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Mock Draft Series: 12 Team, 2QB, Pick #11

Written By- Jack Bourgeois

I can’t say I am a big fan of two-quarterback leagues, but for the sake of the mock draft series, I thought to myself “Ehh, what the hell.” Today I’ll be drafting at #11 spot of a standard scoring, 2-QB league. And as much as it can suck to be at the backend of the draft sometimes, the 2-QB format forces a lot of talent further down the board, because the owners are so quarterback-happy. These mocks were done using FantasyPros’ Mock Draft Wizard, and the roster settings for today’s mock are as follows: 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex (RB/WR/TE), D/ST (team defense), and K. Make sure to check out last week’s mocks, and stay tuned later in the week for more

Final Roster:

QB: Jared Goff LAR BYE 12

QB: Marcus Mariota TEN BYE 8

RB: Saquon Barkley NYG BYE 9

RB: Melvin Gordon LAC BYE 8

WR: Mike Evans TB BYE 5

WR: Stefon Diggs MIN BYE 10

WR: Robby Anderson NYJ BYE 11

TE: Trey Burton CHI BYE 5

FLX: Alex Collins BAL BYE 10

DST: Houston Texans BYE 10

K: Dan Bailey DAL BYE 8


RB: Carlos Hyde CLE BYE 11

WR: Kenny Stills MIA BYE 11

RB: Peyton Barber TB BYE 5

WR: Allen Hurns DAL BYE 8

RB: Samaje Perine WAS BYE 4

RB: Austin Ekeler LAC BYE 8

Final Analysis:

The 11th pick can be a tricky one, it’s always nice to get the quick turnaround, but the wait on your next turn can seem like forever. With teams going after quarterbacks as early as the first round, I felt it was wise to accept my fate and strengthen my team elsewhere instead of overpaying a for a tier one or tier two quarterback. I am very comfortable with my group of running backs but have to cross my fingers that my wide receivers boom instead of bust. Between Barkley (rookie), Gordon (RB5), Collins (RB16), and Hyde (RB11), I could potentially have two top 10 and four top 20 RB’s. On the other hand, I have Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs, Robby Anderson, Kenny Stills, and Allens Hurns as my wide receiving corps. Each player has his fair share of question marks and quite a bit of risk factor associated with their name. This is one of those fantasy teams that after your draft is over, you think “well this could go one of two ways…”

Now let’s dive a little deeper into my thought process behind the team.

Round 1

1) Todd Gurley RB - LAR

2) Le'veon Bell RB - PIT

3) David Johnson RB - ARI

4) Ezekiel Elliott RB - DAL

5) Alvin Kamara RB - NO

6) Aaron Rodgers QB - GB

7) Antonio Brown WR - PIT

8) Tom Brady QB - NE

9) Deandre Hopkins WR - HOU

10) Drew Brees QB - NO

11) Saquon Barkley RB - NYG

12) Deshaun Watson QB - HOU

Analysis: Ok, yes, I drafted a rookie running back in the 1st round, but hear me out! In 2017, three rookie running backs finished inside the top 10, another two in 2016, and two more in 2015. When it comes to backs, the younger the better, as 7 out of the top 10 RB’s were still on their rookie deals last season. Oh, and Saquon Barkley happens to be the most hyped back to come out of the draft since Adrian “All Day” Peterson himself was taken back in 2007. Barkley’s potential is through the roof, but his floor could be quite low for a 1st rounder if New York’s offensive line can’t improve from last season.

