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Index of XFL 2020 Coaching Staffs

Graphic By: Robert Robinson @RobRobGraphics

Written By: Roy Countryman @PreacherBoyRoy

As we eagerly await more announcements of players getting invites to the XFL draft pool, and more importantly the slow trickle of Tier 1 Players who have chose to be the stars for the first season of this reimagined league I am going to delve into the coaching staffs for all 8 of the XFL franchises so that you are not in the dark on some of these young and innovative minds, as well as tipping the hat to the legends that have staked their reputation to help this league find it’s place in the football world.

Also, a unique thing to remember for all of the XFL teams is that the Head Coach of the team will also act as it’s General Manager. That is not to say that they won’t have some very experienced and talented evaluators helping them throughout the decision making processes.

Western Conference

Head Coach/ GM: Bob Stoops

Director of Player Personnel: Daryl Johnston

Offensive Coordinator: Hal Mumme

Defensive Coordinator: Chris Woods

QB Coach: Ryan Meyers

RB Coach: Bobby Blizzard

WR Coach: Jarrail Jackson

OL Coach: Jeff Jagodzinski

TE Coach/ Offensive Quality Control: Scott Spurrier

DL Coach: Jim Jeffcoat

LB Coach/ Defensive Quality Control: Mickey Matthews

DB Coach: Kenneth Perry

DB Coach: Marvin Sanders

Head Coach/ GM: June Jones

Director of Player Personnel: Randy Mueller

Assistant Director of Player Personnel: Will Lewis

Offensive Coordinator: Chris Miller

Defensive Coordinator: Ted Cottrell

QB Coach: Dan Morrison

RB Coach: Wes Suan

WR Coach: A.J. Smith

OL Coach: John Estes

LB Coach: Tom Mason

DB Coach: Derrius Bell

Head Coach/ GM: Winston Moss

Director of Player Personnel: Joey Clinkscales

Offensive Coordinator/ QB Coach: Norm Chow

Defensive Coordinator/ LB Coach: Pepper Johnson

Special Teams Coordinator/ Safeties Coach: Martin Bayless

RB Coach: Dave Atkins

WR Coach: Mike Wilson

OL Coach: Jerry Fontenot

TE Coach/ Offensive Quality Control: Kade Rannings

DL Coach: Vince Amey

DB Coach: Otis Smith

Head Coach/ GM: Jim Zorn

Director of Player Personnel: Tony Softli

Offensive Coordinator/ QB Coach: Mike Riley

Defensive Coordinator: Clayton Lopez

Special Teams Coordinator/ LB Coach: Chip Garber

RB Coach: Butch Goncharoff

WR Coach: Larry Kirksey

OL Coach: Steve Smith

TE Coach: Josh Oglesby

DL Coach: Donald Johnson

DB Coach: Marcus Ungaro

Eastern Conference

Head Coach/ GM: Pep Hamilton

Director of Player Personnel: Greg Gabriel

Assistant to Head Coach/GM: Brent Battle

Offensive Coordinator/ RB Coach: Tanner Engstrand

Defensive Coordinator: Jeffrey Fitzgerald

Special Teams Coordinator/ Asst. DB Coach: Steven Wilson

QB Coach: Ted White

WR Coach: Bob Saunders

OL Coach: Chris Scelfo

TE Coach/ Asst. OL Coach: Todd Washington

DL Coach: Raymond Hamilton

LB Coach: Kurt Gouveia

OLB Coach: Napoleon Sykes Jr.

DB Coach: Louie Cioffi

Head Coach/ GM/ Offensive Coordinator: Kevin Gilbride

Director of Player Personnel: Alan "Trip" MacCracken

Defensive Coordinator: Jim Herrmann

Special Teams Coordinator: Jeff McInerney

QB Coach: G.A. Mangus

RB Coach: Jerald Ingram

WR Coach: Mike Miller

OL Coach: Ronnie Vinklarek

TE Coach/ Asst. OL Coach/ Asst. Special Teams: Ray Rychleski

DL Coach: C.J. Ah You

LB Coach: Kevin Kelly

DB Coach: Chris Dishman

Head Coach/ GM: Jonathan Hayes

Director of Player Personnel: Trey Brown

Assistant to Head Coach/GM: Michael George

Offensive Coordinator/ QB Coach: Dough Meacham

Defensive Coordinator/ DL Coach: Jay Hayes

Co-Defensive Coordinator/ LB Coach: Matt Raich

RB Coach: Chuck Long

WR Coach: Az-Zahir Hakim

OL Coach: Brian Braswell

TE Coach: Nick Siciliano

Asst. OL Coach: Grant Williams

DB Coach: Tim Lewis

Asst. DB Coach: Chris Crocker

Head Coach/ GM: Marc Trestman

Director of Player Personnel: Josh Hinch

Offensive Coordinator: Jaime Elizondo

Defensive Coordinator: Jerry Glanville

Special Teams Coordinator: Frank Gansz Jr.

QB Coach: Josh Neiswander

RB Coach: Josh Moore

OL Coach: Jonathan Himebauch

Asst. OL Coach: Justin Poindexter

DL Coach: Lawrence Hill

LB Coach: Mike Archer

DB Coach: William Fields

Make sure you bookmark our XFL page, as we will be continually adding new content, and keeping you up to date on all the pertinent information you need as we lead up to the XFL Draft as well as what you need to know for each of the eight franchises!

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