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Fantasy Mock Pick #8: 12-team, 0.5 PPR

Written by: Phillip Salmo

We are inching ever closer to the start of the season! This week I’m drafting from pick #8 in our 0.5 PPR format. In addition to 0.5 PPR, Blitz also releases full, 12-team mocks from each draft position for standard and 2 QB standard leagues. This mock was done using Fantasy Pros’ Mock Draft Wizard, and the roster settings for today’s mock are as follows: 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex (RB/WR/TE), D/ST (team defense), and K, with 0.5 PPR. Make sure to check out last week’s mocks, as well as the ones from the other draft formats that have been released this week!

Final Roster:

QB: Drew Brees (NO)

RB: Kareem Hunt (KC)

RB: Joe Mixon (CIN)

WR: Keenan Allen (LAC)

WR: Tyreek Hill (KC)

WR: Michael Crabtree (BAL)

TE: Jordan Reed (WAS)

FLX: Lamar Miller (HOU)

DST: Denver Broncos

K: Will Lutz (NO)


WR: Marquise Goodwin (SF)

RB: Kerryon Johnson (DET)

QB: Matt Ryan (ATL)

RB: James White (NE)

WR: Tyler Lockett (SEA)

TE: Cameron Brate (TB)

Overview: This is my first draft for Blitz in a 0.5 PPR league. My strategy was similar in a variety of ways to my standard scoring and 2QB drafts, but I made some tweaks. Based on the added weight given to receptions (without over-emphasizing the important of receivers) in 0.5 PPR, it was even more important to me to have both excellent starting receivers and depth at the position. Since high-producing running backs are few and far between, I focused my earlier picks there. These two elements of my strategy reduced the emphasis placed on finding a top quarterback, as there would still be a decent amount left in the middle rounds. I did somewhat modify my stance on tight ends, as my strategy has been ever-evolving. I found it less essential to always take a tight end with a top pick and instead waited until far later in the draft to take one, where I could still get a solidly-producing TE. Overall, I was pretty pleased with how my draft turned out. I have great receivers, an excellent RB1 and a solid RB2, a great QB, a top-10 defense, as well as a good amount of depth at the wide receiver and running back positions. My strategy with the tight end paid off, as I was able to secure a solid player at that position later in the draft. See below for the more in-depth analysis of all of my picks!

Round 1:

  1. Todd Gurley, RB — LAR

  2. Le’veon Bell, RB — PIT

  3. David Johnson, RB — ARI

  4. Saquon Barkley, RB — NYG

  5. Ezekiel Elliott, RB — DAL

  6. Antonio Brown, WR — PIT

  7. Deandre Hopkins, WR — HOU

  8. Kareem Hunt, RB — KC

  9. Alvin Kamara, RB — NO

  10. Odell Beckham, WR — NYG

  11. Michael Thomas, WR — NO

  12. Melvin Gordon, RB — LAC

Analysis: This was an easy pick for me in the first round. While Hunt is only going to his second year, and still has to prove some of the haters wrong that last season was not simply a fluke, he was still phenomenal last season. He lead the league with 1,327 yards (while averaging almost 5 yards a carry) on the ground and rushed for 8 touchdowns. He also added another 400+ yards receiving and 3 touchdowns, and was overall one of the most productive backs in the league. A key part of my strategy was to have a strong running back group, and Hunt fills this role for me. I expect him to have another great season as he continues to grow in that Chiefs offense, and prove all the doubters wrong.

