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New York Jets: Week 10: 5 Players Who Impressed and Disappointed

(Image credit Brad Penner/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


I want to start off by saying that I am not surprised that the Buffalo Bills would defeat us in this way especially after their embarrassing loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars (Who is Ironically my 2nd favorite team). They needed to showcase that they are the real deal. I wanna credit the Buffalo Bills for waking up and having a strong performance by destroying the New York Jets. They looked fantastic and showed why they are Super Bowl contenders in this game by destroying the Jets. But my goodness where to begin with the Jets. The New York Jets lost this game in Metlife Stadium 45-17 against the Buffalo Bills. The Jets were brutal in this game and I noticed a trend. If the Jets get to a good start the Game will be close or the Jets win, but if they don't get to a good start then the Jets lose. This all goes to being outcoached and Robert Saleh has been a disappointment so far during his first season. Saleh is supposed to be a defensive-minded coach, but in the last four games this defense has given up a total of 175 points, an average of 43.75 points a game. That is not what has annoyed me the most as I look at how unprepared this team has been. This New York Jets team has plenty of time to prepare for this game like last week they played Thursday night against the Colts. This team looked like it had to play a Monday night game and then play Thursday next week. Like I said earlier we knew the Bills were going to win this game but at least try to make it competitive. I end by saying this and this goes to the Same Old Jets narrative as the cycle for this team is a Glimpse of hope and potential, then a performance that makes us look like a CFL heck even an AAF or XFL team.

1. Players Who Impressed - RB Michael Carter

Michael Carter has been the Steal of the 2021 NFL Draft for the New York Jets. Carter has been fantastic both running and receiving. In this game, he had 39 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown in this game which is productive. What continues to impress me is his impact on the receiving game as he had 4 catches for 43 yards. He has the tools to be a tremendous contributor to the Jets offense in the long term. I am very excited to see how Carter develops in the future as he has been fantastic so far.

2. Player Who Disappointed - QB Mike White

I guess we can settle the fact that Mike White is not the franchise QB moving forward after this game. He was absolutely terrible in this game and made some brutal interceptions in this game. In fact, he had four terrible interceptions and threw for 251 yards. He was so bad that they had to put in Joe Flacco at the end of the game. On a side note, it was a bit weird seeing Flacco wearing a #19 jersey as a Jet. I wonder if Mike White will start next week against the Miami Dolphins.

3. Players Who Impressed - WR Elijah Moore

Moore was not a tremendous part of the Jets offense in this game but he made an impact during garbage time. He had an impressive 15-yard touchdown that he scored at the end of the 4th quarter. This honestly saved Moore from me labeling him as a disappointment with that touchdown as he was targeted 6 times. Looking back at the film though Mike White overthrew him many times where Moore was wide open. Moore has definitely had a stronger season than he did earlier in the season and it would be great to see how Moore performs later in the season.

4. Player Who Disappointed - WR Corey Davis

Corey Davis has not been completely terrible this season but he has been absolutely mediocre this season. He would have one game where he would be fantastic like he was against the Tennessee Titans, then he would have games like this where he would struggle. He had a fumble in this game which absolutely changed the momentum in this game. I am not giving up on Davis like many already have as he has been dealing with a hip injury in this game and he had solid grabs but that fumble and inconsistent play in this game was a big disappointment for me.

5. Players Who Impressed - OL Alijah Vera-Tucker

Vera Tucker continues to be the most impressive offensive lineman on the Jets current roster. While the o-line was not completely terrible it did have problems. Vera-Tucker was the brightest spot on this team. He made an impressive play where he blocked two blitzing Bills defensive players and gave time for Mike White to throw a long 21-yard grab to Ryan Griffin which was the most impressive play I saw from him. He was also opening up holes all game for Michael Carter and Tevin Coleman to hit. I am very excited to see Alijah Vera-Tucker and he should be a big piece to the Jets offensive line for years to come especially at Guard.

6. Player Who Disappointed - OL Greg Van Roten

Speaking of a Guard on the o-line we have Greg Van Roten. He is clearly the weak link to the Jets offensive line and he was terrible all game and to add to it all season for the Jets. He was the person that led the team by allowing the Bills defense to pressure Mike White all game. He is poor with his awareness and with his footwork. It is time to make a change and I won't be shocked to see Laurent Duvernay-Tardif take over sooner rather than later on this Jets offensive line.

7. Players Who Impressed - DE/EDGE Shaq Lawson

Shaq Lawson has been a great late addition by the Jets. Ever since GM Joe Douglas traded a late-round pick to the Houston Texans he has provided a ton of value for the Jets. He once again was one of the bright spots on this brutal defensive performance. He had a big impact providing pressure to the quarterback making a sack and 2 times providing pressure to the quarterback. I even saw him get double teamed by the Bills offensive line. Lawson has been fantastic and hopefully, he continues to improve for the Jets defense.

8. Player Who Disappointed - DL John Franklin-Myers

Not even 5 weeks after the Jets resigned Franklin-Myers and he is already making me regret the Jets signing him. I still have hope he will wake up from his slump but man he has done nothing at all to be an impact on this Jets defense since signing that contract. Once again he did nothing and has showcased the cons that followed John Franklin-Myers during his time with the Jets. he has lacked a ton of awareness as he missed key tackles all game. He has been a liability for the Jets this season and hopefully, he will wake up from this slump.

9. Players Who Impressed - S Jarrod Wilson

I want to start by saying Jarrod Wilson was brutal in coverage throughout this game. But he did a great job as a pass rusher as he provided pressure to them three times and made a sack. Wilson was another bright spot on this defense which was great. Wilson was awful in coverage but has the ability to be a great tackler and pass rusher. If he could clean up his coverage skills the Jets could have something in Jarrod Wilson.

10. Player Who Disappointed - The Entire Secondary excluding Jarrod Wilson

Oh dear, again the secondary continues to prove that they are the weakness on this entire football team. This Jets team has surrendered a ton of points throughout the entire season. Excluding Michael Carter (who was meh in this game) and Bryce Hall (Who had a down game) the Jets secondary is a mess. If I was to choose a cornerback who was the worst in this game I would have to choose between Javelin Guidry or Brandon Echols. Both got exposed when they were in coverage with Stefon Diggs. Ashtyn Davis as always is a liability in the Jets secondary. Davis lacks awareness and has been poor with his footwork. The only thing Davis does well is tackle well. He is a liability in the secondary and I contemplated making a dishonorable mention but the entire secondary was bad. The Jets need to upgrade it during the offseason.


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