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New York Jets Week 12: 5 Players Who Impressed And Disappointed

(Image credit Thomas Shea/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


I have to admit I had little confidence that the Jets would win this game. Heck, I had the Texans as a top 5 survivor pick choice for this week. But who could blame me as this was a big Tank game for both teams in the tiebreaker to get a higher draft pick in the 2022 NFL Draft? Tyrod Taylor has always looked excellent against the New York Jets during his time with the Buffalo Bills. The goal of a tank game is to lose in order to gain more draft capital. In this game, the New York Jets won 21-14 against the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. But there were players on the New York Jets that both impressed and disappointed me in this game. In this article, I will go through them.

1. Players Who Impressed - The Running Back core (Tevin Coleman, Ty Johnson, and Austin Walters)

I thought without rookie running back Michael Carter that the running backs would struggle in this game against the Texans. Then again the Texans defense has been bad but the running game was very good in this game. Coleman had the most carries and had 67 rushing yards. Ty Johnson while struggling also impressed me with a 24 yard long gain. Austin Walters, who we have not heard of since the preseason, impressed me as a red zone threat scoring a rushing touchdown. The running game did a fantastic job in this game.

2. Player Who Disappointed - QB Zach Wilson

I love the pick originally as Zach Wilson was excellent in college with BYU. Games like this make me concerned about the long term. Yes, Wilson did score a rushing touchdown but he was brutal all game when throwing the football. He had one of the worst interceptions I think I have ever seen where Wilson could have run for the first down in the first quarter. What Zach Wilson did was make a bad decision throwing the football where he basically played dodgeball when he threw that ball to Ty Johnson back which resulted in an interception. It was a brutal play that he made. Wilson was very inaccurate as well in this game. Now maybe Wilson is a bit rusty but hopefully, he will improve with time and will play better but I am already getting concerned with Zach Wilson. I hope he is the guy but I think the Moment Mike White had that amazing game against the Cincinnati Bengals might have mentally destroyed Zach Wilson. I am not losing faith in Zach Wilson as this is his rookie year but I am getting concerned. I need a performance like he was against the Tennessee Titans for me to have more confidence in this game.

3. Player Who Impressed - DE/EDGE John Franklin-Myers

I was worried that the Jets made a tremendous mistake resigning John Franklin-Meyers to a 4-year extension worth a 55 million dollar contract (30.2 million is guaranteed). But it seems like he woke up as Franklin-Myers was excellent in this game. When I saw him have that 32-yard interception in the first quarter I was jumping for excitement and played Cam Newton yelling I'm back when he returned to Carolina. Franklin-Meyers also had two sacks and 2 QB hits. He was a tremendous pass rusher in this game and I am glad he showcased this. Hopefully, he continues to play this way through the rest of the season.

4. Player Who Disappointed - TE Ryan Griffin

Roses are red, Violets are blue, the TE core for the Jets struggled again too. Yes, Griffin has had 3 catches for 20 yards but once again Griffin is supposed to be a strong blocking Tight End Right. Well in this game he was awful as a blocker. He many times continues to have a habit of missing key blocks and it resulted in Zach Wilson getting pressured. The o-line was up and down but got a lot better later in the game. Who did not do well? Ryan Griffin. The Jets are never going to find a long-term option at tight end. This team has not had one since Mickey Shuler in the ’80s.

5. Player Who Impressed - DE/EDGE Ronald Blair

In my family, there is a phrase that we go by and that is “Connections are excellent but it is hard work that gives you the benefits long term to solidify and grow those connections. This to me describes Ronald Blair as fans have been well aware of his connection from head coach Robert Saleh during their time with the San Francisco 49ers. This game against the Houston Texans showcases the level of hard work that has solidified and grown that connection between the coach and the player. Saleh took a chance on Blair after they left the San Francisco 49ers and this game proved that Saleh made the right choice sticking with Blair when he was on his recovery from a knee injury. Blair showed the hard work pays off as he was excellent as a pass rusher and a run stopper in this game. I like what I saw from Blair in this matchup and I hope he continues next week against the Eagles.

6. Player Who Disappointed - LB Jarrad Davis

You know a free agent signing that has not worked out at all for the Jets, LB Jarrad Davis. Thank goodness Davis’s contract was only for one year. Davis was injury-prone for the beginning of the season and has a big chance to show he belongs after this year's experimental players Jamien Sherwood and Hamsah Nasirildeen were both injured. He has failed to live up to expectations and continues to show the issues he has had during his time with the Detroit Lions. Davis needs to finish strong if he wants to get a third NFL Contract in the NFL.

7. Players Who Impressed - The Williams Brothers (LB Quincy and DT Quinnen)

I have decided to group the Williams Brothers together from now on as both have been excellent during their time with the New York Jets. I want to start with Quinnen Williams as he has been a fantastic player and has shown growth through his years with the New York Jets. He absolutely needs a contract extension as he has had an impact as a pass rusher and run stopper. He had a big sack and QB pressure in this game and brought pressure to QB Tyrod Taylor. I also wanna again thank Quinnen for convincing the coaching staff to sign his brother Quincy. Quincy has been excellent at Linebacker and has been a great player to put with CJ Mosley when he is on the field. It is time to give Quincy the full-time starting role and bench Jarrad Davis. What were the Jaguars thinking about giving up on Quincy Williams that quickly? There loss the Jets gain.

8. Player Who Disappointed - CB Jason Pinnock

Not a good performance at all for Jason Pinnock. He was not good at all in this game and was brutal in coverage. He was poor in awareness and was the main contributor to why Brevin Jordan scored that touchdown at the beginning of the game. I don't think he mentally recovered after that touchdown as he was falling down all game. Hopefully, Pinnock can be better in future performances because this was not a strong game by him.

9. Player Who Impressed - CB Javelin Guidry

The secondary was not that good in this game but the one player that impressed me was Javelin Guidry. He was a shutdown corner in this game as I don't even think he allowed a catch in this game. Guidry also had a few pass deflections in this game as well which were huge in certain parts of the game. Guidry was solid making tackles as well. If Guidry can be a little more consistent this season then he could be a player for the future in this secondary.

10. Player Who Disappointed - K Matt Ammendola

The clock is ticking for Matt Ammendola as he has once again struggled to make kicks in this game. He may have made two field goals but they were under 35 yards. But he completely missed a 42-yard kick. I have even done the research and he has been awful kicking 40-59 yard field goals. According to ESPN, he is now 2-7 when making those kicks. It is not good with Ammendola and the revolving door at kicker will continue for the Jets.


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