Round 2

13) Russell Wilson QB - SEA

14) Melvin Gordon RB - LAC

15) Odell Beckham WR - NYG

16) Leonard Fournette RB - JAC

17) Kareem Hunt RB - KC

18) Dalvin Cook RB - MIN

19) Julio Jones WR - ATL

20) Cam Newton QB - CAR

21) Jordan Howard RB - CHI

22) Michael Thomas WR - NO

23) Keenan Allen WR - LAC

24) Andrew Luck QB - IND

Analysis: Melvin Gordon had a rough rookie season, but hasn’t looked back since! After finishing his rookie year with a goose egg in the touchdown column, the LA Charger running back has put up 12 TD’s in back to back years. He’s the focal point of the offense and a three-down back who can do damage on the ground and through the air. Now, I could have easily taken Odell Beckham Jr. in the second round, which would have balanced out the team, and still given me an elite playmaker. Neither Gordon or Beckham are a bad pick at #14, and if not for the 2-QB format these players would have never made it this far down the board. I took an RB heavy approach because of the upside of both players, but to be honest if I hadn’t got a certain someone in the next round, I’d probably be kicking myself in the butt for not grabbing OBJ.

Round 3

25) A.J. Green WR - CIN

26) Devonta Freeman RB - ATL

27) T.Y. Hilton WR - IND

28) Joe Mixon RB - CIN

29) Davante Adams WR - GB

30) Carson Wentz QB - PHI

31) Christian Mccaffrey RB - CAR

32) Lesean Mccoy RB - BUF

33) Jerick Mckinnon RB - SF

34) Kirk Cousins QB - MIN

35) Mike Evans WR - TB

36) Rob Gronkowski TE - NE

Analysis: Thankfully, Mike Evans fell all the way to pick #35 of the 3rd round, and I was able to land an elite wideout. “No risk it, no biscuit”- Bruce Arians, I think Coach Arians was onto something. You have to take risks in fantasy football in order to come out on top. I’d rather swing for the fences and draft players at their floor, than their ceiling. Mike Evans is only a season removed from being the #2 fantasy wide receiver in the NFL. The problem is Evans’ fantasy performance, and stat-line has continued to teeter year after year. He’s flip-flopped twelve touchdown performances with single digit TD performances since entering the league in 2014. If all goes as planned, Mike Evans will be a top 10 wideout, and I’ll have stolen him at the end of the third.

Round 4

37) Kenyan Drake RB - MIA

38) Stefon Diggs WR - MIN

39) Doug Baldwin WR - SEA

40) Adam Thielen WR - MIN

41) Matthew Stafford QB - DET

42) Travis Kelce TE - KC

43) Tyreek Hill WR - KC

44) Royce Freeman RB - DEN

45) Amari Cooper WR - OAK

46) Juju Smith-Schuster WR - PIT

47) Brandin Cooks WR - LAR

48) Zach Ertz TE - PHI

Analysis: After two straight running backs in the first and second, it was only right to double up on wideouts in the 3rd and 4th. Stefon Diggs is another player with a very high ceiling, but quite a few question marks. He looked to be on the same page with his new QB Kirk Cousins, connecting on a touchdown pass in their first preseason game together. Cousins is a huge step up at the quarterback position when talking fantasy football. Cousins brings at least another 1000+ passing yards and 5-10 more passing touchdowns to the offense. Many critics will point out that Diggs has yet to eclipse a 1000 receiving yards in a season, but the man was just paid $72,000,000. That means the Vikings certainly value his skillset and so should we! I could have gone quarterback at #38 and love me some Matt Stafford, but looking at the board, there was a group of similarly ranked QB’s that I felt comfortable with.

Round 5

49) Demaryius Thomas WR - DEN

50) Jimmy Garoppolo QB - SF

51) Alex Smith QB - WAS

52) Philip Rivers QB - LAC

53) Josh Gordon WR - CLE

54) Jay Ajayi RB - PHI

55) Ben Roethlisberger QB - PIT

56) Larry Fitzgerald WR - ARI

57) Matt Ryan QB - ATL

58) Lamar Miller RB - HOU

59) Jared Goff QB - LAR

60) Jarvis Landry WR - CLE

Analysis: As I stated earlier, I accepted my fate, and was determined to start drafting my QB’s as late as possible. If you know you are going to be weaker at one position, you shouldn’t reach on said position, instead look to build upon your team's strengths. My strength is clearly at running back, and I’d rather be strong at one positional group, rather than ok everywhere else. Jared Goff was the QB12 last season, and although you’d like to have at least one top 10 quarterback in a 2-QB league, this year more than ever has some serious talent inside the top 20 at the quarterback position. Plus, each year a quarterback plays far beyond his believed potential and becomes fantasy relevant, similar to Case Keenum in 2018. Moving forward I’d certainly have my eye on the waiver wire QBs the other teams will have zero interest in after investing such a high price earlier in the draft.

