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Juju’s Celebrity Sleeper Bowl Draft Review

Photo by Tommy Gilligan, USA Today Sports

By David Connors @DConBlitz

The Sleeper Bowl!

Steelers Star Wide Receiver Juju Smith-Schuster is hosting a celebrity fantasy league called the Sleeper Bowl. It will host nine hand-picked competitors, including himself. Also, he has announced that the winner will receive $25,000 to the charity of their choosing. A few of the other celebrities have also matched that amount. Now that their draft has passed, it is time to look back and rate how each team drafted. Before we go over the grades, let’s go over the star-studded lineup this league presents:

The Contestants

Ryan Gracia “The Flash” (1.01)

Garcia is a professional boxer who competes in the lightweight division. Better known by his nickname “The Flash,” Garcia will need to be on his game. He may be 18-0 in the lightweight division, but we will see how he matches up to these fantasy heavyweights.

Richard Blevins “Ninja” (2.01)

Blevins is a professional gamer and Internet personality best known for his Fortnite streams.


NELK filmz are a group of guys are famous for their prank and challenge videos on YouTube. Kyle Forgeard, Niko Martinovic, Marko Martinovic, and Lucas Gasparini make up the core of the group.

Karl-Anthony Towns

Towns plays center for the Minnesota Timberwolves. He is a former 1st overall draft pick and Rookie Of the Year Award winner. He was named an All-Star in 2018 and 2019.

Danny Duncan

Duncan is a YouTube personality mostly known for his prank and skateboarding videos.

Zac Efron

C’mon, we all know who Zac Efron is. He’s gotta getcha, getcha, get his head in the game because we are not all in this together. If he does his research and plays the waiver wire right he can be BREAKING FREE! Flying! Soaring! There won’t be a star in heaven he can’t reach.

Juju Smith-Schuster

Smith-Schuster is the wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is well known for his skills on the football field and killer touchdown dances. KAMEHAMEHA!!!

Tim Betar

Better known as “Tim the Tat Man”, he is best known for his Twitch streams.

Patrick Wallace

Patrick Wallace is better known as “Supreme Patty”. He is a comedian and rapper who dominates the IG scene.

The Fantasy Footballers

The Fantasy Footballer is the host of the award-winning fantasy podcast. Andy Holloway, Mike Wright, and Jason Moore make up the team and should be an early favorite for the championship.

League Rules

The Sleeper Bowl is a 10-team league that requires every team to start one QB, two RBs, two WRs, one TE, one defense/special teams, and two FLEX positions. They will also get five bench spots. It is a full point per reception league. Passing touchdowns are only awarded four points, while all other touchdowns earn that player six points. I guess Smith-Schuster is still feeling sore from Shaun Suisham’s inconsistencies in 2018 because he got rid the kicker slot.

What I am grading on

The draft grades will be based on the draft and are not indicative of how I think the season will go. My grades are on a “bell curve.” Therefore, a “C” does not mean I do not think they did well, it means they were average compared to the rest of the team. To get a “B” or better, a drafter had to draft better than his league mates, not simply score a certain score in the judging criteria. I am basing my grades on 3 factors:

Team Balance & Roster Construction

Teams will be graded on their balance among positions. That does not mean they have the same number of WR as they do RB. The number of RB/WR will depend on the teams’ roster. If a team is really strong at the top with RB, then it would make more sense to load up on later WR to flex in and out. Also, I docked points for carrying too many QBs and TEs. If a team has Patrick Mahomes, there is no reason to come out of the draft with a second QB unless the value was impassable.

Maximizing Draft Value

Teams are graded on their ability to find value in the middle and later rounds. Teams that can maximize value in the draft will give their team a solid foundation to go into their season.

Season Long Projections

This grade has the smallest impact on the overall team grades. I looked up the season-long projection to the projected starters for each team. I mostly used this as more insight, but so much goes into a season such as streaming a QB, waiver wire action, and injuries will all factor into the season too much to put too much value into this. To quote fantasy expert Jason Moore, “You don’t win at the draft, you build your foundation.”

