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Written by Jordan Jensen

Sept 17, 2019

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As someone who usually waits until eight or nine quarterbacks are gone before taking one...this is my nightmare! Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger going down really hurt me (and hundreds of thousands of others) but don’t fret, there are still capable players at the position available. Here’s a quick look at some replacement quarterbacks that you can roster during the 6 weeks that Brees is out or season that Big Ben is out. Notable exclusions from this list are Mitchell Trubisky and Derek Carr, their downsides outweigh their upsides but are probably worth a look if they’re available in your league, however, take a closer look at those I have listed for you below.

Josh Allen - If Josh Allen is somehow available in your league and you had your starting quarterback go down then don’t hesitate to add him as he’s, shockingly, only owned in 30% of leagues according to ESPN. Admittedly Allen still has some room to grow but he also has a high ceiling that is only tempered by the team around him (which has improved this season). Allen had a decent game against the Giants going 19 for 30 with 253 yards and a TD while adding 21 yards and a TD on the ground. Allen is especially capable on the ground which has offset his turnover issues nicely during his development. There are bonuses to consider for a quarterback who isn’t on an elite team as well, Buffalo should be passing the ball regularly. He’s my top, realistic, QB add this week.

Jimmy Garoppolo - Finally, Jimmy G has started to live up to his contract, posting a 15/25 for 297 and 3td (with 1int) stat line against the Cincinnati Bengals. Jimmy is only owned in 24.3% of leagues as of now. Garoppolo, a popular drop after a rough week 1, will reverse polarity and become a top add in week 3. For someone who entered the season rostered in most leagues, this is actually a pretty lucky scenario for people who are looking to replace their starting quarterback this week.

Mason Rudolph - This guy is a Ben Roethlisberger look-alike at 6’5” 235lbs. He also plays for the Steelers, a team that has great offensive personnel behind him. He may not be a true plug and play in week 3 but he is at the very minimum worth a bench stash to see how he pans out. He finished 12 of 19 for 112yds and 2tds in Big Ben’s stead last week but did add an interception. This was against a Seahawks team with a great pass rush so Rudolph may be able to rise to the challenge. You’d rather Rudolph was stashed on your bench than the waiver wire if he breaks out.

Matthew Stafford - Matt Stafford is currently only rostered in 26.1% of ESPN leagues and has been playing well to start the young season. The worrying factor is that Stafford had a very down year, for him, in the 2018 but at least looks to have righted the ship. Stafford has capable receivers around him including a new, highly capable, redzone target in T.J. Hockenson. Stafford should bounce back this year and while his interception propensity will keep him from being elite, he won’t drag your team into the mud every week either.

Jacoby Brissett - Here’s a guy that has turned himself into a capable game manager with considerable upside. Brissett has notched 20 plus fantasy points in each of his two games to start the year. Things started out a little shaky but he’s got a good offensive side around him and should be able to find Hilton or Ebron for at least one TD per week and every once in a while he’ll have a monster game as the Colts may be fighting from behind multiple games this season. He’s never going to blow up and be an elite fantasy stud but he’ll have your back when it’s up against the wall.

Taysom Hill (deep sleeper/dynasty) - Hill didn’t attempt a pass after Drew Brees went down as Teddy Bridgewater finally got the shot he’s been waiting for. The problem is what Bridgewater did with his opportunity (17/30 for 165yds) as the Saints were stomped by the Los Angeles Rams. Bridgewater faithfuls will point out that the Rams have a stellar pass rush that is hard for any quarterback to score against and they’re not wrong but there are no excuses in the NFL. If Bridgewater stumbles out of the gate then Taysom Hill will be asked to take the reins. He’s obviously athletic and will add rushing yards on a team with Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas if he were to start. Hill also has a bit of value-added as a receiver but that shouldn’t play a factor as he doesn’t score enough points from the position to start in your flex spot. To clarify, Hill isn’t worth rostering in standard leagues yet but if you’re in a league with a ton of depth and a barren landscape of a waiver wire, Hill might turn into your gem of the season.

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