Round 6

61) Golden Tate WR - DET

62) Alex Collins RB - BAL

63) Allen Robinson WR - CHI

64) Alshon Jeffery WR - PHI

65) Marvin Jones WR - DET

66) Corey Davis WR - TEN

67) Derrick Henry RB - TEN

68) Evan Engram TE - NYG

69) Chris Hogan WR - NE

70) Chris Thompson RB - WAS

71) Rashaad Penny RB - SEA

72) Patrick Mahomes QB - KC

Analysis: Many people are not on the Alex Collins bandwagon and believe his competition in Baltimore will be too much to handle. I am not one of those people! In the final eight weeks of the season, Collins finished as the 11th best running back in fantasy football. He averaged 13.8 fantasy points per game (Standard Scoring), had multiple 100+ yard rushing performances, and shown the ability not only to block but also catch passes on 3rd down. He averaged 4.59 yards per carry in 2017, more than enough to solidify himself over Javorius Allen and Kenneth Dixon.

Round 7

73) Kerryon Johnson RB - DET

74) Sammy Watkins WR - KC

75) Devante Parker WR - MIA

76) Jimmy Graham TE - GB

77) Rex Burkhead RB - NE

78) Tevin Coleman RB - ATL

79) Mark Ingram RB - NO

80) Greg Olsen TE - CAR

81) Marshawn Lynch RB - OAK

82) Dion Lewis RB - TEN

83) Marcus Mariota QB - TEN

84) Ronald Jones RB - TB

Analysis: What can I say, I needed to get that second QB sooner or later. It was between Marcus Mariota and Dak Prescott. Prescott has finished inside the top 10 in back to back years. 10th last season and 6th in 2016. With such turnover amongst his receiving corps, he could either take a massive step back or continue to be a staple amongst the top QB’s in regards to fantasy football. Losing both Dez Bryant and Jason Witten this offseason will steer a lot of owners clear of the Dallas Cowboys’ 3rd year QB. And rightfully so, as that’s nearly 45% of his total targets.

Mariota on the other hand, not only kept his entire receiving corps, but he also improved in regards to play calling and coaching. His 16.3 fantasy point per game throughout his career puts him in the conversation as a top fantasy option at quarterback but he needs to stay healthy for this to be the right move. If not, I’ll be forced to look towards to stream his replacement otherwise. I don’t recommend banking on upside each and every pick, but sometimes you must go beyond the rankings, stats, and surrounding talent to make a decision. Head coach and offensive coordinator changes can often be more impactful than adding an elite weapon.

Round 8

85) Will Fuller WR - HOU

86) Carlos Hyde RB - CLE

87) C.J. Anderson RB - CAR

88) Delanie Walker TE - TEN

89) Sony Michel RB - NE

90) Michael Crabtree WR - BAL

91) Kyle Rudolph TE - MIN

92) Emmanuel Sanders WR - DEN

93) Marquise Goodwin WR - SF

94) Josh Allen QB - BUF

95) Dak Prescott QB - DAL

96) Jamaal Williams RB - GB

Analysis: I am quite surprised as to how little interest Carlos Hyde is getting due to his uniform change. Ok, yeah he’s in Cleveland now, and yes they have two other back’s who’ll be competing for carries, and ok fine, he’s sort of injury prone. Still, he was last year’s RB11 and RB14 in 2015. I will take that in the 8th round all day.

