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New York Jets 53 Man Roster Prediction 4.0: Post Week 2 Preseason

(Image credit: Tyler Calvaruso/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

As always before we look at the transactions that occurred during the week. Especially with the signings, releases, retirees, and injuries.

Signings - S Bennett Jackson

Releases - None

Retired - OL Alex Lewis

PUP List - S Ashtyn Davis (knee- is expected to stay on PUP until Week 2), Vinny Curry (unknown - is expected to stay on PUP until Week 6), Kyle Philips (ankle - is expected to stay on PUP until Week 4)

Injured Reserve (IR) - OL Cameron Clark (Neck/Spinal Cord), S Zane Lewis (Torn Patellar Tendon), Carl Lawson (Torn Achilles)


Quarterback (2)

Locks: Zach Wilson

Made Roster: Josh Johnson

Cut: James Morgan and Mike White

Overview: Zach Wilson will be the week 1 starter for the New York Jets and he was the 2nd overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He is a lock to make the roster. Josh Johnson is playing the David Garrard role for the Jets in guiding the young Zach Wilson. He surprisingly has not played during the preseason yet. I still have him getting a roster spot for now due to Mike White's injury. If Mike White is healthy then he could challenge Josh Johnson for the roster spot if he performs well vs the New York Giants. Out of all the QB’s here I think James Morgan’s tenure as a New York Jet is winding down. He did not perform well vs both the New York Giants and the Green Bay Packers. I don't even think he threw the ball more than one single time. James Morgan is going to need to show something during the Philadelphia Eagles game if he is going to make any roster or earn a practice squad spot.

Running Back (4)

Locks: Michael Carter, Tevin Coleman

Made Roster: Ty Johnson, La’Mical Perine

Cut: Josh Adams

Overview: Michael Carter is still a lock as he was a 4th round pick and has heavily impressed on special teams. I am also adding Tevin Coleman as a lock to make the 53 man roster due to his connections with the coaching staff and is the most experienced back on the team. I contemplated adding Ty Johnson as a lock to make the roster but I want to see how he performs vs the Philadelphia Eagles. La’Mical Perine has had an up and down performance during both preseason games. He needs a good game vs the Eagles to lock his roster spot up. Josh Adams was not given a carry and has struggled throughout the preseason. He needs to impress during the Eagles game or he will not make the 53 man roster.

Fullback (1)

Lock: Trevon Wesco

Overview: Nothing to see here. Move along. Wesco will remain on the roster as the starting fullback.

Wide Receiver (6)

Locks: Jamison Crowder, Corey Davis, Elijah Moore

Made Roster: Braxton Berrios, Keelan Cole, Denzel Mims

Cut: Manasseh Bailey, Lawrence Cager, Josh Malone, DJ Montgomery, Jeff Smith, Vyncint Smith

Overview: Jamison Crowder, Corey Davis and Elijah Moore are locks to make the roster. Corey Davis is a player to watch in fantasy as he has been Zach Wilson’s favorite target both in training camp and in preseason. Crowder took a pay cut to stay on the roster and was a solid slot target for Wilson during the New York Giants game. Moore has been injured and I would be shocked if he played next week vs the Eagles. Berrios is terrible on offense but should make the roster due to his special teams performance. Keelan Cole had a quiet game but was solid vs the Giants. Denzel Mims did not play due to an undisclosed reason. A lot of people project him to be cut. Let me be clear Mims will not be getting cut from this team. I can see a trade happening in the future but Mims was impressive vs the Giants and if they cut him now they will have to pay a lot of his salary for the next few years. Vyncint Smith and DJ Montgomery had quiet games but could be in the mix for a roster or practice squad spot. Manasseh Bailey, Lawrence Cager, Josh Malone, and Jeff Smith didn’t perform well and were mainly utilized on special teams. They are going to need to heavily impress the coaching staff vs the Philadelphia Eagles if they want to make the 53 man roster.

