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LB — Tegray Scales 6.72

Scout- Bryce Ahaus

College: Indiana University

Height: 6'0

Weight: 230 lbs

40-Time: 4.77

Bench Press: 27

Vertical: N/A

Athleticism: 6.15

Q.A.B./C.O.D. 6.00 Average straight up athleticism. Below average sideline to sideline speed, and struggles to change direction. Has a nice initial step though, and good north to south speed. Flexibility 6.20 Average in this category. Can make the expected play, but struggles when forced to peel off a blocker from an awkward direction. Explosiveness 7.20 Great at the POA. Makes impact hits on blockers and tackling runners. Very strong and shows it when given a chance to take someone head on.  Playing Speed 5.80 Plays as fast as he can. Just not an exceptionally quick athlete, makes good reads but if he has to change direction he is in trouble.  Coordination 6.20 Has good hands when he gets a chance to get to the ball. Confidently goes for strips, and had some nice interceptions in his IU career. Never ends up on his back unless diving for a tackle.  Position Versatility 5.50 Not a great athlete but can cause a big impact. Will not play OLB at all, will be perfectly suited for 3rd and short and running situations. Not a 3 down guy, limited to strictly ILB.

Pass Rush Ability: 5.70

Initial Quickness 7.00 Good first step that allows him to beat blockers through holes or gaps.  Rush with Leverage 5.80 Has good speed and good positioning, was able to blow by slower blockers, but once stood up was easily held in place.  Pass Rush Moves 5.00 Doesn’t have many moves in his arsenal. Was mainly used for QB spys and Zone coverages.  Pressure Consistency 5.00 Ended season with 7 sacks. Wasn’t used much for pressure in Indiana’s system, and showed flashes but wasn’t a primary skill.

Coverage: 6.25

Pass Drops 6.50 Very intelligent player who is quick to pick up what the offense is running. has great instincts, allowing him to quickly drop into coverage.  Coverage Awareness 6.50 Does a good job of breaking to the ball, as well as sticking to his assigned zone. Played in a zone primarily at IU.  M/M Coverage 5.00 Lack of change of direction ability hurts here. RBs with quick cuts are liable to burn him, as well as speedier TEs. Solid tackling skills compensate at times for lack of M/M coverage.  Zone Coverage 7.00 Breaks really well to the target in zones, allowing him to make impact tackles. Punishes WRs coming across the middle. His intelligent play allows him to be in the right place very often.

Against The Run: 7.10

Play with Leverage 6.50 Never showed an exceptional knack for this at IU, but if worked on could lead to Donta Hightower comparison. Stack and Shed 6.30 If he has the first step he sheds blockers pretty easy, but once stood up struggles getting away.  Run at Him 8.00 Has a very solid core and strength. Don’t see many RBs going through him. Usually gets to RB first at point of attack  Runs Away 6.50 Lack of straight away speed hurts him, but has extremely high motor. Always ends up around the ball at the end of plays.  Tackling/Hitting 8.20 Tegray is a very solid tackler. He has proper technique, and is aggressive. He is also not afraid one bit to really lay into someone.

Competitiveness: 7.77

Toughness 7.30 Played 46 games in 4 years at IU. Never suffered a major injury. Started as a freshman.  Production 8.00 215 Tackles over his last two seasons. AWARDS: 1st Team (Big 10), 2nd Team (Big 10), 2nd Team (All American, SI), 2x Team Captain, Freshmen All-American (  Consistency/Motor 8.00 Rarely ever takes a play off, can always be found around the ball at the end of the play. Teammates praise him as one of the hardest workers they’ve been around.

Intelligence: 7.33

Instincts 8.00 Rarely misreads a play. Very instinctive player, when he gets burnt it is due to athleticism not to his instinct. Quick reactions.  Learn/Retain 7.00 Openly praised by Coach Allen and Wilson as a highly intelligent player. Was a team captain his Junior and Senior season.  Concentration 7.00 Usually stays heady but aggressive style of play can lead to an occasional personal foul. No concerns here.


Very productive in college. Powerful. High level player who performed well in a major conference. Has great instincts. Very fundamental tackler who lays big hits when given the chance. Great run stopper. Best Attribute: Hitting hard at the point of attack


Average athlete. Struggles with change of direction which is vital with the speed of the NFL. Didn’t show much as an impact pass rusher. Lack of speed limits him to the ILB position. Lack of M/M coverage skills may hold him back overall in a pass happy NFL.Worst Attribute: Lack of Change of Direction speed.


I view Tegray as most likely a 4th or 5th round draft pick. He could sneak into the 3rd round if a team is desperate for a run stopping ILB. His lack of elite level athleticism will most likely hold him back from being a huge impact player in the league. His motor, instincts, and competitiveness will keep him around as a rotational player. At the very least his hustle and fundamental tackling skills can keep him around as a special teams player. If Tegray is put into the right situation and utilized properly he will be a very valuable asset, because his specific skill is run stopping, and being a 2x Team Captain he comes across as a guy willing to do anything for the team.



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