Round 9

97) Randall Cobb WR - GB

98) Devin Funchess WR - CAR

99) D.J. Moore WR - CAR

100) Derek Carr QB - OAK

101) Blake Bortles QB - JAC

102) Pierre Garcon WR - SF

103) Jameis Winston QB - TB

104) Robert Woods WR - LAR

105) Mitch Trubisky QB - CHI

106) Jamison Crowder WR - WAS

107) Robby Anderson WR - NYJ

108) Isaiah Crowell RB - NYJ

Analysis: Before Josh McCown went down with an injury in week 13, Robby Anderson was the 8th ranked wideout in the NFL. After he lost his starting QB, his production went from 68.4 yards and 0.6 TD’s per game to 30 yards and zero TD’s per game. With Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater, and Sam Darnold on the roster, I feel a lot more comfortable drafting him and knowing he’ll have quality QB play regardless of who’s throwing to him.

Round 10

109) Julian Edelman WR - NE

110) Kenny Stills WR - MIA

111) Bilal Powell RB - NYJ

112) Case Keenum QB - DEN

113) Jacksonville Jaguars DST - JAC

114) Eli Manning QB - NYG

115) Tarik Cohen RB - CHI

116) Los Angeles Rams DST - LAR

117) Jordy Nelson WR - OAK

118) Mike Williams WR - LAC

119) Cooper Kupp WR - LAR

120) Nelson Agholor WR - PHI

Analysis: In the past two seasons, Kenny Stills has been one of the most TD-dependent WR’s in the league. The issue with saying that is he doesn’t have to touch the ball very often to score. His 15 TD’s and 1573 yards on only 100 catches over the past two seasons should warrant quite a spike in usage, especially now that Jarvis Landry was traded. Landry leaves 161 targets behind to be mostly distributed between Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker. With Parker yet to play a full season due to injury, Stills has the opportunity to Tannehill’s favorite target and Miami’s #1 wide receiver.

Round 11

121) Marlon Mack RB - IND

122) Nick Chubb RB - CLE

123) Kelvin Benjamin WR - BUF

124) Tyrod Taylor QB - CLE

125) Sterling Shepard WR - NYG

126) Minnesota Vikings DST - MIN

127) Calvin Ridley WR - ATL

128) Dez Bryant WR - FA

129) Martavis Bryant WR - OAK

130) Duke Johnson RB - CLE

131) Peyton Barber RB - TB

132) Chris Carson RB - SEA

Analysis: At this point and time, Peyton Barber will be considered a reach in the eleventh round, but many people aren’t aware that he’s got a solid hold on the starting role in Tampa Bay. He’s a smooth, patient runner, who can block, and catch passes out of the backfield. His receiving skills and experience in the offense have him ahead of 2nd round pick Ronald Jones on the depth chart. RoJo happens to be going several rounds ahead of Barber in fantasy drafts simply because of the fact he is a speedy homerun threat. While Barber lacks the elite speed and agility Jones possesses, he’s got quite the advantage against his teammate in every other category. If he winds up being the starter, this will be the steal of this mock draft.

Round 12

133) Cameron Meredith WR - NO

134) Allen Hurns WR - DAL

135) Marqise Lee WR - JAC

136) Aaron Jones RB - GB

137) James White RB - NE

138) Devontae Booker RB - DEN

139) Kenny Golladay WR - DET

140) Ryan Tannehill QB - MIA

141) Philadelphia Eagles DST - PHI

142) Rishard Matthews WR - TEN

143) Robert Kelley RB - WAS

144) Andy Dalton QB - CIN

Analysis: Who knows who’ll be Dak’s new favorite target, between rookie Micheal Gallup, former Jaguar Allen Hurns, or slot receiver Cole Beasley. Hypothetically speaking, I’ve got at least a 33% chance of landing the Cowboys future #1 wideout. Hurns is the only receiver on the roster with a 1000 yard season, and he accomplished that with Blake Bortles… and it’s safe to say Blakes no Dak, right? These later round picks are basically lottery tickets, a majority of these guys will bust before they boom, so make sure you are taking educated risks when gambling on late round picks.

