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NFL Spread Picks: Week 18

(Image credit Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

I can't believe that it is Week 18 of the NFL regular season. Time has gone fast this season and soon enough it will be playoff time for the NFL. Before we take a look at my picks for week 18, as always let's take a look at my week 17 pick performance to see about how I did with my spread picks.

Week 17: Record 6-9-1 Overall record: 119-132-4

Now that we have gone through how I did in Week 17, I will now give my weekly NFL picks with spreads for week 18. The Spreads from these games were all found on Draftkings.

Saturday Football

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos (Spread +10)

This matchup is not important on paper since the Broncos have been eliminated. But in reality, it is as the Kansas City Chiefs need this win to have a shot at getting a first-round bye in obtaining the 1st seed. But they will have to play in Denver. The Broncos players are basically auditioning for jobs next season. I will take the Chiefs in this matchup.

My Pick: Kansas City Chiefs (-10)

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles (Spread +7)

Now this to me is an interesting matchup here as I think that this could potentially be a matchup that is again played in the playoffs. Both teams don’t really have much to fight for, especially the Philadelphia Eagles. I won't be shocked if the Eagles decide to rest a majority of their players for the playoffs. I will take the Cowboys in this matchup.

My Pick: Dallas Cowboys (-7)

Sunday Football (1:00 PM)

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (Spread +3)

Not going to go on long here. Do I have to ask how is this spread so low? I know the Lions are coached better with Dan Campbell than they were with Matt Patricia (Again Never should have ever been a head coach), but the Packers are just better in every single way than the Lions. So I will take the Packers in this game.

My Pick: Green Bay Packers (-3)

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars (Spread +15)

Did you know that the Indianapolis Colts have not won in Jacksonville since 2014? Ever since I saw that statistic I was just shocked and happy at the same time as the Jaguars are my second favorite team in the NFL. But I doubt it happens this week as the Jaguars could not even beat a New York Jets team that did not have their head coach and had a ton of injuries on their team. Plus QB Trevor Lawrence has been awful this season. Give me the Colts and I think that they will destroy the Jaguars in this game.

My Pick: Indianapolis Colts (-15)

Washington Football Team at New York Giants (Spread +6.5)

Playoffs are on the line for some matchups. But with others, games are valuable for other reasons like this game. Why, as it is the 18th Tank Game in the Tournament for the 1st overall pick. Two teams with one goal in mind tank for a top draft pick to help rebuild this team. Both teams are a complete mess right now but I don’t trust the Giants as they will be starting Jake From State Fromm at QB. Give me the Washington Football Team in this matchup.

My Pick: Washington Football Team (-6.5)


Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (Spread -2.5)

Nothing really to play for is what many analysts and fans say here. I disagree as it is the 19th Tank Game in the Tournament for the 1st overall pick. Two teams who have nothing to play for except for jobs next season and a higher draft pick. Oh wait, the Bears 1st round pick is New York Giants property due to the Justin Fields trade. That stinks but this is another audition game where players are performing for a job next season. Heck, even coaches are performing for jobs next season as I would be shocked if the Bears kept Matt Nagy as the head coach and I am not confident that Mike Zimmer will be the Head Coach for the Minnisota Vikings next season. I will not bet this game but I think the Bears will win this game as the Vikings look defeated.

My Pick Chicago Bears (+2.5)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens (Spread -4.5)

This is an important game for both teams as whoever loses this game is eliminated from the playoffs. The team that wins has an opportunity to make the playoffs with a little luck. Even though the Ravens are beaten up I just can’t trust the Steelers in situations like this. I will take the Ravens as I think Pittsburgh will play down to competition against the Ravens.

My Pick: Baltimore Ravens (-4.5)

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns (Spread +2.5)

There is not much to battle for except for bragging rights in the division and in the state of Ohio. I was going to say that the Bengals would be a must-bet. However, there will be no Baker Mayfield as he is going to have season-ending shoulder surgery. Honestly, it is for the best as he has had a ton of regression this season. With Baker not being at QB, this made it a harder game to pick and I will not bet it. But I will take the Cincinnati Bengals in the game.

My Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans (Spread +10.5)

Not going to go long here as I think the Titans crush the Texans here. The best thing the Texans can do is tank this game to secure a higher draft pick. So I will take the Titans for this game. Oh, and the Titans would have been my survivor pick for this week.

My Pick: Tennessee Titans (-10.5)

Sunday Football (4:25 PM)

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons (Spread +4.5)

This is a big game for the New Orleans Saints as they need a win in order to have a shot to make the playoffs. It will be difficult as they will be facing a divisional rival. I think this is a little bit too many points for the Saints being favorites due to the inconsistency at offense and defense. I think the Saints win but I will take the Falcons to cover the spread but I will pass on betting this game.

My Pick: Atlanta Falcons (+4.5)

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (Spread -17)

This is an easy game for me to pick as well. I think that this is way too many points here for me to take the Bills. I see them destroying the Jets but I don't see them completely blowing them out in this game as they will likely rest players for next week in the playoffs. But the Bills should do enough in order to win this division and get a home playoff matchup for next week.

My Pick New York Jets (+17)

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins (Spread +7)

Nothing too much to play for here. The Bills most likely take the division by beating the Jets. So the Patriots can’t take the division unless the Bills fail. The Dolphins can’t tank as their 1st round pick is Philadelphia Eagles property. I expect this to at least be a close matchup so no matter what I was going to take the points. I do see the Patriots winning this game.

My Pick: Miami Dolphins (+7)

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals (Spread -7)

Another game with not much left to fight for unless the Cardinals get the NFC West. The Seattle Seahawks may not make the play for but they can’t tank the season as there 1st round pick is New York Jets property. I think this game is going to be a close one but Arizona will win this game.

My Pick: Seattle Seahawks (+7)

San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams (Spread -4.5)

This to me is the game of the week as both teams especially need to win this game. For the 49ers they need to win in order to secure a spot in the NFL Playoffs. For the LA Rams, they need to win this game to secure the NFC West Division and potentially get the #1 Seed in the playoffs. Thus getting home-field advantage and a bye in the 1st round of the playoffs. Trey Lance has looked excellent this season and this game is a test to see how ready he is to be the full-time starter for the 49ers. I am not betting on this game but I will take the 49ers in this game.

My Pick: San Francisco 49ers (+4.5)

Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Spread -8)

This was a game I debated a lot. The Panthers stink but they have an advantage as the Buccaneers will be distracted due to the Antonio Brown Meltdown. But One thing I will say is that this is too big of a spread. I think the Buccaneers will be distracted and will be resting players for the playoffs. I will take the Panthers in this matchup and would not shock me if the Panthers upset the Buccaneers.

My Pick: Carolina Panthers (+8)

Sunday Night Football

Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders (Spread +2.5)

This is a big game for both teams. Either you win or you go home as whoever loses this game will not be playing football this season. Or they could just tie the game and both teams will be in the playoffs but as these teams are divisional rivals I doubt that happens. But I want to see the Raiders in the playoffs because of their fanbase and the players deserve it after the Dark Season that they have had this season. Now it was added that 5th round rookie CB Nate Hobbs was arrested for a DUI and who knows what will happen to him as I have heard no updates as of this article’s release. I think the raiders will be winning this game and I will take them in this game. You know what the Raiders will be my super lock for this week.

My Pick: Las Vegas Raiders (+2.5)


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