Round 2:

  1. Leonard Fournette, RB — JAC

  2. Julio Jones, WR — ATL

  3. A.J Green, WR — CIN

  4. Davante Adams, WR — GB

  5. Keenan Allen, WR — LAC

  6. Dalvin Cook, RB — MIN

  7. Christian McCaffrey, RB — CR

  8. Devonta Freeman, RB — ATL

  9. Lesean McCoy, RB — BUF

  10. Mike Evans, WR — TB

  11. Jerick Mckinnon, RB — SF

  12. Rob Gronkowski, TE — NE

Analysis: While some may have injury concerns about Allen, he nonetheless produced at a very high level in his first season playing all 16 games in the past three years. He was third in the league last year with almost 1,400 yards receiving, scoring 6 touchdowns in the process. He undoubtedly put in a great deal of effort last offseason to get himself back on the field healthy again, and I assume that he will put forth the same amount of effort this season. With the Chargers now becoming more acclimated to their new city this year, I expect the team as a whole to perform slightly better. This would translate to Allen having another Pro Bowl season as he continues to rebuild the chemistry that was so very apparent with Philip Rivers last season. I expect him again to be in the top 5 for receiving yards this season. His performance will be very important in the 0.5 PPR league and help significantly in my team strategy for great wide receiver depth.

Round 3:

  1. Aaron Rodgers, QB — GB

  2. Adam Thielen, WR — MIN

  3. Jordan Howard, RB — CHI

  4. Doug Baldwin, WR — SEA

  5. Josh Gordon, WR — CLE

  6. Travis Kelce, TE — KC

  7. Mark Ingram, RB — NO

  8. Tyreek Hill, WR — KC

  9. Larry Fitzgerald, WR — ARI

  10. T.Y Hilton, WR — iND

  11. Alshon Jeffery, WR — PHI

  12. Stefon Diggs, WR — MIN

Analysis: Much like his teammate that I picked in the first round, Hill has a great deal to contribute to any fantasy football team. Not only was he seventh in the NFL in receiving yards with 1,183, but he also contributed somewhat to the Chiefs’ special teams efforts. This makes him an even more complete player and an even more valuable fantasy pickup. While he undoubtedly has had his fair share of personal issues in the past, he has certainly proven himself to be an elite NFL player these past two seasons. Regardless of league type, having two top-7 receivers is incredibly valuable to any fantasy team’s success. I expect Hill to have another 1000+ yard receiving season. Since his second year was an improvement over his first in terms of receiving, I am excited to see what he will do in his third season.

Round 4:

  1. Amari Cooper, WR — OAK

  2. Rashaad Penny, RB — SEA

  3. Zach Ertz, TE — PHI

  4. Kenyan Drake, RB — MIA

  5. Joe Mixon, RN — CIN

  6. Demaryius Thomas, WR — DEN

  7. DeShaun Watson, QB — HOU

  8. Juju Smith-Schlster, WR — PIT

  9. Allen Robinson, WR — CHI

  10. Brandin Cooks, WR — LAR

  11. Jimmy Graham, TE — GB

  12. Derrick Henry, RB — TEN

Analysis: I was definitely slightly disappointed by this pick in the fourth round. Mixon is undoubtedly a fine RB2. He had an above average season in 2017, rushing for over 600 yards and 4 touchdowns. Granted, it was his rookie season, and he still has a great deal of time to improve. I believe that, while he certainly did not have the flash of Kareem Hunt this past season, he could certainly add on a few more touchdowns and increase his rushing total to around 800 or 900. I picked Mixon up because he’s another solid running back and he was the best available at that time. He is certainly starter material, and I could see his slight risk turning into a solid choice for my fantasy team.

Round 5:

  1. Golden Tate, WR — DET

  2. Marvin Jones, WR — DET

  3. Jarvis Landry, WR — CLE

  4. Delanie Walker, TE — TEN

  5. Greg Olsen, TE — CAR

  6. Julain Edelman, WR — NE

  7. Dez Bryant, WR — FA

  8. Michael Crabtree, WR — BAL

  9. Evan Engram,TE — NYG

  10. Alex Collins, RB — BAL

  11. Russell Wilson, QB — SEA

  12. Devin Funchess, WR — CAR

Analysis: Crabtree definitely acts as a solid starting wide receiver for my team. As the #1 receiver on the Ravens he will see a lot of receptions consistently, which is important in this league format. While there was a dip in his production last season (he dropped from over 1,000 yards receiving the previous season to just over 600), he did still score 8 touchdowns. Perhaps the new environment in Baltimore will be what he needs to bring himself back to the type of production that we saw during the 2016 season.

