB (CLE)

7.9 Devante Parker, WR (MIA)

7.10 Patrick Mahomes, QB (KC)

7.11 Dez Bryant, WR (FA)

7.12 Jordy Nelson, WR (OAK)

Analysis: This pick may turn out to be a mistake, as I am waiting a long time to take my final starting receiver. However, I wanted a contingency plan in case Guice turned out to be a bust, and running backs are generally more valuable in standard scoring leagues anyway. As my friend and colleague George Haraktsis wrote in a recent mock draft, Lamar Miller had a “moderate career resurrection with Deshaun Watson under center,” and he very quietly was the 14th best running back in standard scoring by season’s end. Though D’Onta Foreman may be waiting in the wings, Miller doesn’t seem quite ready to relinquish his starting position yet.

Round 8:

8.1 Will Fuller, WR (HOU)

8.2 Alex Smith, QB (WAS)

8.3 Kyle Rudolph, TE (MIN)

8.4 Marcus Mariota, QB (TEN)

8.5 Robert Woods, WR (LAR)

8.6 Carlos Hyde, RB (CLE)

8.7 Pierre Garcon, WR (SF)

8.8 Corey Davis, WR (TEN)

8.9 Dion Lewis, RB (TEN)

8.10 Derek Carr, QB (OAK)

8.11 Sammy Watkins, WR (KC)

8.12 Ronald Jones II, RB (TB)

Analysis: I took a quick look at the QB board this round and saw very few backup options that I liked, so I quickly snagged the last viable QB remaining on the board (in my mind, at least). Derek Carr is just two seasons removed from a top 10 fantasy finish. While the offense didn’t undergo too much of a change this offseason, the team did bring in Green Bay’s top receiver Jordy Nelson. New head coach Jon Gruden may employ more of a run-heavy offense, but that could open things up for Carr down the field. While Cousins and Rivers have been iron men throughout their careers, Carr has a high enough floor and enough upside for him to be my backup.

Round 9:

9.1 Case Keenum, QB (DEN)

9.2 Royce Freeman, RB (DEN)

9.3 Jamison Crowder, WR (WAS)

9.4 Emmanuel Sanders, WR (DEN)

9.5 Tevin Coleman, RB (ATL)

9.6 Eli Manning, QB (NYG)

9.7 Cooper Kupp, WR (LAR)

9.8 Nelson Agholor, WR (PHI)

9.9 Marquise Goodwin, WR (SF)

9.10 Kelvin Benjamin, WR (BUF)

9.11 C.J. Anderson, RB (CAR)

9.12 Mitch Trubisky, QB (CHI)

Analysis: I FINALLY get my third wide receiver in round 9 with Jamison Crowder. I have to admit, I was not happy with the available options at all, but Crowder just seemed to be the best of a bad situation. It worries me a bit that I have both Guice and Crowder as starters, but it’s not too uncommon to have two players from the same team starting on your roster. With the conservative Alex Smith now under center in Washington, slot man Jamison Crowder should see a lot of targets, especially given the dearth of proven talent at Washington’s WR position. Not my favorite pick, but it could have been worse.

Round 10:

10.1 Marlon Mack, RB (IND)

10.2 Chris Thompson, RB (WAS)

10.3 Aaron Jones, RB (GB)

10.4 Robby Anderson, WR (NYJ)

10.5 Jacksonville, DST

10.6 Tarik Cohen, RB (CHI)

10.7 Los Angeles Rams, DST

10.8 Randall Cobb, WR (GB)

10.9 Kerryon Johnson, RB (DET)

10.10 Allen Hurns, WR (DAL)

10.11 Kenny Stills, WR (MIA)

10.12 Cameron Meredith, WR (NO)

Analysis: Any time you have a chance to take a likely #1 receiver in fantasy football, you do it. Allen Hurns had a 1,00+ yard, 10 TD campaign in 2015, and while he hasn’t done much lately, he struggled with injuries and had the oft-incompetent Blake Bortles tossing him the ball. Hurns enters a Dallas team that just lost top pass catchers Jason Witten and Dez Bryant. The balls have got to go somewhere, and Hurns is currently the number 1 target.

Round 11:

11.1 Andy Dalton, QB (CIN)

11.2 Isaiah Crowell, RB (NYJ)

11.3 D’Onta Foreman, RB (HOU)

11.4 Rishard Matthews, WR (TEN)

11.5 Sterling Shepard, WR (NYG)

11.6 Rex Burkhead, RB (NE)

11.7 Jamaal Williams, RB (GB)

11.8 Duke Johnson, RB (CLE)

11.9 Jordan Reed, TE (WAS)

11.10 Josh Doctson, WR (WAS)

11.11 Nick Chubb, RB (CLE)

11.12 Minnesota Vikings, DST

Analysis: Handcuffing is a popular, effective strategy in fantasy, and is one that I employed both here and later in the draft. If Lamar Miller gets hurt, I have his backup. If Lamar Miller becomes ineffective, I have his replacement. It’s as simple as that. Foreman will slide right into my flex spot if either of those things happen.