Tight End (3)

Locks: Tyler Kroft

Made Roster: Ryan Griffin, Chris Herndon

Cut: Daniel Brown, Kenny Yeobah

Overview: The tight-end core is still the weakest part of the offense for the New York Jets. But the tight end who shined during the Green Bay Packer game is Tyler Kroft who scored twice in this game and has showcased solid footwork when running routes. He locked in his roster spot with his performance and I never would have thought I would do that with the way the tight ends performed last week. Hopefully Kroft can keep this up in the regular season. Griffin didn’t play due to a hamstring injury and hopefully he gets healthier sooner rather than later. Now we get to Chris Herndon with yet another disappointing performance. It still makes no sense why Herndon is listed as the starting tight end on the Jets and he is not getting better. All the hype had for him years ago is pretty much gone. The only reason why I have Herndon as making the roster is due to both Kenny Yeboah and Daniel Brown continuing to struggle throughout the preseason. Yeboah has not gotten better and continues to struggle in blocking and route running. Daniel Brown is mainly utilized on special teams.

Offensive Lineman (9)

Locks: Mekhi Becton, Alijah Vera-Tucker, Connor McGovern,

Made Roster: Chuma Edoga, George Fant, Dan Feeney, Morgan Moses, Connor McDermott, Greg Van Roten

Cut: Grant Hermanns, Tristen Hoge, Corey Levin, David Moore, James Murray

Overview: Mekhi Becton, Alijah Vera-Tucker, and Connor McGovern are the best o-lineman that are currently on the Jets. George Fant and Morgan Moses are battling for the right tackle spot and both are in good shape to make the roster. Dan Feeney definitely got a lot better over the past week. By the way I got to be honest with this statement, Dan Feeney has an awesome mullet and I seriously want him to make the roster this season due to the way he had improvved the last few weeks. You can tell Feeney is a great guy to have in the locker room and he is often seen with Zach Wilson in public appearances. Greg Van Roten struggled a lot vs the Green Bay Packers and needs to improve to solidify his roster spot. Connor McDermott was carted off with an ankle/knee injury. We don’t know how severe or how long he will be out which is why he is listed as made the roster. It does not look good when a player is carted off the field. Alex Lewis announced his retirement before the Packers game began and his retirement gave many players an opportunity to make the roster. I think Edoga will make the roster out of the bunch due to his experience. Hopefully he will be able to stay healthy as durability has been a tremendous issue for him. David Moore is a name to watch as he was recently claimed via waivers last week and was solid vs the Green Bay Packers.


Defensive Tackle (5)

Locks: Quinnen Williams, John Franklin-Myers, Sheldon Rankins

Made Roster: Foley Fatukasi, Jonathan Marshall

Cut: Nathan Shepherd, Tanzel Smart

Overview: No changes with the Defensive tackles. Quinnen Williams and John Franklin-Myers will be the starters. Sheldon Rankins is a lock due to his contract and releasing him would not do the Jets any favors salary wise. I thought about locking up Foley Fatukasi’s roster spot as he is a tremendous run stopper for the team and is a hidden gem for this defense. But I want to see if he keeps his momentum up and performs well vs the Philadelphia Eagles. Jonathan Marshall has been impressive for the team especially as he was a 6th round pick during the 2021 NFL Draft and should make the roster. Especially if he keeps performing at the level he was vs the New York Giants. Nathan Shepherd and Tanzel Smart both struggled a lot during the preseason and are going to need a strong performance to stick with the team. Especially Shepherd as he has struggled giving pressure to the quarterback and as a run stopper.

Defensive End/EDGE Rushers (4)

Locks: Bryce Huff, Hamilcar Rashed Jr.

Made Roster: Ronald Blair, Jeremiah Valoaga

Cut: Jabari Zuniga

Overview: Carl Lawson was injured during practice and suffered a torn Achilles. This sucks because I finally had hope that this team had an elite edge rusher for the first time since Leonard Williams. He will absolutely miss the 2021 season and possibly a chunk of the 2022 season if he suffers a setback during rehab. I wish Carl Lawson a healthy and full recovery so that he can be amazing for the team next season. With Lawson’s injury I made the decision to lock Bryce Huff into the roster as he heavily impressed me during the Packers and Giants game. Hamilcar Rashed Jr. is also a lock on the roster as he has heavily impressed the team as well. Rashed Jr. has easily been the best undrafted player the New York Jets signed this season. I am not 100% with Ronald Blair as he is dealing with an injury but I think he will make the roster with his connections. Valoaga was impressive during the Packer game. If he can be consistent then he should make the 53 man roster. The one player who once again disappeared during the Green Bay Packer game was Jabari Zuniga. He struggled a lot vs the Green Bay Packers and like I said in the last article the Jets should just cut him at this point. He is not getting any better and in fact he is making the team worse with him on the field as he missed many tackles and lacks awareness. By the way, I think it is important to give a reminder that the New York Jets and GM Joe Douglas wasted a third round pick on Jabari Zuniga.

