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Las Vegas Raiders trade Nick Mullens to the Minnesota Vikings

Image Credit: (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

With teams starting to shorten their roster from 85 players to 80 players tough decisions have to be made. Sometimes these decisions result in players losing their jobs by getting cut. However there is another way that a team can shorten the roster and that is by making a trade. A trade benefits both parties in this case as the player gets an opportunity to make another roster with a change of scenery and the team gets value that will help either in the present or the future. This is what the Las Vegas Raiders decided to do as they decided to trade QB Nick Mullens to the Minnesota Vikings. The details of the trade are going to be listed down below.

Trade Details

Minnesota Vikings Acquire: QB Nick Mullens

Las Vegas Raiders Acquire: 2024 7th Round Pick

Stipulations for draft pick: Now for the 7th round pick to transfer the Vikings must have Nick Mullens be active for one game during the 2022 NFL Season.

Las Vegas Raiders Side

This was not a surprise that the Raiders were going to move Mullens. While he performed well in the preseason, he is not the most consistent as he would have games where he performed well and others where he struggled. The backup QB is going to go to a player that the coaching staff feel is dependable and making this move showed that the coaches did not see him as dependable. He was projected to get cut at the end of the preseason, but they at least got some value in draft capital, instead of losing him for next to nothing.

With the Raiders trading Mullens it all but confirms that Jarrett Stidham will be backing up Derek Carr for the 2022 NFL Season. Which lets be real should not be a surprise to anybody as that is what coaches from Billichick’s coaching tree does. This is just another example for a long list of trying to copy the Patriots in any way they can by bringing in players that performed in New England. I mean in this case, it could work as Stidham knows McDaniels system and maybe they feel he is more dependable than Mullens is. However many seem to forget that even when he played in New England he just did not impress and struggled a lot. Hopefully Derek Carr can remain healthy the entire season and get this team back into the playoffs.

Minnesota Vikings Side

The Minnesota Vikings needed to get a dependable backup for QB Kirk Cousins. QB Kellen Mond has not worked out as a second round pick. In the preseason for now Mond has been inconsistent. In the 49ers game he threw 2 bad interceptions and against the Raiders he impressed with two touchdowns pssses. Mond is clearly not ready yet unless he can show that he is consistent. Also this is not being mentioned, but I have a feeling that the current coaching staff are not high on Mond. Plus he was not picked by the new coaching and organization regime in Minnesota. I don’t think they will do it this season, but it would not shock me if the Vikings cut ties with Mond. When looking at Sean Mannon, while having a lot of experience in the NFL, has not been great in the preseason. So why not take a shot at Nick Mullens who the coaching staff were clearly keeping an eye on during their preseason matchup with the Raiders a few weeks ago. I don’t blame them as he threw an excellent touchdown pass in that game. With another change of scenery maybe Mullens can impress with the Vikings.

Grades for Nick Mullens trade

Las Vegas Raiders: A

Minnesota Vikings: B+

This feels like a win-win trade for both teams. I have to give the higher grade to the Las Vegas Raiders. They got a draft pick for a player that they were going to eventually be cutting during final cut day. That is a big win in itself, although getting the pick depends on if the Vikings activate Mullens for one week. The Vikings don’t lose either as they get a backup that has experience and is a more dependable option then Sean Mannon and Kellen Mond. Best part is that they did not have to sacrifice a lot of draft value in order to get this deal done. If he doesn’t get activated or he gets cut then the Vikings won’t lose the pick at all. Overall great move by Las Vegas Raiders GM Dave Ziegler and Minnesota Vikings GM Kwesi Adofo-Mensah.

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