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Greg Robinson's Fall From Grace

(Image credit Mark Rebilas/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


I know that the NFL Draft is a few months away but I thought to myself who are the biggest busts in recent NFL history? Well right, when I thought of this question news came out where former 2nd overall draft choice in the 2014 NFL Draft Greg Robinson was arrested yet again. I then decided you know what Greg Robinson is a clear example of a recent NFL Draft Bust.

So let's look at his hype during the 2014 NFL Draft. I remembered the hype that followed Greg Robinson as he was being compared to Larry Allen, Orlando Pace, and even Tyron Smith at the time. I did not blame them as he had all of the tools that you wanted in an offensive lineman. If teams can clean up his footwork and quickness getting out of his stance he would be a great protector for a quarterback’s blindside. So it was no surprise that he was one of the first players taken in the NFL Draft and the Rams thought that he was too good to pass up at Number 2 so they could protect then franchise QB Sam Bradford.

Many believed that he would be a perfect fit in being a blindside blocker for Sam Bradford but unfortunately, it did not turn out well. Robinson struggled a lot and never lived up to the expectations given to him in the draft. He continued to struggle and kept getting worse. Especially as he kept committing way too many penalties. It got so bad that the Rams decided to cut ties with Greg Robinson by trading him to the Detroit Lions for a 2016 6th round draft pick. It was a new fresh start for Greg Robinson who had an opportunity to take over for an injured Taylor Decker. What happened next was that Robinson himself suffered an ankle injury and the Lions decided to place him on waivers.

The Cleveland Browns decided to give him a one-year prove-it deal with the organization. To be honest he was not completely terrible and looked like he was improving. Heck, he even got a starting job on this the next season after the team decided to extend him. However, he did cause some controversy kicking Tennessee Titans safety Kenny Vaccaro and got ejected in that game. But he did regress and it resulted in him not getting another contract with the Cleveland Browns. But he did have a decent season and could have gotten another deal with another team. Until the off the field issues came. In February 2020 Greg Robinson along with NFL player Quan Bray was arrested by the border patrol for a federal charge of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. When I heard this I was shocked but reading further guessed how much marijuana he had in his vehicle, 157 pounds. This is not a joke and it is crazy that he had that much weed in a car. That is more than what some people weigh. I did not want to make an immediate assumption as I give people the benefit of the doubt and wanted to wait for more information to come out. But it seemed like he was involved in a drug deal because what reason would someone have to drive near the border with that much weed unless he was a part of a drug deal somehow. This pretty much ended any opportunity of him getting another contract in the NFL as a result. But then he was sentenced to 5 years of probation and was not going to jail. I am always a believer in second chances and I could have seen a team in the XFL or USFL give him another shot at playing football. But all that pretty much ended after the news that came today on February 9th, 2022 as he was once again arrested.

So Now we get today where Greg Robinson was arrested for a second time. So with his second arrest now this is crazy when I read this. Apparently, Officers discovered 38.89 pounds of marijuana, 3.16 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 2.22 pounds of cocaine, 4 grams of crack cocaine, 227 doses of hydrocodone, 48 doses of oxycodone, and 18 doses of alprazolam. Not only did the police also find drugs but he had the equipment to package these drugs in the car as well. Were not done yet as the police also found cash, firearm magazines, and ammunition in the car as well. So that totals up to nine felonies that Greg Robinson was charged with. I mean there is no excuse for this and it once again proves that Robinson will not stop and this incident pretty much confirms that he is absolutely involved in drug dealing and won’t stop.

Greg Robinson is the definition of being one of the biggest busts in NFL history. You talk about a fall from grace here is a guy who went from being compared to some of the best offensive linemen in the league, being drafted 2nd overall in an NFL Draft, making millions of dollars as a starting offensive lineman in the league, having the world on his hands, to regressing plus failing to develop, traded for a late-round pick, to out of a job in the NFL, and being arrested for multiple crimes involving drugs.

It is a shame too because he had the tools to be successful in the NFL. All I wish to say is that I hope Greg Robinson gets the help that he needs but this arrest proves that these drug crimes are going to continue. I hate to say it but I don’t see how Greg Robinson comes back from this one. I would be shocked if he does not serve jail time with his latest arrest and I doubt we ever see Greg Robinson play football ever again.

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