Round 6:

  1. Jay Ajayi, RB — PHI

  2. Dion Lewis, RB — TEN

  3. Tom Brady, QB — NE

  4. Corey Davis, WR — TEN

  5. Drew Brees, QB — NO

  6. Cam Newton, QB — CAR

  7. Derrius Guice, RB — WAS

  8. Chris Hogan, WR — NE

  9. Sony Michel, RB — NE

  10. Sammy Watkins, WR — KC

  11. Emmanuel Sanders, WR — DEN

  12. Robert Woods, WR — LAE

Analysis: Given the continued emphasis on RB and WR in this league, part of my strategy was to wait on drafting a quarterback, as I knew that I could still get an elite starter in the middle rounds. I definitely wanted to start considering drafting one around the sixth round, so that is what I did here. Brees is an excellent starter that has been producing consistently for all long as I can remember. While age is certainly always a concern with any NFL player, he has time and time again proven that father time hasn’t caught up to him yet. I expect him to have another 4000+ yard and 25+ touchdowns season.

Round 7:

  1. Will Fuller, WR — HOU

  2. Randall Cobb, WR — GB

  3. Carson Wentz, QB — PHI

  4. Jamison Crowder, WR — WAS

  5. Pierre Garcon, WR — SF

  6. Cooper Kupp, WR — LAR

  7. Jordy Nelson, WR — OAK

  8. Lamar Miller, WR — HOU

  9. Royce Freeman, RB — DEN

  10. Chris Thompson, RB — WAS

  11. Devante Parker, WR — MIA

  12. Kyle Rudolph, TE — MIN

Analysis: I’m actually pleasantly surprised with my selection of Miller for my Flex. Here’s a guy that, in any given season, can unexpectedly rush for over 1,000 yards (he’s done it twice before). While last season was a bit of the step in the wrong direction, as he only rushed for about 900 yards, he can easily bring himself back up to the level of a 1,000 yard receiver, as well as contribute 350+ yards receiving. He will definitely act as a nice compliment to a (hopefully) healthy Deshaun Watson this season. I normally like the idea of drafting running backs for the FLEX position, and I believe that Miller is a player who can fit into the role well and produce for me this season when healthy.

Round 8:

  1. Kirk Cousins, QB — MIN

  2. Robby Anderson, WR — NYJ

  3. Sterling Shepard, WR — NYG

  4. Jimmy Garoppolo, QB — SF

  5. Marquise Goodwin, WR — SF

  6. Rex Burkhead, RB — NE

  7. Ronald Jones, RB — TB

  8. Matthew Stafford, QB — DET

  9. Ben Roethlisberger, QB — PIT

  10. Carlos Hyde, RB — CLE

  11. Jared Goff, QB — LAR

  12. Nelson Agholor, WR — PHI

Analysis: I’m actually very excited about this pick. Goodwin almost broke 1,000 yards last season (it was the first time that he had even gotten close in this career) while having 56 receptions. I’d call it something of a breakout season, or at least a very good step in the right direction. Now, one must remember that those numbers are for a season where he only played 5 games with new starter Jimmy Garroppolo. With them now going into the season with a full summer of building chemistry, I could easily see Goodwin break 1,000 yards receiving. The reason I originally picked Crabtree ahead of Goodwin for my third wide receiver slot was that the former is a more consistent starter. However, I could easily Goodwin outperforming the veteran this season, after which I would put him in as my starter over Crabtree. Either way, Goodwin adds a great deal of depth to the wide receiver position, and even has a chance to be a consistent starter in a fantasy league this season depending on his performance early on.

