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LB — Lorenzo Carter 6.94

Scouted by: Cody Manning

College: Georgia

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 220 lbs

40-Time: 4.5

Bench Press: N/A

Vertical: 36

Athleticism: 7.38

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 7.00 He is quick in short burst, can close space fast, when changing direction he can have a slow first step  Flexibility 7.50 Has a good bend around corners, hold his own versus lineman and keeps his knees bent for leverage  Explosiveness 7.75 Very explosive in heading in a straight direction. Comes out of his stance quick to win an early battle.  Playing Speed 7.75 One of the faster guys on the field, keeps a high motor, doesn’t give up.  Coordination 7.25 Rarely gets knocked off his feet, keeps a good balance, moves laterally really well.  Position Versatility 7.00 He was used all over, he is made to be an outside linebacker, needs to be used as rusher.

Pass Rush Ability 6.81

Initial Quickness 7.50 Very quick when he explodes off his stance. His speed allows him to bend around lineman.  Rush with Leverage 7.00 Does a great job at getting under the lineman’s pad level, uses his long arms to his advantage.  Pass Rush Moves 6.00 He needs to develop more pass rush moves, depends on his athleticism too much to get by.  Pressure Consistency 6.75 Has times where he doesn’t get pressure, needs to develop more if he is going to be an edge rusher.

Coverage 6.81

Pass Drops 6.75 He has the ability to drop back in coverage, had times where he looked uncomfortable in open space.  Coverage Awareness 7.00 Showed he can recognize routes and adjust accordingly. Didn’t get beat by not recognizing routes.  M/M Coverage 7.00 Runs well with receivers, can turn his hips, great route runners do give him problems.  Zone Coverage 6.50 As mentioned, seems uncomfortable in open space. He would be better covering the flats.

Against The Run 7.15

Play with Leverage 7.75 He does a great job at setting the edge with his long arms. Gets under the lineman’s pad level.  Stack and Shed 7.00 When he locks his hands on the lineman he sheds the lineman. Lack of strength makes it difficult.  Run at Him 7.25 He fills gaps with his speed. He looks to make a play on the ball and cause a turnover.  Runs Away 6.75 He gives effort to run down backs. Depends on athleticism to get around blockers in open space.  Tackling/Hitting 7.00 He does a good job at wrapping up. Has a good lower base. He can come in too high at times.

Competitiveness 6.58

Toughness 7.00 He can get pushed around at times due to his lack of size. Tries to run through ball carriers.  Production 6.00 Career — 166 Tackles, 14 sacks, 6 FR, 3 FF, Played all 4 years in college. Could of produced more.  Consistency/Motor 6.75 Plays with a high motor, and doesn’t let up. I would like to see more consistent production from him.

Intelligence: 6.92

Instincts 7.00 Reacts well to plays as they develop then attacks. He can take bad angles, takes himself out of play.  Learn/Retain 6.75 He hasn’t shown development at learning pass rush moves over his 4 years.  Concentration 7.00 Very concentrated on the ball at all times, tries to force a turnover whenever he can.


He is a long and athletic player that has the speed to roam around the field with ease. His first step allows him to explode around lineman to make the tackle or get pressure on the quarterback. He closes space very quickly. He has a nice bend around lineman and gets under their pad level to win the leverage battle. He uses his long arms to his advantage, gets a good punch under there pads, and keeps there arms from touching him. His athletic ability gives him the potential to develop into a great pass rusher at the next level.


He will need to gain more mass and strength to be productive at the next level. He wins the leverage battle most times but lacks the strength to use it to his advantage. He doesn’t get enough push versus lineman. While he is very quick, it is in straight lines, he struggles when he needs to change direction in open space, and will take bad angles at times. He depends on his athleticism too much when rushing the quarterback. He will need to develop more moves if teams want to use him as an edge rusher at the next level. His lack of production is also concerning as well.


Lorenzo Carter is more of a project at this point. He has the athletic ability to excel at the next level but it depends on where teams would like to play him. If they want him as an outside linebacker I believe he can get the job done because of his sideline to sideline speed. But he will need to bring more thud on his tackles. He will also need to develop in his coverage skills because at times he does appear to be uncomfortable when he drops back. He seems more comfortable when he is on the line rushing the quarterback which is why I believe teams will want to place him there so he can set edges versus the run and help get pressure on the quarterback. He will need to gain more size and strength because he can win the leverage battle but can’t get push versus stronger lineman. In his first season he will be more of a situational pass rusher, and I think he could be a contributor on special teams. This will allow him to develop as a player. By year three, if he adds size and strength, pass rush moves, then his athletic abilities will allow him to develop into one of the better edge rushers in the league. I think because he is more of a project teams should consider him in the late 2nd to early third round.

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