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How Bout Dem Chicago Bears?!

Photo Courtesy of Bleacher Report.

Written by: John Stocco

Twitter: @realJohnStocco

It’s a whole new season ladies and gentlemen. The Bears beat the Cowboys, and now the Bears are 7-6, officially back in the playoff hunt, and this team sure looks like they’re more than just in the playoff hunt. The Bears are playing up to their standards, and they’re not even healthy yet. Now the Bears have 10 days to rest up, get healthy, and play the game of their lives in Green Bay.

I’ve been hard on Mitch Trubisky, and rightfully so after picking him to win the MVP, but the last three weeks, Mitch Trubisky has played great football. He’s not just looking good with his feet by taking off, or throwing on the run out of the pocket, Mitch Trubisky is making some of his best throws from the pocket. Through his coaching and his play calling, Matt Nagy has built confidence back in the career of Mitch Trubisky, and just by watching Trubisky play the last few weeks, it’s obvious that the Trubisky isn’t the same quarterback we saw at the beginning of the season. At the beginning of the season, Mitch Trubisky looked like a quarterback that was scared of the pressure. He tried looking too perfect, instead of letting loose and playing football. You saw it in his play, and you saw the look on his face every time he stepped on the field. Trubisky had nothing, but ever since that game in Los Angeles, that was pretty much rock bottom for this team, Trubisky has looked like a new player. Instead of trying to look the part, and instead of trying to be too perfect in everything that he did, Trubisky has let it loose. The Bears are using Trubisky more as a runner. Against the Giants, the Lions, and the Cowboys, Mitch Trubisky has taken off more than he has all season. Mitch is showing his wheels, showing the accuracy in the pocket, and on the run, and he’s letting his arm loose by showing faith in his targets like Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller. Confidence is a beautiful thing, and Matt Nagy has built the confidence back in Mitch Trubisky. Great decisions made by Trubisky, and even better play calling by Matt Nagy, and the Bears offense is back.

The targets around Mitch Trubisky have also stepped up. Allen Robinson has become one of the most trusted receivers in the league, and in my opinion, a top 10 receiver in the NFL. Trubisky has been able to place the ball all over the place in the direction of Allen Robinson, and Allen Robinson has been able to come down with the completion. Anthony Miller is getting more touches and he’s being used as Trubisky’s safety blanket. Running short routes, Trubisky finding Miller quickly, and Anthony Miller extending plays after the catch. David Montgomery has also come out of his shell, as all season the Bears have struggled to establish the run. This game was sort of a breakout game for David Montgomery. When I watch Montgomery play I always go back to my scouting report on him back to his days in Iowa State. Excellent vision, twitchy, finds the smallest holes and makes the most out of tight spaces. That’s what we saw today. We saw David Montgomery as a patient runner, twitchy, and showing great vision in finding the holes in the Cowboys defense. How about the tight ends? The worst position group by far for the Bears has come to life. Trey Burton has been a total bust, Adam Shaheen is the worst tight end in the game, but Jesper Horsted and JP Holtz have stepped up in huge ways the last couple of weeks. The tight end position can’t get any worse for the Bears, but Holtz and Horsted have taken advantage of this opportunity they’ve been given and the way they’ve been playing, the Bears shouldn’t look back to Burton or Shaheen. Ride with Holtz and Horsted.

The Bears are 7-6, back in the playoff hunt, and guess who else is back? Akiem Hicks. The Bears playing with a ton of confidence, they have all the momentum, Mitch Trubisky is on a hot streak, and this defense is getting healthy, going up against the Green Bay Packers in the biggest game of the season. Anything can happen, and I’m putting my money on the Chicago Bears. It’s a whole new season, and anything can happen.

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