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Hunter Henry Replacements

Photo Courtesy of Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Written by Jordan Jensen

Sept 11 2019

With Hunter Henry going down earlier today you may be left scratching your head on a replacement. Here are some notable possible waiver wire pick-ups. Both Mark Andrews and T.J. Hockenson were popular waiver wire adds on Wednesday and each rose above the 60% rostered mark in ESPN leagues, if either is available then obviously add either of them but if you’re not so lucky you can take a long look at the following replacements.

Darren Waller - Owned in 55.2% of leagues after the initial Wednesday waiver processing according to ESPN Waller was described as ‘special’ by head coach Jon Gruden after the Raiders win against the Broncos on Monday night. You might need to get lucky in order to still have a shot at him but if he’s still available then jump. He’s a long, strong and speedy rookie tight end that held a 31% hold on the Raider’s target share on Monday night.

Eric Ebron - Ultra athletic former first-round pick, Ebron is still available 46.7% of ESPN leagues. He had a poor showing in Week 1 but with Brissett not given much notice that he’d be the full-time starter prior to the start of the season he should improve. He was a popular drop in a lot of leagues and may be available if another team won the Hockenson drawing on Wednesday and decided to drop Ebron as a result.

Noah Fant - Tied for fourth-highest receptions on the team after one week Fant comes in as the most likely to still be available as a replacement in your league as he’s only owned in 8.9% of leagues. Joe Flacco is not a fan of throwing the ball downfield frequently which will bode well for the only receiving tight end on the Broncos. Fant has a low floor but is a threat for redzone targets with his size...if Denver can ever get into the redzone.

Kyle Rudolph - Recent recipient of a large contract extension, Rudolph is is only owned in 44.7% of leagues as of now. The Vikings only needed to throw the ball 10 times total in Week 1 which deflated Rudolph’s fantasy points to a non-extent amount which sent most owners looking for a replacement. The Vikings may run first but they will certainly have more than 160 pass attempts this season and Rudolph should have his fair share of targets.

Jimmy Graham - Graham, currently owned in 48.7% of leagues, proved he still has the ability to go up and grab jump balls from Aaron Rodgers which should happen more consistently in 2019 than last season. If he’s available and you’re looking for a capable tight end, Graham is worth a look.

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