Round 13

145) Anthony Miller WR - CHI

146) Josh Doctson WR - WAS

147) Ted Ginn WR - NO

148) Tyler Lockett WR - SEA

149) Legarrette Blount RB - DET

150) Tyrell Williams WR - LAC

151) Michael Gallup WR - DAL

152) Desean Jackson WR - TB

153) Jordan Reed TE - WAS

154) Corey Clement RB - PHI

155) Trey Burton TE - CHI

156) D'onta Foreman RB - HOU

Analysis: Like the quarterback position, I held out on tight end as long as I could, but had to pull the trigger eventually. Trey Burton is mostly known for being the one who threw the TD pass to Nick Foles in the Super Bowl. No, I didn’t draft him because of the Philly Special or his ability to throw the football. I drafted Burton because he’s part of an offense that has been in desperate need of players who can get open and catch the ball. Chicago lost it’s top three receivers and tight end last season, leading them to stock up on pass catchers including both Allen Robinson, and Trey Burton this offseason. Last season Burton had 23 receptions for 248 yards, but somehow managed five touchdowns behind elite fantasy TE Zach Ertz. A 4-year $32,000,000 deal with Chicago means they have a plan in place to get their money’s worth.

Round 14

157) Paul Richardson WR - WAS

158) Samaje Perine RB - WAS

159) George Kittle TE - SF

160) James Washington WR - PIT

161) Baker Mayfield QB - CLE

162) Lamar Jackson QB - BAL

163) Matt Breida RB - SF

164) Courtland Sutton WR - DEN

165) Ty Montgomery RB - GB

166) David Njoku TE - CLE

167) O.J. Howard TE - TB

168) Giovani Bernard RB - CIN

Analysis: Samaje Perine literally got hurt as I was writing this… an apparent sprained ankle has forced him out of action in only the second week of the preseason. And with Chris Thompson expected to miss a good chunk of the first half of the season, it was supposed to be a competition between Rob Kelley AKA Fat Rob and Samaje Perine. It sounds like Kelley just solidified his spot as the week one starter!

Round 15

169) Keelan Cole WR - JAC

170) Seattle Seahawks DST - SEA

171) Latavius Murray RB - MIN

172) Doug Martin RB - OAK

173) Theo Riddick RB - DET

174) Joe Flacco QB - BAL

175) Nyheim Hines RB - IND

176) Frank Gore RB - MIA

177) Jordan Wilkins RB - IND

178) Benjamin Watson TE - NO

179) Austin Ekeler RB - LAC

180) Sam Bradford QB - ARI

Analysis: Most of the time you handcuff your number one RB, not your number two, but this is a different story, and Austin Ekeler needs to be rostered regardless. His 624 total yards and five touchdowns on 79 total touches has earned him a role in LA’s offense according to HC Anthony Lynn. Basically, if Saquon Barkley goes down, there’s no way Jonathan Stewart even comes close to Barkley’s production. While Ekeler has proven he can perform in the absence of Gordon, even enough to steal touches away from the Chargers starter.

Round 16

181) Los Angeles Chargers DST - LAC

182) Houston Texans DST - HOU

183) Baltimore Ravens DST - BAL

184) Denver Broncos DST - DEN

185) Mohamed Sanu WR - ATL

186) New Orleans Saints DST - NO

187) Jack Doyle TE - IND

188) Jordan Matthews WR - FA

189) Josh Mccown QB - NYJ

190) New England Patriots DST - NE

191) Josh Rosen QB - ARI

192) Pittsburgh Steelers DST - PIT

Analysis: J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, Whitney Mercilus, and the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu… enough said right? (fingers crossed for a healthy season though)

Round 17

193) Stephen Gostkowski K - NE

194) Greg Zuerlein K - LAR

195) Harrison Butker K - KC

196) Justin Tucker K - BAL

197) Matt Bryant K - ATL

198) Robbie Gould K - SF

199) Jake Elliott K - PHI

200) Wil Lutz K - NO

201) Matt Prater K - DET

202) Chris Boswell K - PIT

203) Dan Bailey K - DAL

204) Daniel Carlson K - MIN

Analysis: Kicker.

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