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New York Jets Week 2 Preseason (2022): Who Impressed and Disappointed

Image Credit: (Ed Mulholland/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Well now this game was definitely better. Why? Well none of our star players got injured in this game which is always a plus. But I got to say watching this game was entertaining and I enjoyed watching it. I think that it was a smart move to rest some of the starters in this game due to how bad the weather is and there is no need to have them out there. No need to grow the injury report. But, I really have to ask this coaching staff one question. What happened to utilizing the running game? I swear the Jets may have only ran the ball a few times with the running backs and I legit could not believe it. Especially when Perine scored that rushing touchdown, I thought the Jets were going to expose the run defense, but it never came to be. By the way, that touchdown carry by Perine was legit his only carry of the second half of this game. But overall it was a well fought victory for the Jets as they defeated the Atlanta Falcons 24-16. As always I am going to run down a list of players that impressed and disappointed me.

1. Who Impressed - QB Chris Streveler

Out of the two QBs that played for the Jets vs the Falcons, Streveler once again performed very well. He completed 8 of his 11 throws for 119 yards, a passing touchdown, and an interception. Streveler also had 33 rushing yards as well. He showed a ton of great moments in this game that could get him a roster or practice squad spot. Now while he did impress me a lot in this game he threw a terrible interception. Now as much as Denzel Mims has disappointed me for a bit, that pick was not his fault as Streveler underthrew it in double coverage.

2. Who Disappointed - QB Mike White

Now Mike White was not completely horrendous in this game, but for the amount of snaps he had he was definitely a disappointment. He finished the game completing 12 of his 17 passes, for 90 yards. He made some throws that were sold, but he missed easy passes that could have led to more opportunities for the Jets offense. He must impress against the Giants or else he will be looking to get on another roster.

3. Who Impressed - TE Lawrence Cager

I got to say this experiment has been a success as of now because Cager has performed very well switching from wide receiver to tight end. Cager in this game had three catches for 65 yards along with an impressive 34 yard touchdown. As a blocker as well Cager did a solid job. I honestly would not mind if the Jets keep 4 tight ends on the roster as if the Jets cut Cager, he is absolutely going to get picked up by another team.

4. Who Disappointed - The Entire Run Game (Excluding the Perine TD)

You knew this had to make the disappointed list if you read the 1st paragraph. So I will keep this light, excluding the TD run by Perine, none of the running backs did anything. I am shocked the Jets did not utilize the running game and they better improve that for their next game.

5. Who Impressed - DT Jonathan Marshall

Marshall performed pretty well for the Jets. He had 4 tackles in this game and sacked the QB. He was a handful for the Falcons offensive line and they had to double block him on certain plays. He even at points provided pressure to the quarterback. Overall Marshall is getting better, but with how crowded the defensive tackle core is, he needs to keep this up against the Giants to make the roster.

6. Who Disappointed - FB/TE Trevon Wesco

It is not looking like Wesco will be making the roster. He has yet again continued to struggle or have an impact on offense. He did not do well as a pass/run blocker either. Nick Bawden did not do that great either at fullback, but he was more consistent. He needs to stand out in the next preseason game against the New York Giants.

7. Who Impressed - DE/EDGE Bradlee Anae

You didn't think I would have left Bradlee Anae out of this list did you? Well no because Anae did an excellent job when he made the play of the game. Anae sacked Falcons QB Felipe Franks which resulted in him fumbling the ball, Anae recovered and he scored a touchdown as a result. That play pretty much ended the game and watching it on my tv got me very excited. Well done.

8. Who Disappointed - OT Isaiah Williams

The entire offensive line performance was very sloppy. The one that stood out to me for being the most sloppy was Isaiah Williams. This performance was not a great one as he constantly got dominated in this game and was a liability as a run blocker. This is not a great look for Williams.

UPDATE: As I was writing this article news came out that Isaiah Williams has been cut from the New York Jets roster.

9. Who Impressed - S Will Parks

Will Parks has been flying under the radar as a sneakily good player the past few weeks. He did not wow me as much as others in the Eagles game, but in this matchup against the Falcons. First off, go back and watch that hit where he laid out WR Cameron Batson. First off kudos to Cameron Batson as he actually held onto the catch and got up quickly after that hit. Next, that hit was picture perfect and it reminded me of Madden video games. No, not the new ones as those games are garbage, but the older ones where the game was actually fun and the hits actually looked good. But Parks was solid in coverage as well as the Falcons did not throw in his direction of coverage at all. Overall great performance by Parks.

10. Who Disappointed - CB Bryce Hall

Yikes. This was not a great performance at all for Bryce Hall in this game. Probably up there in one of his worst games in his career if you want to include the preseason. He was getting exposed in this game by Atlanta’s offense as they kept targeting whoever he was covering. Hall allowed 4 catches for 90 yards and even allowed a touchdown. One thing that is telling is the fact that he was playing this game when the starters were resting. I still think he will be a lock for the roster, but I am not as confident as I was in the beginning of the preseason. Hopefully this was an off night for Bryce Hall.


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