Round 9:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars, DST

  2. Marlon Mack, RB — IND

  3. Tevin Coleman, RB — ATL

  4. Kelvin Benjamin, WR — BUF

  5. Marshawn Lynch, RB — OAK

  6. Jamaal Williams, RB — GB

  7. C.J. Anderson, RB — CAR

  8. Kerryon Johnson, RB — DET

  9. Rishard Matthews, WR — TEN

  10. Duke Johnson, RB — CLE

  11. Kenny Stills, WR — MIA

  12. Los Angeles Rams, DST

Analysis: So this pick was definitely somewhat of a gamble. Johnson is a second round pick for the Lions, and we have yet to see what he can do for an NFL franchise. In addition, he will have some competition for touches from Lagarette Blount. However, he did score 18 rushing touchdowns his final year at Auburn, all the while averaging just under 5 yards a carry. For that reason, I’m excited to see what he can do. I know that the Lions will certainly give a second round pick the opportunity to prove himself in their offense. Worst case scenario, he underperforms and he acts simply as a filler bench role for me. Best case scenario, he provides needed depth at the running back position for my team. We shall see what the kid has got.

Round 10:

  1. Allen Hurns, WR — DAL

  2. Trey Burton, TE — CHI

  3. Aaron Jones, RB — GB

  4. Isaiah Crowell, RB — NYJ

  5. Jordan Reed, TE — WAS

  6. Danny Amendola, WR — MIA

  7. D.J. Moore, WR — CAR

  8. Tarik Cohen, RB — CHI

  9. Mohamed Sanu, WR — ATL

  10. Martavis Bryant, WR — OAK

  11. Marqise Lee, WR — JAC

  12. Nick Chubb, RB — CLE

Analysis: Herein lies an example of the slight modification to my wide receiver strategy. Since I couldn’t get the top 3 or so TEs for good value, I decided to wait until the later rounds to find a starter. While Jordan Reed has yet to recapture the success of his 2015 season, in which he almost had 1,000 yards receiving, he did have a hamstring injury last season that forced him to only play 6 games for the Redskins. Hopefully he is ready to shake his injury woes this season, and produce at the level of a solid starting tight end. It remains to be seen if he can stay healthy, but if he can, I am excited to see what he can do this season with new starting QB Alex Smith.

Round 11:

  1. Cole Beasley, WR — DAL

  2. Deevontae Booker, RB — DEN

  3. Jack Doyle, TE — IND

  4. Bilal Powell, RB — NYJ

  5. Minnesota Vikings, DST

  6. Desean Jackson, WR — TB

  7. D’Onta Foreman, RB — HOU

  8. Matt Ryan, QB — ATL

  9. Josh Doctson, WR — WAS

  10. Theo Riddick, RB — DET

  11. Corey Clement, RB — PHI

  12. Cameron Meredith, WR — NO

Analysis: I knew that, despite the reduced emphasis on quarterbacks in this league type, I wanted a solid backup in the event of an injury to Drew Brees. Matt Ryan more than adequately fills this role for me. I might have been able to wait another round or two to pick him up, but I didn’t want to chance it. The fact that Ryan was even still available now shows the depth of quarterbacks this year. Matt Ryan is a consistent and productive starter who, let’s not forget, was the 2016 league MVP. While this past season was a bit of a let down, as he only threw for a little over 4,000 yards and 20 touchdowns, he can still produce at a high level. I know that Ryan will be successful this season, and hopefully even return to his MVP form.

Round 12:

  1. Ty Montgomery, RB — GB

  2. Legarrette Blount, RB — DET

  3. Dede Westbrook, WR — JAC

  4. Patrick Mahomes, QB — KC

  5. James White, RB — NE

  6. Tyler Eifert, TE — CIN

  7. Jonathan Stewart, RB — NYG

  8. Calvin Ridley, WR — ATL

  9. Alex Smith, QB — WAS

  10. George Kittle, TE — SF

  11. Philip Rivers, QB — LAC

  12. Frank Gore, RB — MIA

Analysis: This pick only serves as depth. White is certainly not a starting running back at this stage in his career. He has only netted 350 yards on the ground the past two seasons. I hope that I will not have to use him this year, as I doubt that he will be putting him the type of numbers necessary for a starting running back to have in order for a fantasy team to be competitive.

