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New York Jets Week 14: Players Who Impressed and Disappointed

(Image credit Robert Deutsch/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

The Jets have been having an extremely disappointing season. They had an opportunity to impress against a beaten-up New Orleans Saints team and my goodness they were disappointing. I really thought this team was going to upset the Saints and I labeled this game as a trap game via survivor. By the way, the Jets are now eliminated from the playoffs now (I will release an article explaining three reasons why they were eliminated soon). I got to say This season has been another step back. I really thought nothing could beat last year but boy did the Jets continue to prove me wrong. It's inexcusable that the Jets look so bad, especially this defense. Let me say something about Robert Saleh as this is supposed to be a defensive-minded coach Right. After what I have seen this season I have not been impressed. The worst part is the lack of discipline and penalties from this team. That is all coaching and I doubt Jeff Ulbrich is the defensive coordinator for the Jets next season. He has been terrible all season and I won't be shocked if he is gone. Now I am not giving up on Saleh completely and will get another year to prove himself but as of now, he is not on the right track. The New York Jets Lost this game against the New Orleans Saints 30-9 in Metlife Stadium. There were 5 players that impressed me and others that disappointed me in this game and I will list them in this article.

1. Player Who Impressed - WR/KR Braxton Berrios

I will own up to what I said earlier that Berrios was terrible on offense. But man did he look excellent in this game against the Saints as he had 6 catches for 52 yards. Someone had to step up with both Elijah Moore and Corey Davis out due to their respective injuries. I thought Jamison Crowder and Denzel Mims (We Will Get To Him) would be the ones to step up but it was Berrios. Even on special teams, Berrios was fantastic as well. I would not complain if the Jets decided to offer a second contract to Berrios as he earned it.

2. Player Who Disappointed - QB Zach Wilson

Games like this make me worry about the selection of Zach Wilson. It is not that he was terrible because he was up and down. Wilson made some absolutely horrendous throws in this game which made me shake my head. He was highly inaccurate in this game and completed 19/42 of his throws which is at around 45.2%. Wilson is going to need to show consistency and finish strong to show that he was worth the 2nd overall selection during the 2021 NFL Draft.

3. Player Who Impressed - DT Folorunso Fatukasi

The hidden gem on the New York Jets offensive line continues to impress me every game I see. He once again showcases his ability as a run stopper making impressive tackles and even showcasing his ability to provide pressure to the quarterback. The New York Jets and GM Joe Douglas would be fools if they chose to not re-sign Fatukasi to a 2nd contract.

4. Players Who Disappointed - RB Ty Johnson and La’Mical Perine

Yikes, not a good performance by the running game for the Jets. First off I want to start with Ty Johnson and my goodness he was horrendous in the first quarter. Especially with the number of drops that he has had in the 1st quarter. La’Mical Perine finally was utilized and once again showed why he was another wasted pick made by Joe Douglas during the 2020 NFL Draft. I hope Michael Carter is healthy again because he is the best running back on this team clearly.

5. Player Who Impressed - LB CJ Mosley

CJ Mosley was a tackling machine in this game. He had 17 total tackles in this game and he is a player that has excellent tackling skills. He also showcased how strong his instincts and awareness was while making his tackles. Mosley definitely got better when he was in coverage as he stuck by his target. Definitely got a lot better in this game and hopefully, he keeps this up in the final games of the season.

6. Player Who Disappointed - WR Denzel Mims

Mims is turning into the Chris Herndon of the Robert Saleh era. He is always surrounded by hype and the phrase “If he is ever healthy, he is a weapon’’ Well he has been healthy, and well he stinks. Another similarity with Mims and Herndon is the mental state of both players is not there. Denzel Mims looks like he doesn’t have the passion or the hunger to play football anymore. It is not looking good long-term for Mims and could be added to the long list of failed 2nd round draft picks this franchise made on receivers that stink. I was a big fan of Mims and I thought he was going to be excellent in the NFL.

7. Player Who Impressed - CB Bryce Hall

Hall once again impressed and shows that he is one of the best parts of the Jets secondary. I don't even think he let a single catch happen when he was covering offensive players. He has strong awareness and utilizes his hips very well in this game. Bryce Hall will be a part of the Jets secondary for years to come if he keeps this up.

8. Player Who Disappointed - LB Jarrad Davis

Not a good performance for Davis as he struggled in coverage and was terrible with his tackles. Davis once again lacked a ton of awareness in this game. Luckily Davis signed a 1 year prove-it deal for the Jets and he was worth a gamble for the team to bring him in at the time. Unfortunately, it is not working out and I won't be surprised if the Jets choose to not re-sign him.

9. Player Who Impressed - K Eddy Pinero

It feels weird to say that the Jets may finally have a competent kicker during the 2021 NFL Season for the Jets. He scored the only points in this game as he had three field goals including a 46-yard field goal. Pinero had the confidence and great posture for a kicker. Hopefully, he keeps this up and potentially obtains a job for next season for the Jets.

10. Player Who Disappointed - S Ashtyn Davis

What another poor performance by Ashtyn Davis. I am honestly not shocked as he once again was a liability on coverage. What also disappointed me is how many poor tackles he made in this game. He missed multiple tackles on Taysom Hill including in one of his touchdowns in this game. Alvin Kamara and even Tony Jones ran over him in this game. I want to remind you that the Jets wasted a third-round pick in the Leonard Williams trade on Ashtyn Davis.


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