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Joseph Yun's 2020 QB Big Board

Photo by Chris Parent

Written by: Joseph Yun

Twitter: @ItsDuckinTooYun

As the draft is approaching closer by the day, it’s time to unveil my positional big boards. I’ll be revealing these on a weekly basis until the draft happens. First up, the most important position on the field, the quarterbacks! Which quarterbacks made it onto the toughest big board to crack on the internets?

Note: Blitzalytics has a comprehensive grading system for which I will use the overall grade given by the scout

Note: All spider webs and player comps are courtesy of

Without further ado, here we go!

1. Joe Burrow 6’4 216 LSU

- Burrow is all that and then some. He’s run away with being QB1 in this year’s class. He won’t wow anyone with his arm strength but still has an above-average arm to make every NFL throw in the book. On the plus side, he is system versatile as he’s played in both Urban Meyer’s QB run-heavy offense and Joe Brady’s balanced attack. He can run the ball with what the defense is giving him as evidenced in the game against Alabama. A consummate leader who can rally the troops around him instead of the other way around. Had one of the best college football seasons ever for a quarterback and won the Heisman as a result. As you can see below, the Mockdraftable chart isn’t kind.

BA Grade: 8

Round Grade: First pick overall

2. Justin Herbert 6’6 237 Oregon

- Herbert is probably the most physically talented quarterback in this class and that’s what gets him QB2 along with a much more sturdy medical profile. I love his arm strength when he uses it properly. By that I mean, he hasn’t really corralled the arm strength and hasn’t developed a ton of touch on his throws yet. He had an inconsistent junior season and followed it up with a decent senior season. He tends to flake a bit without a clean pocket to throw some but has the talent to make any throw on the run. His junior season was a mess, incessantly targeting one receiver and before the injury to TE Jacob Breeland, Herbert was on the same track this past season. He does have a medical issue (broken collarbone as a sophomore) in the past as well but overall, he has the physical talent. I’m not sure who he is as a personality. He’s more reserved but finally came out of his shell during the latter stages of the 2019 season and beyond. His leadership style isn’t for everyone. Best case, he’s Ryan Tannehill. Worst case, he’s a more mobile Jay Cutler.

BA grade: 7.12

Round Grade: Top Five

3. Tua Tagovailoa 6’1 219 Alabama

- He’s QB3 based on the medical history, which is quite frankly a worrisome omen for his future. Damage to both knees and a hip is beyond the pale for a guy his age. On-field wise, he’s one of the best quarterback prospects. He has above-average arm strength that won’t wow people but has enough to get the job done. The intangibles are a major plus as well. Manipulates the pocket very well and does a great job going through reads. Personality-wise, he’s more outgoing than Herbert but that’s a low bar to clear. I have reservations about him being able to escape his father's looming shadow and be his own man. I compare his game to Russell Wilson. His spider chart and comps aren’t the best in the world.

BA Grade: N/A

Round Grade: Top Five

4. Jordan Love 6’4 224 Utah State

- Love in 2018 was a top ten lock. Love in 2019 was decidedly not so much. It can be chalked up to poor receivers, poor coaching staff, and pure regression. The flashes of something more are there, however. He has the physical tools to be a franchise QB. Love did a lot of good work at the Combine. He has a tendency to lock onto the first read and never get off that one read. He will need some coaching to undo the horrific 2019 season he put up with. Still a top five quarterback on my board.

BA Grade: 7.77

Round Grade: Second Round

5. Jacob Eason 6’6 231 Washington

- Eason has the best arm in the class but not much else. A bigger Jake Locker if you will. A true master of the YOLO ball. Whether it’s bad habits or a horrifically poor OC, he just hasn’t developed a consistent touch pass. He fits best in a downfield passing attack such as Tampa Bay. The son of former NFL alum Tony Eason. Eason believes he can throw any ball in any given situation and has the arm talent to back it up. He will need a lot of coaching and development to see the field as a sophomore. Some team will fall in love with his arm and take him two rounds too early.

BA Grade: 6.9

Round Grade: Fourth Round

6. Jalen Hurts 6’1 222 Oklahoma

- Hurts showed a lot of progress in his lone year in Norman to merit a top ten selection on my board after a somewhat middling three seasons at the helm in Tuscaloosa. Character and work ethic are two unassailable traits of his. He’s shown a surprising amount of touch and accuracy in a system where it is highly valued. I really love his game. He won’t remind anyone of Lamar Jackson but he has athleticism for days as evidenced at the Combine. He has been improving as a passer during the offseason circuit, starting at the Senior Bowl. If he can go to a team that will utilize all of his skill set, then he should be successful. Hurts has an above-average arm. His comparisons are interesting, which also includes one Deshaun Watson. If he’s even half of Watson, he’ll play a long time in this league.

BA Grade: 7.2

Round Grade: Third Round

7. Jake Fromm 6’2 219 Georgia

- Fromm is a tough evaluation because of the lack of an offensive system that was suited to his strengths. The knock is that he is just a glorified game manager. He isn’t that despite the shortcomings of the offense. In 2019, there was literally one receiver that he could truly rely on despite all the recruiting success that Georgia has had. Fromm is very intelligent with the ball and is loath to turn it over. It is true that he was protected by a line full of NFL caliber prospects as well. He won’t wow anyone with his arm strength but the ball placement is good that it negates the perceived lack of arm talent. If used right, he can be a serviceable starter in the NFL.

BA Grade: 7.36

Round Grade: Fourth Round

8. James Morgan 6’4 229 FIU

- Morgan is a rising star within the scouting world after a pretty good Shrine Game performance. He’s not the most fleet of foot and is a throwback to the old days of the drop back passer. He played well against Miami in 2019. Morgan has a live arm and knows how to use it. In an era of quarterbacks needing to be somewhat mobile, I’m not sure if he has enough athleticism but he had very little trouble manipulating the pocket in college so it might not be an issue. I really like his potential as a developmental guy that can sit for a couple of years before starting.

BA Grade: N/A

Round Grade: Fifth Round

9. Anthony Gordon 6’2 205 Washington State

- Gordon’s main selling point is his lightning quick release and knowledge of the Leach Air Raid concepts. These sort of concepts are slowly increasing in exposure at the pro level. He has a good but not great arm. I have had some issues with his footwork and mechanics being sloppy as a result. He has a slim base and that spells doom in most cases. He did relatively well in his lone year as a starter in Pullman.

BA Grade: N/A

Round Grade: Seventh- Priority UDFA

10. Mason Fine 5’11 190 North Texas

- Fine is an intriguing talent. Yeah, the measurements are a little on the short side but the talent is there. He wasn’t invited to the Combine for whatever reason so the tape is all there is. He is a top ten quarterback talent for me over the likes of Tyler Huntley, Jake Luton, etc. The issue is that teams won’t like his purported measurements. He was a Shrine Game invite as well. Good college player, not good pro? He has experience in the Air Raid as well as current USC OC Graham Harrell was the head coach at UNT before 2019.

BA Grade: N/A

Round Grade: Priority UDFA

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