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GM Spot Filled: Chicago Bears Hire Ryan Poles

(Image credit Patrick Finley/Chicago Sun-Times)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

One of the many questions for the Chicago Bears this season was Who was going to be their new General manager after the team fired Ryan Pace 2 years too late. Well after many days the NFL world and Bears fans finally got their answer as news came out that the Chicago Bears have decided to hire Ryan Poles as their GM.

Career as an NFL Player

This is something that is very crazy. Ryan Poles did play football and his position was as an offensive lineman. He played in college at Boston College where he was one of the guys blocking for current Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan and unfortunately did not get drafted. Guess which team gave him a chance and signed him as an undrafted free agent? The Chicago Bears which is just amazing. Unfortunately, things didn't work out for him as an offensive lineman and I don’t think he signed with another team on either the practice squad or on the 53 man roster. But How crazy is it that the Chicago Bears gave him a chance as a player in the NFL and now the Bears are giving him another first chance to be a general manager in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs Tenure

Once Ryan Poles’ playing career was over he decided to make his mark on the executive branch and would start working with the Kansas City Chiefs. Poles started working with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2009 as a player personnel assistant. Poles would then get a new position in 2010 as a College scouting administrator. Poles would get promoted and become the Chiefs College scouting coordinator from 2013 to 2016. Poles became the Director of college scouting for the Chiefs during the 2017 season. By the way, guess two of the players that Poles’ crew scouted and eventually drafted in the 2017 NFL Draft: Quarterback Patrick Mahomes II and Running Back Kareem Hunt. In 2018 Ryan Poles would then get promoted being the Assistant director of player personnel and then becoming the Executive director during the 2021 NFL Season. Poles during his tenure also survived three GM Changes with the Chiefs which shows the loyalty and trust that the Kansas City Chiefs had in him. That in itself is very telling in general.

So in total Ryan Poles has around 12 years of experience and helped build the Kansas City Chiefs to the team that they are today. He does have scouting and player personnel experience as well and I like this hire a lot especially when building this team. I am shocked that the Bears did not promote from within in order to fill this position. but they decided not to which is the right move. I knew Ryan Poles would have this job the moment George McCaskey was seen in public picking up Ryan Poles personally at the airport. You know that a person has most likely got the job when they are being picked up by the chairman/owner of the Chicago Bears. Now that the Bears figured out who the General Manager will be, it is time for them to make the next few steps on their rebuild and answer the rest of their questions.

But there are more questions that need to be answered.

  1. Who will be the Head Coach for the Chicago Bears?

  2. How will the Bears be built in the offseason with around 34.3 million dollars?

  3. Can the Bears help support QB Justin Fields?

  4. How can the team restructure the culture of the organization and locker room?

  5. Will the Bears properly resign players and not overpay as Ryan Pace did?

  6. What will the game plan be for the NFL Draft without their 1st round pick?

  7. Can the Bears fulfill the opportunity of the Green Bay Packers decline and win the division?

  8. Will Ryan Poles embrace an analytical approach with his decision-making?

  9. How will the Chicago Bears fix the defense?

I want to end this article by saying Congratulations to Mr. Poles. I wish him luck during his tenure as the General Manager with the Chicago Bears as there is a ton of work that needs to be done with the Bears taking the next step with their rebuild. But one thing is for sure and that is that the Bears should be more confident with this Ryan P instead of the last Ryan P. Sorry I could not resist.



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