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New York Jets Week 9: 5 Players who Impressed and Disappointed

(Image credit Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

The New York Jets lost to the Indianapolis Colts in Lucas Oil Stadium 45-30. I was not surprised that the Jets lost this game. I knew this game was over the moment Mike White suffered a forearm injury. That was the moment I knew the New York Jets were doomed. This team looked like they did not practice this week and were awful mainly on defense. At least they were starting to come back later in this game so this was not completely embarrassing. I got to be honest I have hope for Robert Saleh and I think with time he will be a better coach. But man Robert Saleh has been a disappointing hiring so far. In this game, there were 5 players that impressed me and 5 players that disappointed me and I will list them in this article.

1. Players Who Impressed - QB Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson played well in this game as he had 317 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, and an interception. He made some great throws in this game and he showed that he still has it to be a good QB in this league. Again I ask was it necessary to trade for Joe Flacco as Josh Johnson was a solid veteran presence in the locker room. On a side note, I have to ask a few more questions. Why was Joe Flacco inactive in this game? Why wasn’t he ready to play for this game? Did the Jets trade for him to essentially be a coach on the sideline for the team? I have no idea. By the way, Joe Flacco looks like he does not want to be here during the Colts game on the sidelines. Here is the kicker though, this game and last week proved that the New York ​​Jets had two competent backups on their roster and this New York Jets organization was willingly trading a draft pick for Joe Flacco.

2. Player Who Disappointed - WR Denzel Mims

The more games that pass, the lower confidence I have in Denzel Mims being a part of the New York Jets long-term. He was targeted multiple times in this game and it only amounted to 1 catch for 20 yards. Mims had some brutal drops as well in this game which is never good especially with receivers. You can have all the tools needed to be a good wide receiver in the league but you have to catch the football. No wonder why Denzel Mims was inactive earlier in the season.

3. Players Who Impressed - WR Elijah Moore

This was a great game for Elijah Moore. Moore had 7 catches for 84 receiving yards and had 2 touchdowns. This was Moore’s best game and I was smiling with every catch he made this game. He is getting better and better in this game but we have to keep in mind that the Colts secondary is not that good and are injured right now. If he keeps this up then the Jets may have something with 2nd round rookie Elijah Moore.

4. Player Who Disappointed - OL Connor McGovern

The offensive line did their job most of the game but Connor McGovern who usually has a solid game was the weak link on the o-line this week. He often got dominated by DeForest Buckner and missed a ton of blocks in this game. According to PFF, he had allowed 5 pressures to the QB which led the o-line this week. It was not McGovern night and hopefully, he will rebound next week against the Buffalo Bills.

5. Players Who Impressed - TE core (Ryan Griffin and Tyler Kroft)

Roses are Red, Violets are blue and the tight end core was actually productive wait what. No seriously, Griffin and Kroft were actually solid in this game. Ryan Griffin while he had a few drops but he was a red-zone presence in this game and scored a touchdown in this game. Kroft was solid in the snaps he took in this game. He had an impressive 26-yard grab in this game. I just wish that Tyler Kroft can stay healthy as he left the game with an injury. He has the talent but he is always getting hurt. Let's be real though I still don't think the long-term answer at Tight End is on this team right now.

6. Player Who Disappointed - The Entire Defensive line (excluding Franklin-Myers)

I really thought this was the strength of the defense but they proved me wrong in this game. They were horrible in his game, especially in the run game. Jonathan Taylor and the Colts really have something in him rushed for 172 yards and 2 touchdowns. He was unstoppable in this game and they had no answers stopping him. Even Nyheim Hines looked impressive having 74 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown. These holes these running backs hit were open too might I add. This defensive line had no answer at all when stopping the run game and they better get their act together soon. There is at least one player that was solid on the defensive line in this game.

7. Players Who Impressed - DL John Franklin-Myers

When he signed that 4 year extension weeks ago he has since disappeared from the Jets and has made no impact on this defense. He was not awful in this game but he showed up to play unlike the rest of the defensive line. He provided a ton of pressure in this game and even had a sack. Hopefully, Franklin-Myers can continue to produce and not disappear as he did for the past few weeks.

8. Player Who Disappointed - LB Jarrad Davis

Yikes, Davis was not good in this game. He was poor in coverage all game and continued to lack awareness as well when he was trying to make tackles. Especially as Johnathan Taylor ran all over him in multiple games. He continued to show the reasons why the Lions decided to move on from him during free agency.

9. Players Who Impressed - LB Quincy Williams

Say what you want about Quincy Williams in coverage and he needs to be developed more on hit but this guy is a hard hitter. He made 4 tackles and all of them were solo tackles and they were very hard hits made by him. The best hit by him in this game was when he leveled Isaiah Rodgers on special teams at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. If the Jets can develop his coverage skills then the Jets may have a player in Quincy Williams for the future.

10. Player Who Disappointed - The Entire Secondary

Oh, dear, where to begin with the secondary as there is not one player at all that impressed me on the secondary. The cornerbacks were awful in this game and would have surrendered more passing yards if Colts receiver Zach Pascal could catch a football more than he did. Keep in mind that the Colts receivers except for Michael Pittman are awful. Bryce Hall was brutal in this game and got exposed. The rest of the cornerback crew made rookie mistakes as well.

To make it worse for the secondary including the safeties Marcus Maye suffered an Achilles injury and who knows if he will be back this season which I doubt because when you hear someone hurt their Achilles most of the time it is going to be long term. To be honest, Maye was awful in this game as well. Now with safety Ashtyn Davis, they should cut him. I mean he should be cut tomorrow he stinks he doesn't want to play as a safety anymore. He is good at tackling but he is a liability when in coverage. He is not getting better and looks like he is falling down. He is awful. He should be cut and get him out of here. He was such a value pick when made in the draft right oh great. He’s horrible. The Jets absolutely need to upgrade the safety position when Maye leaves for free agency and Ashtyn Davis is awful.

UPDATE: Marcus Maye Suffered a Torn Achilles and is done for the rest of the Regular Season. This absolutely sucks and I wish GM Joe Douglas traded him at the deadline. It is clear that the Jets don’t want to sign him long-term. Look at the way he has played the last few weeks. It was clear he wanted out and I doubt that he will be back for the Jets Next Season.


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