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New York Jets Week 13: 5 Players Who Impressed and Disappointed

(Image credit Brad Penner/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

The streak now continues at 20-0 as the Philadelphia Eagles once again defeated the New York Jets 33-18 in Metlife Stadium. This one to me is a bittersweet victory as I was always a fan of Gardner Minshew during his days with the Jacksonville Jaguars as the Jaguars were my favorite team. He was just so awesome especially with the Uncle Rico comparisons that my family made of him while we watched Jaguar games. Hurts did not play due to his ankle injury that was a lot worse than I thought but the Eagles pulled it off. One thing was clear: this team did not prepare for Gardner Minshew. It showed tonight and I got to say even though this defense is not talented defensive coordinator Jeff Umbrich has not been good this season. Also, wasn’t Robert Saleh a defensive-minded head coach? I can’t leave him out of this too as he has part of the blame as well. But there were players on the New York Jets that both impressed and disappointed me in this game. In this article, I will go through them.

1. Player Who Impressed - QB Zach Wilson

Definitely a better performance for Zach Wilson in this game. Wilson had 226 passing yards, two touchdowns, and 1 interception. He got off to a hot start making great throws and he even had a rushing touchdown in this game. Wilson wasn’t the best in the second half but did enough to try and bring the Jets back. Strong day for Wilson and hopefully he continues to finish the season strong.

2. Player Who Disappointed - WR Denzel Mims

It is not looking good for Denzel Mims in the long term. In fact, I won't be shocked if the New York Jets decided to part ways with Mims. I got to say his route running is getting sloppier and sloppier every game that passes. Mims may need a change of scenery because he has not been utilized well at all during his tenure with the New York Jets.

3. Player Who Impressed - WR Elijah Moore

GM Joe Douglas did something many other executives could not do in this franchise. Hit a home run by selecting a good wide receiver in the 2nd round. Elijah Moore is a fantastic player and has been one of the most impressive players this season. I was getting concerned as Moore did not do much in the first half of the season but Elijah Moore showed many teams why it was a mistake passing on him in the 1st round of the draft. Moore in this game had 6 catches for 77 yards and a touchdown in this game.

4. Player Who Disappointed - OL Alijah Vera-Tucker

Not a good performance for Vera-Tucker in this game. The Eagles run defense is one of the best in the league and he had to deal with Javon Hargrave the entire game. Vera-Tucker struggled as well as a pass blocker and let a few players through to pressure QB Zach Wilson. This was a learning experience for Vera-Tucker who has been another great selection by Jets GM Joe Douglas during the 2021 NFL Draft.

5. Player Who Impressed - WR/KR Braxton Berrios

Braxton Berrios may be terrible and inconsistent on offense but my goodness he is an excellent special teams player. I was once again impressed with his play on special teams. Especially the 79-yard kick return that he made my goodness Berrios has been fantastic on special teams. He was one of the little bright spots during the Adam Gase era. Hopefully, he continues to play this well on special teams for more games to come.

6. Player Who Disappointed - CB Javelin Guidry

If there is one word I can describe Javelin Guidry it would be inconsistent. Guidry would have moments of brilliance in one game yet in games like this one Guidry can be a liability. Guidry was awful in coverage and was poor with his footwork. If Guidry wants to be a part of the team in the long run he has to be more consistent when he plays.

7. Player Who Impressed - The Williams Brothers (LB Quincy and DT Quinnen)

Both the Williams brothers performed well in this game. Quinnen was not the best as he had 6 tackles but was often double blocked. Quincy continues again to show that he is the answer to the Jets linebacker issues excluding CJ Mosley. Quincy had 13 tackles in this game. Quincy does need a bit of work with his coverage but man Quincy is so impressive with his foot quickness and awareness. The Jets absolutely must sign him and not make the same mistake that the Jacksonville Jaguars did. Quincy for now is too valuable to leave in free agency. Again I thank Quinnen for telling the coaching staff to bring his brother to the Jets as it has paid off.

8. Player Who Disappointed - S Ashtyn Davis

Ashtyn Davis is just getting worse and worse. He is an absolute liability in coverage with his footwork, awareness, hip movement, and play recognition. He even missed many tackles on TE Dallas Goedert in this game. One miss resulted in a touchdown being scored after Davis whiffed and missed an easy tackle. I just want to remind everyone that the Jets and Joe Douglas wasted a 3rd round pick that the Jets got in the Leonard Williams deal on Ashtyn Davis.

9. Player Who Impressed - CB Bryce Hall

Out of everyone in the secondary Bryce Hall was the best. He was solid in coverage and I think he only allowed a single catch to go by when the ball was thrown in his coverage. Hall also had a couple of pass deflections in this game as well. Hall is also a great tackler as he had 6 strong tackles in this game. A better performance for Bryce Hall in this game and hopefully he keeps this momentum up.

10. Player Who Disappointed - K Alex Kessman

Matt Ammendola was cut which was an unsurprising move by the Jets due to his recent struggles this season. So the revolving door of kickers and the next kicker up is Alex Kessman. Kessman was kicking for the University of Pittsburgh and was a part of the Chargers as he went undrafted. The Jets signed him to the practice squad and now he gets the opportunity of a lifetime as the Kicker for the Jets. While watching this game his performance made me wish the Jets kept Matt Ammendola at Kicker. My Goodness was terrible as he missed two extra-point kicks in this game and his posture was not good. His performance was so bad that the coaching staff lost confidence in him and just went for two instead of kicking an extra point. The Jets absolutely need to get a kicker during the offseason and to be honest I doubt Kessman Kicks next week. I just wish the Jets had just Franchise Tagged or Even Transitioned Tagged K Jason Meyers when he was with us for one year but blame Mike Maccaggnan for that.



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