The Draft Results

Ryan Garcia:

  • Quarterbacks

Andrew Luck (6.10)

Russell Wilson (8.10)

  • Running Backs

Saquon Barkley (1.01)

Dalvin Cook (2.10)

Lamar Miller (7.01)

Rashaad Penny (9.01)

Derrius Guice (10.10)

Ronald Jones (13.01)

Damien Harris (14.10)

  • Wide Receiver

Keenan Allen (3.01)

Brandon Cooks (5.01)

Geronimo Allison (12.10)

  • Tight End

George Kittle (4.10)

  • Defense/Special Teams

Jacksonville Jaguars Defense

At first, Ryan Garcia’s team looks too running back heavy, but like fantasy expert Andy Holloway says,”running back depth looks silly until it doesn’t.” Running backs can go fast in the NFL, so I will not dock points for stocking up. Garcia drafted well grabbing solid value in the early rounds. Getting George Kittle late in the fourth guarantees a positional advantage at the TE position without paying a top three pick for it. Garcia hurt his team taking Andy Luck in the back of the 6th. The calf strain that has kept him out of preseason forced Garcia to reach for Wilson two rounds later instead of solidifying his WRs.

Grade: C (6/10)

Garcia actually has a solid team, but most members of this league drafted really well, so his weakness at WR slid him down a bit.

Richard “Ninja” Blevins

  • Quarterbacks

Baker Mayfield (6.09)

Matthew Stafford (14.09)

  • Running Backs

Alvin Kamara (1.02)

Kerryon Johnson (3.02)

Miles Sanders (8.09)

Kareem Hunt (11.02)

Kalen Ballage (12.09)

  • Wide Receivers

Tyreek Hill (2.09)

Robert Woods (4.09)

Chris Godwin (7.02)

Allen Robinson (9.02)

Marvin Jones (10.09)

  • Tight End

Eric Ebron (5.02)

  • Defense/Special Teams

New England Patriots Defense

Ninja is a lifetime Lions fan and it shows in his draft. He grabbed 3 members of their squad, including Eric Ebron. Overall, Ninja drafted really well, getting great value at all parts of the draft. Ninja’s found great value at the wide receiver position and has a lot of options of how to attack his FLEX positions each week. I like New England’s defense, but I am concerned with their Week One matchup against the Steelers. His running back depth is a little worrisome, but he has two studs at the top that he can field out week in and week out.

Grade: B (4/10)

Unfortunately, it’s that depth that puts him one notch under the top 3. It is still a great roster.


  • Quarterbacks

Matt Ryan (7.03)

Lamar Jackson (13.03)

  • Running Backs

Christian McCafferty (1.03)

Nick Chubb (2.08)

Josh Jacobs (5.03)

Adrian Peterson (10.08)

  • Wide Receivers

T.Y. Hilton (3.03)

Mike Williams (6.08)

Sammy Watkins (8.08)

Marquise Goodwin (12.03)

Marquise Brown (14.08)

  • Tight End

Zach Ertz (4.08)

David Njoku (9.03)

  • Defense/Special Teams

Baltimore Ravens Defense (11.03)

NELKFilmz is incredible at running back. They have three studs and Adrian Peterson will have early value as Guice slowly rehabs back. His receiver core, on the other hand, is rough. Hilton is incredible, but his value could drop if Andrew Luck misses time. Williams is pretty good, but he reached a little early for the second receiver in one of the slowest moving offenses in the league. There is no reason to come out of the draft with two tight ends when you reach in the first few rounds for a weekly starter at the position.

Grade: C- (8/10)

This grade is not indicative of how I feel this team will do on the season. The top 3 running backs give this team a lot of potential, but I felt they reached a bit in the middle rounds and their wide receivers are weak, especially in a PPR league that has 2 FLEX spots.

Karl-Anthony Towns

  • Quarterbacks

Patrick Mahomes (4.07)

Philip Rivers (13.04)

  • Running Backs

Le’Veon Bell (1.04)

Todd Gurley (2.07)

  • Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown (3.04)

Alshon Jefferey (5.04)

Kenny Golladay (6.07)

Dante Pettis (9.04)

Dede Westbrook (11.04)

Golden Tate (12.07)

  • Tight End

O.J. Howard (7.04)

Jimmy Graham (8.07)

Kyle Rudolph (14.07)

  • Defense/Special Teams

Los Angeles Rams Defense

Karl-Anthony Towns was killing it at the top of the draft grabbing great value on Bell, Gurley, Brown, and Howard. Unfortunately, he fell victim to poor on-flight WiFi. He ended up with more Tight Ends on his roster than Running Backs. The RBs he has are solid but have high variances. I am sure he would have preferred to grab some late round high floor, low ceiling backs instead. His Wide Receiver is a major strength though. He his strong at top, plus, he has a high ceiling guys in Pettis and Westbrook. He got Mahomes at a discount in the late fourth round, so he probably could have gone without rostering a 2nd QB.

