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NFL Post Draft Power Rankings

Written By: Jack bourgeois @Blitzalytics

Finally, the NFL Draft has concluded, a majority of the league’s top free agents have been signed, and 32 rosters have taken shape. Every team has their flaws, some more than others, but many have improved their stock since the end of last year. The Cleveland Browns have been the talk of the offseason with all of the moves they’ve been making. The Eagles and Patriots continue to quietly add productive pieces to their Super Bowl caliber rosters. And let’s not forget what the Rams did this offseason bringing in Pro Bowlers Ndamukong Suh, Aqib Talib, and Marcus Peters, as well as stud wideout Brandin Cooks. What can you do? The rich keep getting richer!

We can’t forget the players that’ll be coming back from injury either. With a healthy Aaron Rodgers itching to get back to the top of the NFC North, will the Packers be able to dethrone the Minnesota Vikings and their new 84 million dollar QB Kirk Cousins? How about the Texans and their army of elite players coming off of IR — can they stay on the field long enough to be able to live up to the team’s potential?

After an action-packed offseason, 2018 will feature so many unknowns that attempting to calculate every variable in order to determine who’s better than who will make your brain hurt. Nobody knew the Nick Foles would lead Philly to a Super Bowl Championship, and nobody knows when father time will catch up to Tom Brady. That’s what makes football so great — anything’s possible, and everything’s on the table. The Browns (on paper) could actually go from 0–16 to the playoffs. Of course, it’s yet to be seen, but it’s more believable that Case Keenum, Nick Foles, and Blake Bortles being three of the last four quarterbacks standing only a few months ago.

Blitzalytics is a collective group of independent scouts and analysts who all share the same love for the game. Our NFL Power Rankings are a consensus order from best to worst brought to you by our company’s top football minds.


1. Philadelphia Eagles

2. New England Patriot

3. Minnesota Vikings

4. New Orleans Saints

5. Los Angeles Rams

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

8. Carolina Panthers

9. Atlanta Falcons

10. Los Angeles Chargers

11. Green Bay Packers

12. Dallas Cowboys

13. Seattle Seahawks

14. Tennessee Titans

15. Kansas City Chiefs

16. Detroit Lions

17. Oakland Raiders

18. Baltimore Ravens

19. Houston Texans

20. San Francisco 49ers

21. Buffalo Bills

22. Washington Redskins

23. Denver Broncos

24. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

25. Arizona Cardinals

26 Cincinnati Bengals

27 Miami Dolphins

28. Chicago Bears

29. New York Giants

30. New York Jets

31. Indianapolis Colts

32. Cleveland Browns

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