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Head Coach Spot Filled: New York Giants Hire Brian Daboll

(Image credit Paul Schwartz/New York Post)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


When the New York Giants decided to fire Joe Judge one of their questions heading into the offseason was Who will be the new Head Coach for the team. Well, that question now has an answer as news came that the New York Giants have decided to hire Brian Daboll as their head coach. Now as always I want to dive into the coaching experience that Brian Daboll has had in the sport of Football.

Brian Daboll started in college football coaching William & Mary as a volunteer assistant in 1997. Then in 1998, he was a graduate assistant for Michigan State from 1998-1999. Daboll made his mark in the NFL coaching the New England Patriots as a defensive assistant (2000-2001) and wide receiver coach (2002-2006). The next part of his journey was with the New York Jets as the quarterback coach from (2007-2008). Once Eric Mangini got fired from the Jets Mangini decided to bring Brian Daboll to Cleveland where Daboll became the offensive coordinator (2009-2010). Up next on his journey was the Miami Dolphins where he spent 1 season as their offensive coordinator. He also had another brief tenure in Kansas City as well as the offensive coordinator. Daboll then returned to the New England Patriots as their Tight End Coach for 2013-2016. Next came his return to coaching college Football for Alabama as their Quarterback Coach and Offensive Coordinator. Next up comes his tenure as a Buffalo Bills as he has been the offensive coordinator since 2018. So in total brian Daboll has around 24 years of coaching experience in the sport of football. Fun fact throughout his coaching tenure he has been a part of 5 Super Bowls with the Patriots. Which is impressive to have on a resume when getting head coaching jobs.

Let's get this out of the way now as the New York Giants absolutely upgraded at Head Coach here. Joe Judge was an abysmal head coach and I believe this team’s culture will be better run with Brian Daboll as the head coach. Joe Judge had to go and that QB sneak on a 3rd and 9 still bothers me. Trust me Giants fans you won't be seeing that with Brian Daboll.

I really like this hire for the New York Giants especially with how well of a job Daboll did with developing Josh Allen throughout his career. He absolutely contributed to his success in the NFL and I will admit I was not a big fan of Josh Allen in the 2018 NFL Draft and was more of a Sam Darnold Guy. I thought that Allen was a completely Raw Prospect but he proved me wrong and he developed into one of the best QBs in the league. Daboll was one of the main contributors to why he developed well.

The New York Giants need to figure out if Daniel Jones is the guy. I still don’t know what to think about Daniel Jones as he shows flashes that he can be a contributor if he is coached right. This is Daniel Jones’s last chance if this does not work out I think he will not get a second contract with the Giants. I think this offense will be heavily improved especially when properly utilizing RB Saqoun Barkley and the entire receiving core.

It is important to note that this could also be a panic move. Remember they announced this hire the moment news came out that the Miami Dolphins and New Orleans Saints were going to interview him in the next upcoming days. So the Giants felt that they were going to lose Brian Daboll and decided to immediately hire him before he could get that spot.

I am always concerned with hiring a head coach from Bill Belichick’s coaching tree as excluding Brian Flores and Bill O’Brien (Before the Texans Self Destruction) the coaches have been a disaster at head coach. Honestly, I am shocked they decided to do another part of Bill Belichick’s coaching tree because of cough* cough* Joe Judge cough* cough*.

With Brian Daboll’s tenure and experience he absolutely deserves an opportunity at a head coaching position and as always I want to congratulate Mr. Daboll for being hired as the head coach for the New York Giants. I wish him luck during his tenure with the New York Giants and hopefully, he proves me wrong about my concerns about this hire.

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