Grade: D (9/10)

Towns is strong at the top, but he is coming out of his draft with a weak foundation. If Gurley’s knee breakdown early, he will be in a rough spot. I just cannot give a better grade to a team with more Tight Ends than Running Backs.

Danny Duncan

  • Quarterbacks

Deshaun Watson (5.05)

Cam Newton (9.05)

  • Running Back

Melvin Gordon (1.05)

Tarik Cohen (3.05)

LeSean McCoy (12.06)

Peyton Barber (14.06)

  • Wide Receivers

Mike Evans (2.06)

A.J. Green (4.06)

D.J. Moore (6.06)

Sterling Shepard (8.06)

D.K. Metcalf (10.06)

  • Tight End

Jared Cook (7.05)

Greg Olsen (13.05)

  • Defense/Special Teams

Los Angeles Chargers Defense (11.05)

This one is rough. When I predicted the score for the starters over the course of the season, Duncan has one of the lowest scores, and that’s before factoring Gordon’s holdout and Green’s injury. If Gordon holds out, then, Tarik Cohen is Duncan’s RB 1 going into the season, and he did not select another Running Back until the 12th round. If A.J. Green and Shepard do come back from their injuries, he could have decent Wide Receivers. Watson and Newton should be great QBs.

Grade: F (10/10)

I would not feel comfortable with Cohen as my weekly RB2, and there is a real chance that’s Duncan’s RB1. This could be a long season for him.

Zac Efron

  • Quarterbacks

Jared Goff (9.06)

Ben Rothlisberger (14.05)

  • Running Back

Ezekiel Elliot (1.06)

Joe Mixon (2.05)

Derrick Henry (5.06)

Austin Ekeler ((8.05)

Latavius Murray (12.05)

  • Wide Receivers

Adam Thielen (3.06)

Julian Edelman (4.05)

Tyler Boyd (6:05)

Will Fuller (10.05)

  • Tight End

Evan Engram (7.06)

Austin Hooper (13.06)

  • Defense/Special Teams

Minnesota Vikings Defense (11.06)

Clearly Zac Efron can do more than bring headaches to his Neighbors. That should not be unexpected considering he is experienced in dominating celebrity leagues in the past. He went all the way to the finals against the Fantasy Football Focus Crew in their celebrity league to take on ESPN analyst Field Yates. He grabbed great value out of the gate getting Zeke with the 6th pick and Mixon in the second rounds . He got really safe wide receivers 1&2 next and then paired them with high ceiling RBs by getting great value on Derrick Henry and Ekeler. If they hit, he will be Breaking Free from the competition. The only hiccup, in my opinion, came really late. Zac was already rostering Evan Engram as his TE, but still decided to grab Austin Hopper in the 13th round. If he could Rewrite the Stars, he should have considered grabbing another WR like DeSean Jackson or Emmanuel Sanders with that pick.

Grade: A+ (1/10)

Zac’s picks were The Greatest Show in the draft. He found incredible value up and down the rounds.

Juju Smith-Schuster

  • Quarterbacks

Carson Wentz (9.07)

Jimmy Garoppolo (13.07)

  • Running Backs

Leonard Fournette (4.04)

David Montgomery (5.07)

Tevin Coleman (7.07)

Kenyan Drake (8.04)

Jordan Howard (11.07)

  • Wide Receivers

DeAndre Hopkins (1.07)

Devante Adams (2.04)

Calvin Ridley (6.04)

N’Keal Harry (12.04)

DeSean Jackson (14.04)

  • Tight End

Travis Kelce (3.07)

  • Defense/Special Teams

Chicago Bears Defense

Juju Smith-Schuster had the opportunity to take himself in the 1st, but instead took Hopkins as the top WR off the board and then followed that up with Adams securing his top two WR spots. After snagging Kelce guaranteeing himself a positional advantage almost every week, he found incredible value at the RB position. Juju has 5 RBs that will be legitimate startable options week in and week out. The biggest negative to his draft was the late, middle rounds when he reached for Ridley and the Bears' defense. I really like getting Harry and Jackson in the late rounds. I think Jackson could really pay off early.

