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NFL Spread Picks Conference Championship (2022 Playoffs)

Image Credit: (Mark Konezny/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Well we are here, it is playoff time and I have yet again decided to make my spread picks for the entire playoffs. Next up is the the Conference Championship games. Before we do that below is my spread pick record.

Spread Picks Record Week 1 (8-8) Week 2 (9-7) Week 3 (9-6-1) Week 4 (6-8-2) Week 5 (4-11-1) Week 6 (8-6) Week 7 (9-5) Week 8 (7-8) Week 9 (7-5-1) Week 10 (7-7) Week 11 (5-9) Week 12 (12-3-1) Week 13 (8-7) Week 14 (6-7) Week 15 (6-10) Week 16 (7-6-3) Week 17 (6-9) *I decided to not count the Bills vs Bengals for my record.* Week 18 (8-6) *Did not Included the NE/BUF or BAL/CIN Game* Week 19 (4-1-1) *Wildcard Round of the Playoffs* Week 20 (3-1) *Divisional Round of the Playoffs*

Total: (139-130-10)

Superlock Record (10-9) - Week 1: Baltimore Ravens, Week 2: Cleveland Browns, Week 3: Atlanta Falcons, Week 4: Houston Texans, Week 5: Philadelphia Eagles, Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars, Week 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Week 8: Tennessee Titans, Week 9: Seattle Seahawks, Week 10 Dallas Cowboys, Week 11: Washington Commanders, Week 12: San Francisco 49ers, Week 13: Houston Texans, Week 14: Miami Dolphins, Week 15: Cincinnati Bengals, Week 16: Arizona Cardinals, Week 17: Dallas Cowboys, Week 18: San Francisco 49ers, Week 19: Buffalo Bills, Week 20: San Francisco 49ers,

It was a close one, but the 49ers got the job done, won the game and covered the spread too. This is the final week of me doing superlocks, so hopefully I can get one last win this week.

Now that we have seen my record, let's get straight into the picks for the Conference Championship.

San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5)

This was the more favorable matchup to happen in the NFC as both the 49ers and Eagles are the more complete team. Remember when those reports came out of Hurts not being healthy in last week's performance against the New York Giants. After how he performed last week, those worries are pretty much over. I went back and forth here as I can’t really find a weak point for either team. Except the 49ers secondary is not great and The Eagles can easily exploit it with AJ Brown and Devonta Smith who I think both are going to have a big game. On offense, an injury to keep an eye on for the 49ers is RB Christian McCaffery as he is apparently dealing with a calf issue which is going to be a problem for that offense. Also, Since the game is in Philadelphia and they are my Superbowl pick I have to go with pick wise here.

My Pick: Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5)

Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs (-1)

Thank goodness there will not be a neutral site game as lets be real the way the scenarios were revealed confused many including myself.

For this game, All I gotta say is that the Chiefs should be freaking lucky that QB Patrick Mahomes did not break his ankle or tear his achilles. When I saw him go down the way he did I legit thought of the worst as it looked ugly.

The health of Mahomes will affect the Chiefs as there is no way he will be 100% in this game. Mahomes is hands down the best Quarterback in the NFL, but you know who I think is number two on the list, Joe Burrow.

I got to say I am really impressed with the Cincinnati Bengals last week with their performance against the Bills. I thought the injuries on the o-line was going to be a big problem with how great the Bills defense is. But the Bengals yet again impressed. The Chiefs defense is not as great as the Bills are and I think Burrow will handle them well. If I am the Bengals I would constantly run against the Chiefs, as they are terrible against the run and they struggle with pass catching running backs. I can really see both Mixon and Perine having a tremendous game.

I like the Bengals here as Mahomes is likely not 100% and the Chiefs run game is not great either. I am very excited to watch this game if I lose or not and you know what. I am superlocking the Bengals this week.

My Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (-1) *Superlock Pick of the Week*


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