Linebacker (5)

Locks: CJ Mosley, Hamsah Nasirildeen, Jamien Sherwood

Made Roster: Blake Cashman, Jarrad Davis

Cut: Milo Eifler, Noah Dawkins, Del’Shawn Phillips, Edmond Robinson

Overview: CJ Mosley is a lock on the roster due to his contract. He hasn't played football in two years due to a Torn ACL and opting out of the 2020 season due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He has been solid for the team when he was on the field and hopefully will play a full season. The experimental players both Jamien Sherwood and Hamsah Nasirildeen are locks to make the 53 man roster. They have done a tremendous job during their position change from safety to linebacker. Sherwood especially has impressed me as he also added value with his play on special teams. The experiment has so far been a success but the true test is Week 1 of the regular season vs the Carolina Panthers. I would have Jarrad Davis but he was carted off with an injury and as of now we have no word on how severe his injury is so I will keep him as made the roster. Blake Cashman has been up and down throughout the preseason and is going to need a strong performance vs the Eagles to solidify his roster spot. Especially with Milo Eifler and Noah Dawkins' solid performances vs the Packers. Del’Shawn Phillips and Edmond Robinson did not perform well vs the Packers and they need to improve.

Cornerback (7)

Locks: Bless Austin and Bryce Hall

Made Roster: Michael Carter II, Javelin Guidry, Justin Hardee, Brandon Echols, Jason Pinnock

Cut: Corey Ballentine, Isaiah Dunn, Lamar Jackson

Overview: Bless Austin and Bryce Hall are the only corners that are locks as I have the most confidence in, so I think that they will be locks to make the roster. Michael Carter II, Brandon Echols and Jason Pinnock were selected in the 2021 NFL Draft and should make the roster. Echols was a big bright spot for the team vs the Packers and even intercepted the football. Javelin Guidry showed flashes throughout the two preseason games and is in good shape to make the 53 man roster. Justin Hardee is mainly going to be utilized on special teams but must impress in the next game vs the Eagles to solidify his spot on the roster. Corey Ballentine did himself a big favor by finally showing his value on special teams with a 73 yard kick return for the team. But Ballentine struggles on defense and is inconsistent with his play on special teams. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he is let go in the future with his poor play on defense. Isaiah Dunn has been a huge disappointment as he was a name that heavily impressed coaches during training camp. He has struggled in coverage all game and even is a poor tackler. Lamar Jackson continues to struggle with man to man coverage. Even though Lamar Jackson had an interception he got it when Hassel helped cover the receiver and the quarterback severely under threw the ball to him.

Safeties (4)

Locks: Lamarcus Joyner, Marcus Maye

Made Roster: JT Hassell, Sharrod Neasman

Cut: Elijah Campbell, Bennett Jackson

Overview: Joyner and Marcus Maye are going to be the week one starters for the team. It is looking more and more that S Ashtyn Davis will remain on the PUP list for at least the first week of the NFL season. Which is not surprising as he has been injury prone. So the question is who will take over his spot? Well to be honest I see two players who could take it. Those two players are JT Hassell, and Sharrod Neasman. They both have been impressive in the last few preseason games. Sharrod Neasman has been all over the place making plays both on defense and special teams for the Jets. He is a player in many articles that I said to keep an eye on especially with Ashtyn Davis’s injuries as he could be his replacement until he gets healthier. JT Hassell has to continue to shine and provide more value on special teams. He even is a strong tackler and can force fumbles on occasion. If both Sharrod Neasman and JT Hassell keep this up vs the Philadelphia Eagles then they both could make the 53 man roster.

Special Teams

Kicker (1)

Locks: Matt Ammendola

Long Snapper (1)

Locks: Thomas Hennessy

Punter (1)

Locks: Braden Mann

Overview: I think it is safe to say that the special teams players for the Jets are officially locks. Matt Ammendola was extremely impressive with the kicks he made vs the Green Bay Packer. Hopefully the momentum continues during the regular season. Mann and Hennessy performed good during the preseason as well.

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