Grade: B+ (3/10)

Tim “the Tat Man” Betar

  • Quarterbacks

Aaron Rodgers (7.08)

Dak Prescott (13.08)

  • Running Backs

David Johnson (1.08)

James Conner (2.03)

Marlon Mack (5.08)

James White (8.03)

  • Wide Receivers

Amari Cooper (3.08)

Jarvis Landry (4.03)

Tyler Lockett (6.03)

Larry Fitzgerald (10.03)

Corey Davis (11.08)

Emmanuel Sanders (14.03)

  • Tight End

Vance McDonald (9.08)

  • Defense/Special Teams

Dallas Cowboys (12.03)

Tim the Tat Man overall drafted well. He has 4 startable RBs and a sit ‘em and forget ‘me QB in Aaron Rodgers. His WRs are little concerning. He has great depth and got a steal snagging Sanders in the last round, but his WR2 and WR3 will be shakier than most of the league. I like the Vance pick in the 9th. I also like the Cowboys defense coming out of the draft getting matchups against the Giants and Redskins weeks 1 and 2.

Grade: B (5/10)

Tim had a solid draft. He has solid options at WR and RB. Although his RBs are good, he only has 4. That in addition to his weaknesses at the WR 2 and 3 spots put him one notch under the elites. He still has a great foundation for a deep run.

“Supreme Patty” Patrick Wallace

  • Quarterbacks

Drew Brees (8.02)

Tom Brady (9.09)

  • Running Backs

Damien Williams (3.09)

Mark Ingram (5.09)

Phillip Lindsey (6.02)

Darrell Henderson (10.02)

Royce Freeman (12.02)

Jaylen Samuels (14.02)

  • Wide Receivers

Michael Thomas (1.08)

Odell Beckham (2.02)

Stefon Diggs (4.02)

Courtland Sutton (13.08)

  • Tight Ends

Hunter Henry (7.08)

  • Defense/Special Teams

Denver Broncos (11.08)

Supreme Patty has got incredible WRs to lean on at the top along with a great late-round, high-upside player. The concern here is with his running backs. If for any reason Williams is not the workhorse in Kansas City, Wallace will be at a positional disadvantage at the RB1 position most week. However, he did a wonderful job stacking his RB depth. There is a lot of high ceiling guys who could breakout and carry his team.

Grade: C (7/10)

Patty’s grade may seem low, but that is more of a reflection of how well the entire league drafted. His WRs are top notch, but his RBs core would make many nervous. He is just average at the other three positions. Nevertheless, I would feel fine with this team going into the season.

The Fantasy Footballers

  • Quarterbacks

Kyler Murray (9.10)

  • Running Backs

Devonta Freeman (3.10)

Aaron Jones (4.01)

Chris Carson (6.01)

Sony Michel (8.01)

Devin Singletary (14.01)

  • Wide Receivers

Juju Smith-Schuster (1.10)

Julio Jones (2.01)

Cooper Kupp (5.10)

Robbie Anderson (7.10)

Christian Kirk (10.01)

Marquez Valdez’s-Scantling (11.10)

Curtis Samuel (12.01)

  • Tight End

Jordan Reed (13.10)

  • Defense/Special Teams


It should be no surprise that these guys knew what they are doing. According to the Fantasy Pros, all three co-owners of this team were in the top 20 in most accurate fantasy experts in the 2018 season. They do not have a stud at RB, but did a great job getting depth stacking four really good RBs that should produce 2-3 startable pieces each depending on the matchup. Their wide receiver core is also unbelievable. They have two studs at the top, and a safe high floor player in Kupp. Then, they proceeded to find incredible value in the later rounds snagging a lot high upside guys. They are light at TE, but instead of grabbing one early they stacked up at the RB and WR spot. Jordan Reed still should be great while he is healthy. They evoked Mike Wright's Rule 86: “if Reed is playing, you play him.” They did not draft a defense, but there are still plenty of solid streaming options that were not drafted they could pick up before Week One.

Grade: A (2/10)

As expected, the fantasy experts did an incredible job. They left a little value at the top to grab Juju in Juju’s league (I would have definitely done the same thing) which ultimately pushed them to 2nd.

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