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New York Jets Week 15: 5 Players Who Impressed and Disappointed

(Image credit Sam Navarro/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Normally, I would start by discussing certain points of the game and mention the performance and coaching of the team as a whole. But I decided this week that I will not do that. Instead, I have decided to start this article by talking about the scary injury that involved S Elijah Riley.

A little background on Elijah Riley as he went Undrafted during the 2020 NFL Draft and spent time with the Philadelphia Eagles during his rookie season. Riley was eventually a part of the final cut day during this preseason and it resulted in him being a part of the Eagles Practice Squad. The Jets decided to give him a try and signed him to a contract.

Riley was hyped as a player to watch after Marcus Maye suffered his season-ending injury and I always have caution but excitement to see what he can bring to the table. He showed flashes this season that he could be something in moments this season.

Unfortunately in this game, Elijah Riley would suffer a scary injury as he collided with fellow teammate DT Kyle Philips when he was trying to make a tackle. Riley laid and was motionless for a little bit. While he was being placed on the stretcher he was moving his arms letting the fans and those watching that he was ok. It was a scary sight to see while watching the game.

My Thoughts and Prayers are with Elijah Riley and I hope for a speedy recovery.

In this article, I will go into the 5 players that impressed and disappointed me in this 31-24 loss against the Miami Dolphins.

1. Player Who Impressed - WR ​​Jamison Crowder

Crowder was excellent in this game. He was smooth with his footwork all game and even made multiple broken tackles in this game. He unsurprisingly had the most targets and had 5 catches for 40 yards. Crowder continues to show that he has plenty left in the tank but I wonder if this season will save his position with the Jets for the long term.

2. Player Who Disappointed - QB Zach Wilson

Wilson was not awful in this game but again he continues to make me feel concerned about him for the long term. He had 170 passing yards and 12 rushing yards. Wilson did run for a touchdown which showed me that Wilson can run. I wonder why there are no RPO’s for Wilson? I had this same question when Sam Darnold was the quarterback. Wilson needs to finish strong and impress during the final games of the season.

3. Player Who Impressed - DT Sheldon Rankins

Rankins has been an underrated depth/rotational piece on this defense. Rankins was a force to be reckoned with as he had a sack in this game and many times pressured the QB. Rankins even recovered a fumble in this game as well. Rankins has definitely impressed me with how smooth his footwork is when he is playing.

4. Player Who Disappointed - WR Denzel Mims

Another week and another disappointing performance by Denzel Mims. He is turning into the Chris Herndon of the Robert Saleh Era. Especially with the hype that surrounded Mims as a player on “If he is ever healthy he is a dangerous weapon’’. Well, he is healthy, and well he stinks. I honestly won't be shocked if the Jets just cut ties with Mims next season.

5. Player Who Impressed - CB Bryce Hall

The most consistent player in this secondary once again impresses. He once again was a force to be reckoned with in coverage and I don't think he allowed more than 2 catches in this game. Hall had a ton of pass deflections as well which impressed me. Hall is the best player on this secondary and should be a big part of the Jets future.

6. Player Who Disappointed - OL Conor McDermott

The offensive line was not good in this game. Out of the 5 that started McDermott was the one that disappointed me. He was not good as a run and pass blocker at all. His footwork was a mess and did not have a strong posture at all. McDermott was definitely rusty and hopefully, he gets better by finishing strong.

7. Player Who Impressed - CB Brandon Echols

Definitely Brandon Echols best game of the season. He was fantastic all game in coverage and I can’t remember if he let a catch go through with his coverage. He even had an awesome pick 6 in this game as well which gave the team a bolt in the 4th quarter. Echols has been an underrated player and hopefully, he is more durable.

8. Player Who Disappointed - DT Quinnen Williams

Not a good performance for Quinnen Williams. He was often getting dominated all game by Dolphins offensive lineman and only recorded one single tackle. It looked to me that Quinnen Williams shoulder injury was a lot worse than they originally thought as he entered the game with the Injury. Quinnen was taken out of this game as a result. Hopefully, he recovers quickly but I won't be shocked if he does not play the rest of the season.

9. Player Who Impressed - S Ashtyn Davis

Finally, Ashtyn Davis had a consistently good performance this season. He looked competent while in coverage. Davis even intercepted a ball and it led to the Jets kicking a field goal, raising the lead 10-0.

10. Player Who Disappointed - LB Del’Shawn Phillips

Yikes, Del’Shawn did not have a good performance at all in this game. He was awful in coverage and lacked awareness when making tackles. Heck, he missed two big tackles he could have made when Dolphins running back Duke Johnson scored his touchdowns. Philips is going to need a strong finish to secure a position on the Jets next season.



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