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New York Jets: 5 Players Who Impressed and Disappointed

(Image credit Brian Fluharty /USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


I mean I am stunned right now. Normally I’d write an intro discussing the score of the game right away but for this article, I am going to do it differently. What a disgraceful performance by the New York Jets. I am writing this moments after the Patriots and Jets game and my goodness I have never ever seen a team so poorly coached and unmotivated coming after a bye week. I got to say this and this goes directly to the entire New York Jets coaching staff. You had two weeks to prepare for this game and fix your weaknesses after 6 games in the entire season and that is how you respond. Really. To make it worse it was to a rookie quarterback that you had an extra week to prepare for and already played this season. Remember How we got beaten up by the Broncos in Week 3 and could not score a point in that game. Well, this game is way worse than that. This was embarrassing. There have been many embarrassing moments in Jets history but this is up there in that gigantic list. This season has been on life support ever since the Jets lost Carl Lawson during the preseason, but this game pretty much ended our chances of making the playoffs. Especially as now Zach Wilson suffered a knee injury and might be out for the season. By the way, we will get to the Refs later in this article because I was so annoyed with the Refs all game especially with that play. Now that that is done the Jets lost this game 54-13 against the New England Patriots in Gillette Stadium. Now there are few players that impressed in this game and many that disappointed but as always I will give 5 of each in this article.

1. Players Who Impressed - RB Michael Carter

Carter did not have a strong performance and struggled in the running game. He even fumbled the football once in this game, but he showcased a ton of skills on how he will be a strong pass-catching running back in this league. He had 8 catches for 67 yards in this game and he wowed me with some of his catches including a 16-yard grab. Carter was the best running back on the Jets in this game due to Tevin Coleman being inactive and TY Johnson’s struggles. Hopefully, Carter can continue to shine in the receiving game and develop his running game.

2. Player Who Disappointed - TE Ryan Griffin

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, the Tight End’s struggle once again on this team too. Ryan Griffin is absolutely terrible and has heavily regressed. He was supposed to be the blocking Tight End for this team Right? Well, he has been terrible blocking all game and he was the reason why Zach Wilson got injured on the second hit. He missed a clear block on Matthew Judon and it resulted in Wilson being injured. In fact, the throws made by Mike White were in the direction of Ryan Griffin. We have never had the answer to the full-time and consistent replacement at Tight End since Mickey Shuler was here. I got to ask Who thought it was a good idea to go into this season with an injury-prone Tight End in Tyler Kroft (Out due to injury) and a poorly blocking Tight End with Ryan Griffin? and Where the Heck is Kenny Yeboah?

3. Player Who Impressed - WR Elijah Moore

Finally, Elijah Moore actually was impressive in this game. Not due to his receiving game as he only had 1 catch for 16 yards. He was fantastic when he was in a Jet Sweep Formation as he showed that he is a solid blocker and scored his first touchdown with the team. Moore had a smooth and nice 19-yard rushing Touchdown. He showed flashes in this game but hopefully, he improves in the receiving game.

4. Player Who Disappointed - OL Greg Van Roten

Another disappointing performance for Greg Van Roten. This was not his worst game but my goodness he was terrible in this game. Missing blocks all game and has been a big liability to this o-line. Van Roten was sloppy with his hand movements and with how he was utilizing his feet when moving in and out of the pocket. I would honestly bench Van Roten at this point as he has continued to struggle. I would like to see if any of the younger talents on this roster does better.

5. Player Who Impressed - OL Alijah Vera-Tucker

The O-line did not perform well but Vera-Tucker was once again the best o-lineman on the team today. Yes, he did commit a bad penalty and was not the best run blocker in this game but he improved his pass blocking ability. He was heavily aware and did what he can to stop the blitzes from coming to sack the QB. Vera-Tucker has been very mobile when moving in and out of the pocket and he is definitely a player to watch for the future. So far he has been the best pick in the 2021 NFL Jets draft class.

6. Player Who Disappointed - The Entire Defensive line excluding Quinnen Williams

This was supposed to be the strength of this defense. The defensive line was one of the strongest parts of the Jets during the first few games of the season. The defensive line was brutal all game this season. Especially as they let 4 rushing Touchdowns in this game. 2 to Damien Harris and the other 2 is JJ Taylor who went undrafted during the 2020 NFL Draft. They had a difficult time all game. The entire defensive line was brutal except for one player and that player is listed underneath.

7. Player Who Impressed - DL Quinnen Williams

Quinnen Williams was constantly being double blocked by the offensive line and shut him down most of the game. He tried his best and made 4 tackles in this game and tried providing pressure to the quarterback. He almost got to the quarterback two times in this game. He made some players committee penalties in this game. He was the only one that was good on this defensive line and hopefully he continues to shine in this game plus play a little more consistently.

8. Player Who Disappointed - S Ashtyn Davis

Yes statistically Ashtyn Davis was solid making tackles all game but he was absolutely terrible in coverage. Yes, he had a ton of hard hits in this game. I probably would have had him as being impressive if he was a linebacker but oh wait he was terrible in coverage. My goodness, he let long receptions go by him all game and he lacks the awareness needed for a safety. He has poor footwork and it resulted in blown coverage by Ashtyn Davis. The Jets selected Davis using the 3rd round pick the team received during the Leonard Williams trade. I was never a fan of Davis but man if he does not improve his coverage in upcoming games then he will be labeled as a bust in the league.

9. Player Who Impressed - LB Del’Shawn Phillips

This was the best performance from Del’Shawn Phillips during his New York Jets career. He was all over the place in this game as he made 7 tackles and was a very effective run stopper. Philips was a solid pass rusher as he was the only defender to record a sack and hit the QB 2 times which absolutely provided pressure to Mac Jones. I just wish other defenders provided more pressure in this game on defense and maybe the Patriots would not score 54 points in this game. Philips needs to be better in coverage as he let Hunter Henry Score a touchdown but he was decent covering Jonnu Smith.

10. Player Who Disappointed - S Marcus Maye

Maye returned after he suffered his ankle injury weeks ago. Honestly, they should have waited another week as Maye was clearly hurt in this game. While he made some solid tackles in this game he was terrible in coverage in this game. He was exposed in this game and I even let Brandon Bolden score a touchdown in this game. Maye’s footwork was all over the place but that was mainly due to his ankle injury. Maye lacked awareness in this game and even missed some tackles in this game.

Dishonorable Mention - The Refs

Yes, they are not on the Jets roster but Come on the Refs were absolutely terrible in this game. Yes, it was a blowout in this game but they missed multiple calls earlier in the game where the Jets had the opportunity to come back. This annoyed me the most with the officiating, on the two hits Zach Wilson got hit on back to back on the leg. Do you mean to tell me that is not roughing the passer? Really. I mean the hit was low and the ball was no longer in his hands yet Matt Judon decided to tackle him with a clearly late hit and Zach Wilson got injured more on the Judon hit. These were back-to-back missed calls and they did not even call it. Where is the flag? Yet they decide to when Mac Jones gets touched by I believe it was Quinnen Williams they throw the flag. Also last week they called roughing the passer on the Jets when it was a completely legal hit. Give Me a Break. The refs were awful in this game and are the dishonorable mention for this week in this game.


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