Round 13:

  1. Paul Richardson, WR — WAS

  2. Ted Ginn, WR — NO

  3. Andrew Luck, QB — IND

  4. Geronimo Allison, WR — GB

  5. Marcus Mariota, QB — TEN

  6. Jordan Matthews, WR — NE

  7. Charles Clay, TE — BUFF

  8. Tyler Lockett, WR — SEA

  9. Latavius Murray, RB — MIN

  10. Chris Carson, RB — SEA

  11. Philadelphia Eagles, DST

  12. O.j. Howard, TE — TB

Analysis: Lockett is a draft pick whose potential I am excited about. The past few years he has essentially been Russell Wilson’s third option after Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham. Now with Graham in Green Bay, I could easily see Lockett fitting into that second option for Wilson opposite Baldwin. Even as the third option last season, Lockett still managed to have 45 receptions for 555 yards receiving. I expect those numbers to increase. Even if he does not produce at the level that I could anticipate, he will nonetheless produce needed depth at the wide receiver position for my fantasy team. Overall, a good pick this late in the draft.

Round 14:

  1. Doug Martin, RB — OAK

  2. Giovani Bernard, RB — CIN

  3. Dak Prescott, QB — DAL

  4. David Njoku, TE — CLE

  5. Denver Broncos, DST

  6. Jameis Winston, QB — TB

  7. Houston Texans, DST

  8. Nyheim Hines, RB — IND

  9. T.J. Yeldon, RB — JAC

  10. Peyton Barber, RB — TB

  11. Javorius Allen, RB, BAL

  12. Samaje Perine, RB — WAS

Analysis: This is certainly a defense that wasn’t my first choice, but one that I am happy that I got. I normally like to wait until the third-to-last round to select my defense, at which point I am able to get a top-10 defense. I certainly got this in the Broncos. They have been a strong team defensively for a number of years, and even during somewhat of a down year last season, they were successful in certain areas. They were especially good against the run. With the defense stoppers that they have, such as Von Miller, Bradley Chubb, Adam Gotsis, and Derek Wolfe, they will continue to be a dominant top-10 defense, and a good piece of my fantasy team that ultimately fits into my strategy of having a strong defense no matter what type of league I’m drafting in.

Round 15:

  1. Anthony Miller, WR — CHI

  2. Los Angeles Chargers, DST

  3. Baltimore Ravens, DST

  4. New Orleans Saints, DST

  5. Mike Williams, WR — LAC

  6. Matt Breida, RB — SF

  7. Seattle Seahawks, DST

  8. Cameron Brate, TE, TB

  9. New England Patriots, DST

  10. Kansas City Cheifs, DST

  11. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, TE — JAC

  12. Derek Carr, QB — OAK

Analysis: I knew that I wanted a solid tight end as a backup to Jordan Reed. One never knows when the injury bug strikes in the NFL. I figured that I could certainly get this desired depth at the tight end position with one of my last picks. I got his in Cameron Brate, who has been an above-average starter for Tampa Bay for a few years now. He put up almost 600 yards receiving and caught 6 touchdowns last season. While the passing game may be slightly reduced for the first couple games due to the suspension of Jameis Winston, I expect Brate to be very involved in the offense when he returns given the large 6-year contract extension he signed this offseason.

Round 16:

  1. Greg Zuerlein, K- LAR

  2. Stephen Gostkowski, K — NE

  3. Justin Tucker, K — BAL

  4. Matt Bryant, K — ATL

  5. Will Lutz, K — NO

  6. Jake Elliot, K — PHI

  7. Matt Prater, K — DET

  8. Harrison Bucker, K — KC

  9. Chris Boswell, K — PIT

  10. Robbie Gould, K — SF

  11. Mason Crosby, K — GB

  12. Dan Bailey, K — DAL

Analysis: Aside from the top 1–2 kickers, if that, there is not a great deal of difference between the rest. Lutz is an accurate kicker for the Saints, having completed over 86% of his field goals last season. He also has leg strength, with a long of 57 yards.


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