Round 12:

12.1 Blake Bortles, QB (JAX)

12.2 Bilal Powell, RB (NYJ)

12.3 LeGarrette Blount, RB (DET)

12.4 Giovani Bernard, RB (CIN)

12.5 Chris Carson, RB (SEA)

12.6 Martavis Bryant, WR (OAK)

12.7 James White, RB (NE)

12.8 Marqise Lee, WR (JAX)

12.9 Corey Clement, RB (PHI)

12.10 Trey Burton, TE (CHI)

12.11 Cole Beasley, WR (DAL)

12.12 Devontae Booker, RB (DEN)

Analysis: I was too worried about the rest of my roster to think about a tight end, but I was super happy that Trey Burton fell to me at the end of the 12th. Many of our Blitz mock draft writers love Burton, and for good reason. He has shown flashes of excellent playmaking ability while filling in for Zach Ertz, and he’s now in a new situation in Chicago with a rookie QB and no competition at the position. I expect him to be a good one for years to come.

Round 13:

13.1 D.J. Moore, WR (CAR)

13.2 Kenneth Dixon, RB (BAL)

13.3 Tyler Lockett, WR (SEA)

13.4 DeSean Jackson, WR (TB)

13.5 Calvin Ridley, WR (ATL)

13.6 Mohamed Sanu, WR (ATL)

13.7 Kenny Golladay, WR (DET)

13.8 Baker Mayfield, QB (CLE)

13.9 Ryan Tannehill, QB (MIA)

13.10 Tyrell Williams, WR (LAC)

13.11 O.J. Howard, TE (TB)

13.12 Doug Martin, RB (OAK)

Analysis: Lockett hasn’t really done much in his time in Seattle, though he did have a mildly successful 2015 with 664 yards and 6 TDs. The reason I drafted him is 1) I needed wide receiver depth and 2) because the Seattle Seahawks have very few receivers of impact. They lost Jimmy Graham this offseason, and he took his 57 receptions and 10 TDs with him. Someone needs to step up on the opposite side of Doug Baldwin, and Lockett is easily in the best position to do so.

Round 14:

14.1 Mike Williams, WR (LAC)

14.2 Lamar Jackson, QB (BAL)

14.3 Sam Bradford, QB (ARI)

14.4 T.J. Yeldon, RB (JAX)

14.5 Frank Gore, RB (MIA)

14.6 Tyler Eifert, TE (CIN)

14.7 Nick Foles, QB (PHI)

14.8 Jack Doyle, TE (IND)

14.9 Latavius Murray, RB (MIN)

14.10 Samaje Perine, RB (WAS)

14.11 Vance McDonald, TE (PIT)

14.12 Joe Flacco, QB (BAL)

Analysis: Once again, I took a handcuff for one of my running backs. In this case, Samaje Perine would fill in for Guice in case of injury or ineffectiveness. It’s very possible that Perine starts the season as the lead back, giving me another option to at least start the season off with.

Round 15:

15.1 Ty Montgomery, RB (GB)

15.2 Josh Allen, QB (BUF)

15.3 Christian Kirk, WR (ARI)

15.4 Josh Rosen, QB (ARI)

15.5 Theo Riddick, RB (DET)

15.6 Austin Ekeler, RB (LAC)

15.7 George Kittle, TE (SF)

15.8 Teddy Bridgewater, QB (NYJ)

15.9 Matt Breida, RB (SF)

15.10 Ameer Abdullah, RB (DET)

15.11 Seattle Seahawks, DST

15.12 Nyheim Hines, RB (IND)

Analysis: This is purely an upside pick. I wasn’t a fan of any of the QBs left and I was happy with the three I had, and I felt comfortable enough at running back. The Cardinals have no receivers to play with the great Larry Fitzgerald, so Kirk should see decent volume immediately. He has a talented, albeit injury prone, QB throwing to him, with a young, pro-ready QB waiting in the wings. He’s still a flier and I’m not expecting much, but the upside is there.

Round 16:

16.1 Sam Darnold, QB (NYJ)

16.2 Corey Coleman, WR (CLE)

16.3 Philadelphia, DST

16.4 LA Chargers, DST

16.5 Danny Amendola, WR (MIA)

16.6 Houston Texans, DST

16.7 Jared Cook, TE (OAK)

16.8 Denver Broncos, DST

16.9 Baltimore Ravens, DST

16.10 Michael Gallup WR (DAL)

16.11 Kansas City Chiefs, DST

16.12 New Orleans Saints, DST

Analysis: Here I employed a bit of a derivative of the running back handcuff by taking a wide receiver handcuff. Allen Hurns seems to be the unquestioned top receiver in Dallas, but the team drafted the talented Michael Gallup to be his counterpart on the opposite side of the field. Nobody really knows how the situation will play out, but it’s possible that Gallup ends up garnering the majority of the targets, especially if Hurns’ injury concerns continue.

Round 17:

17.1 Greg Zuerlein, K (LAR)

17.2 Stephen Gostkowski, K (NE)

17.3 Justin Tucker, K (BAL)

17.4 Dan Bailey, K (DAL)

17.5 Matt Bryant, K (ATL)

17.6 Wil Lutz, K (NO)

17.7 Jake Elliott, K (PHI)

17.8 Matt Prater, K (DET)

17.9 Harrison Butker, K (KC)

17.10 Robbie Gould, K (SF)

17.11 Chris Boswell, K (PIT)

17.12 Mason Crosby, K (GB)

Analysis: Just a note about Tucker– he is the most accurate kicker in NFL history with 89.6% of his kicks made in his career.


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