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In Chase Daniel We Trust

Photo Courtesy of WGN TV

Written by: John Stocco

Twitter: @realJohnStocco

First drive of the game, the fans aren’t even sitting comfortably, the players have barely broken a sweat, and Mitch Trubisky goes down hard on his left arm. As soon as it happened everybody watching the game knew it wasn’t good. He was down for a while, he walked off hunched over, went straight to the blue tent, and shortly afterwards he headed back to the locker room. While the Bears and the fans were worried about Mitch Trubisky, the all-time backup Chase Daniel is marching down the field against the Vikings for 7 points. It set the tone for the entire game.

The Bears faced adversity, and they faced it like champs. They knocked adversity in the face, picked each other up, and picked up their individual game to make this the Bears best win of the season. I never thought I would say this, but Chase Daniel picked up the entire team. He came out with a fire in his eyes. He knew it was his time and he didn’t want to squander it. He drove the Bears down the field, and it gave this team a spark. Chase Daniel was controlling the line of scrimmage with confidence, finding his receivers deep down the field, and Nagy looked like he opened the play calling because there was more trust there than there was with Trubisky in the last three weeks. Allen Robinson made clutch catches totaling yards on 7 receptions, and Javon Wims was more involved in the game plan with 4 receptions and 56 yards. Even Anthony Miller and Trey Burton made a couple of nice plays. The offense looked really well in the first half. With Daniel putting this team in a position to score he gave the defense enough confidence and this time, the defense was feeding off the offenses energy. The defense completely locked down Minnesota and they couldn’t do anything. Dalvin Cook was shut down by rushing for only 35 yards on 14 attempts and by shutting down Dalvin Cook they forced Kirk Cousins to throw. Also known as, Minnesota’s worst nightmare. The defense had their backs against the wall, and they fought back. No Akiem Hicks, no Bilal Nichols, and no Roquan Smith. Who was going to step up? Everybody did. The Polish Hammer, Nick Kwiatkowski was flying around all over the football field with 8 total tackles and one sack. Roy Robertson-Harris and Nick Williams showed up in a huge way with 3.5 combined sacks. Then, of course, there is the best defensive player in football, Khalil Mack. Making sure Kirk Cousins was on his toes the entire time. Making his presence felt on almost every passing play having 1.5 sacks and one of those being a strip-sack. When a team deals with that many injuries, you have to come out and win collectively, and that’s exactly what the Bears did.

Where do the Bears go from here? First, time to find out how long Mitch Trubisky is out for. I’m not going to play twitter/blogger doctor so I’m not going to speculate. I’m just gonna say it didn’t look good. Some good news, Coach Nagy said he doesn’t believe the injury is season-ending. The Bears are fighting the injury bug. Trubisky, Hicks, Nichols, Kyle Long, and Roquan Smith. If you would have told me that at the beginning of the year I would have passed out. Chase Daniel looked really good against the Vikings, and he showed something that Trubisky has been missing. Confidence. Chase Daniel looked more natural in today’s game than Trubisky has looked the last three weeks. The Bears are 3-1, and up next is a game in London against the Raiders with a bye the week after that. I fully expect to see Trubisky and Hicks to be sidelined again, which means it has to be another collective effort to walk out with a win. The defense will take care of business, as the Most Dangerous Man on the Planet, Khalil Mack will face his former team, and he’s going to be looking for revenge. The offense will have to play smart football. Chase Daniel will have to control the tempo of the offense without giving up the football, and again, the running game has to get going. Every time we see Matt Nagy call a running play the offensive line gets zero push off the line of scrimmage. That’s with and without Kyle Long. The Bears need better offensive line play, and they need to unleash David Montgomery. Other than that, the Bears played an excellent game, and with the elite play by the defense, and the veteran leadership by Chase Daniel, the Bears are going to be in good shape. Come on, Bears fans. It’s not the football season without a little quarterback chaos.

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