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Indianapolis Colts Have Fired Head Coach Frank Reich

Image Credit: (Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA Today Network)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

If I were to name one team that has disappointed this year, it is the Indianapolis Colts. One of the things I have stated many times is that the Colts have to make the playoffs this year or else head coach Frank Reich would be out of a job at the end of the season. They would not fire him in the midseason would they…

Well I guess they would be able to fire him in the middle of the season.

An era in Indianapolis is over, as Frank Reich has been fired as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. Am I shocked that the Colts made this move by parting with Frank Reich? The answer is No. I said even in the AFC South war room podcast that this was a possibility of Reich being out of a job. The only thing I am shocked about is the timing of the firing. I thought the Colts would wait until they were mathematically eliminated from the playoffs to fire Reich, but I guess Irsay did not want to wait.

Many say that Reich’s was done after that disgraceful Week 18 game against the Jaguars where a win would get them in the playoffs. They blew it against the worst team in the NFL. Reich was a big voice in wanting the Colts to get Carson Wentz and that whole tenure did not work out. It kind of felt that way, but to me this was the jumping the shark moment for Reich’s tenure as the head coach.

Trouble has been afloat for awhile, but I think what really sealed it with Reich, was when Irsay forced him to start Sam Ehlinger. Ehlinger as the starter was not a Reich decision as it was forced upon by owner Jim Irsay according to many reports.

I have to side with Irsay on that, as it was clear Matt Ryan’s arm was cooked and he has suffered a ton of decline. He should not be the starting QB and he is not the future. Sam Ehlinger could be better and is the future of that team. While Ehlinger has not impressed, he is a bit better than Ryan was.

It also did not help in the Colts getting blown out against a Patriots team whose offense is poorly run and defense that was not playing well. Plus the questionable decisions made in the Commanders game did not help either. Add all of that together and it resulted in Frank Reich being fired from his role with the Colts.

This will not be the last time Reich will coach in the NFL. He will get many offers to be a team's offensive coordinator. I would not be shocked if Reich got another opportunity to be a head coach on another team in a few roles. Could he coach in the NCAA? Maybe, but I think he will not be going anywhere not on an NFL squad.

Who Will be the Interim Head Coach?

This will be an interesting one as the Colts have coordinators who had head coaching roles in the NFL. Including Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley who remember was the head coach for the Jaguars for 4 seasons (2013-2016). Even Senior Defensive Assistant John Fox is a candidate as he has a ton of experience as the head coach. Fox has 16 years of head coaching experience with the Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, and Chicago Bears. So who will the Colts choose?

You brought in Jeff Saturday to coach? You do realize that Saturday has no coaching experience whatsoever in the NFL or NCAA. Was this hiring done so the Colts can tank for a Top QB in the 2023 NFL Draft? This would be a decision that the Texans organization would make during the whole Josh McCown fiasco and they were smart enough to realize that it was not a smart idea. Now before you come after me, yes I know Norm Van Brocklin was the first coach in the NFL to get hired in a similar role with no coaching experience. And in his 12 year career he only had 2 over .500 records. I hope Saturday can prove me wrong as he is a very likable person and I have never heard a bad thing said about the man.

Quick question Indianapolis, Who is going to call plays? Remember the team not long ago also fired their offensive coordinator Marcus Brady. So who will do it knowing Saturday’s lack of experience?

Want to know something, the Colts play the Raiders next week and are facing Josh McDaniels who remember was originally going to be the Colts head coach. But he backed out and the Colts had to hire Reich. I mean isn’t that just crazy to think about, talk about timing.

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