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GM Spot Filled: The New York Giants Hire Joe Schoen

(Image credit Craig Melvin/ New York Post)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


One of the many questions for the New York Giants this season was Who was going to be their new General manager after Dave Gettleman “retired’’? Well after many days the NFL world and Giants fans finally got their answer as news came out that the Giants have decided to hire Joe Schoen as their GM.

Joe Schoen’s Tenure with the Carolina Panthers

Joe Schoen made his mark in the NFL as an intern with the Carolina Panthers ticketing department in 2000. It was not too long afterward he was hired in 2001 where he was a scouting assistant for the Panthers. Once again the Panthers were impressed and he was then promoted as an Area Scout in 2002 and held that position with the team until 2007. Fun Fact Schoen and Brandon Beane (Current GM of the Buffalo Bills) both met during their time with the Carolina Panthers. More on that later but once 2008 hit Schoen decided to part ways with Carolina and work with a different team.

Joe Schoen’s Tenure with the Miami Dolphins

That team would be the Miami Dolphins as he got a position as a National Scout where he would hold the position until 2012. The Dolphins decided to promote him twice. The 1st time was in 2013 where he was the assistant director of college scouting and the second time Schoen was promoted as the Director of Player Personnel in 2014-2016. During his tenure with the Miami Dolphins, he along with others in the scouting crew helped the team scout players including WR Jarvis Landry, RB Lamar Miller, QB Ryan Tannehill, DE/EDGE Olivier Vernon, WR Rishard Matthews, CB Xavien Howard, RB Kenyan Drake, LB Jelani Jenkins, and many more.

Joe Schoen’s Tenure with the Buffalo Bills

Remember when I mentioned Brandon Beane during Joe Schoen’s tenure with the Carolina Panthers. Well, connections pay off as in 2017 Brandon Beane was hired to be the General Manager of the Buffalo Bills. Soon afterward Joe Schoen was then hired to be the assistant to the general manager and boy did this payoff. Both Beane and Schoen did a fantastic job building the Buffalo Bills to what they are today. Just Looking at their scouting success and out of the 37 players, the Buffalo Bills have scouted only one single player is out of the league as a whole. In fact, an interesting statistic I saw at one point is that 30 of the 37 players drafted are still on the Bills roster. Now that is just impressive. It is not just that but Schoen was also sort of a right-hand man to Brandon Beane helping him with transactions. Heck, even Beane in public praised Joe Schoen and even predicted that one day he would be an NFL GM in the future. He was right as Joe Schoen is now the GM of the New York Giants.

So, In total Joe Schoen has two decades of scouting experience and helped the Buffalo Bills build a Super Bowl-level roster. Schoen has the experience and he absolutely deserved a chance to be a general manager in the NFL. I am shocked the Giants made this move as I thought they were going to promote from within the Giants organization. But then again it is a coincidence that Joe Schoen was a part of Dave Gettleman's staff in Carolina and even impressed Gettleman. I like this move a lot for the New York Giants. But there are more questions that need to be answered.

  1. Who will be the Head Coach for the New York Giants?

  2. How Will the Giants Fix Their Salary Cap issues?

  3. What is next with Daniel Jones?

  4. How can the team restructure the culture of the organization and locker room?

  5. What will the game plan be for the NFL Draft?

I want to end this article by saying Congratulations to Mr. Schoen. I wish him luck during his tenure as the General Manager with the New York Giants as there is a ton of work that needs to be done with the Giants rebuild.

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