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NFL Spread Picks Week 2 (2022)

Image Credit: (Bob Donnan/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Well now that was a crazy beginning to the NFL Season. There were a lot of games that I was on the edge of my seat watching. Crazy ending results which resulted in some upsets. So we are back here yet again to make spread picks for week 2. Before we do that, let's take a look at how I did last week.

Spread Picks Record Week 1 (8-8)

Not bad as last year I went 7-8-1 in week 1 spread picks. So I already am on a better track and hopefully I keep it up.

Superlock Record (1-0) - Week 1: Baltimore Ravens

So a change for this year is that I am going to keep a record of my Superlocks each week and last week unsurprisingly I won that pick. It was free money to pick Baltimore last week.

Now that I looked back on how I did Week 1 let's get to it with my spread picks for Week 2. As a reminder the spreads of each game are on DraftKings.

Thursday Night Football Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs (Spread -4)

I really don’t know where to go with this game as both teams are dealing with injuries. For the Chargers they will play without CB J.C. Jackson and WR Keenan Allen this week for the Chargers which is a problem. I mean they did well against the Raiders, but I really don’t know about Brandon Staley as the head coach. I mean maybe later on he will make me have confidence in him, but some of the schemes and playcalling are inconsistent and they were trying to give that game to the Raiders. It looks like Harrison Butker the Chiefs kicker will not be playing this game and Matt Ammendola will be the kicker, which does not surprise me. CB Trent McDuffie was placed on IR due to his hamstring which is an issue as he was going to be the number 1 corner in Kansas City. But, with Mahomes injuring his wrist last week concerns me a bit and who knows how healthy he is. I am going to take the points with the Chargers as I think it will be close, but I am going to pass betting on this game.

My Pick: Los Angeles Chargers (+4)

UPDATE: Well looks like I am 1-0 for this week as I wrote this moments after the Chargers game began. They lost 27-24, but spread wise I won this game.

Sunday Football (1:00 pm) Miami Dolphins at Baltimore Ravens (Spread -3.5)

Last week the Miami Dolphins performed very well against the New England Patriots. A lot of people are very high on Miami as a result and it looks like Vegas is as well with this spread. Miami looked good, but it was against New England in Miami and that place is kryptonite for the Patriots. Baltimore while dominating the Jets were not that great for the first half of that game. Many will disagree, but I think this spread is fair, but the Ravens are yet again getting hurt with CB Kyler Fuller and OT Ja'Wuan James both being out for the season. On a side note you have to feel for Ja'Wuan James as he can’t catch a break with injuries. But I think this will be a closer game than what many people tink and I have Baltimore winning this game, but I will spread wise, take the points with Miami. I am going to pass betting on this game, though.

My Pick: Miami Dolphins (+3.5)

New York Jets at Cleveland Browns (Spread -6.5)

Look I have been a fan of this Jets team for many years and while last week went a bit better than what I thought as I thought Baltimore would score like 30-40 points. It is insane to me though why Joe Flacco is still starting for the Jets. The guy looked like a sculpture in the pocket and he performed terribly. My question for the Jets coaching staff is, Why is Mike White not starting this game? We never got a true answer as to why and I can’t trust this Jets team with Flacco as the QB. Also again like I said, I really don’t know about Saleh as the head coach of the Jets as I still have concerns about him. I hope I am wrong as I was happy the Jets hired him, but when Wilson gets back that to me is going to be telling about Saleh. With the troubles the offensive line for the Jets is, that defense is going to be all of Joe Flacco in this matchup. Brissett is not terrible and should perform well against the Jets. I am taking the Browns here no question, they would have been my survivor pick for this week. You know what I am making Cleveland my Superlock for this week as well.

My Pick: Cleveland Browns (-6.5) *Superlock Pick of the Week*

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants (Spread -2)

Yeesh this game. Look, the Giants performed well week 1 against the Titans and Carolina played close against the Browns, but I really am not sold on either team as of now. The only thing I am sold on is Matt Rhule being out of a job at the end of the season for Carolina. The Spread to me is fair as the Giants upsetted the Titans, however I am just going to blindly pick the better QB and that is Baker Mayfield. So the Panthers are my pick, but this game is a no bet.

My Pick: Carolina Panthers (+2)

Washington Commanders at Detroit Lions (Spread -1.5)

You know this game at one point was a Pick Em for a few days. Which is kind of crazy, but Washington performed very well last week against Jacksonville. Same could be said with Detroit, but they lost to Philadelphia. You know I really don’t know where to go with this game as this spread seems a bit fishy. I am very high on Detroit this year and I like the direction this team is going. However this has got to be said, their run defense is terrible. The Eagles ran all over this defense and if you have Antonio Gibson in fantasy he is a must start for this week. I guess I will take the Commanders in this game, but I am not confident whatsoever and in real life I am not going anywhere near this game.

My Pick: Washington Commanders (+1.5)

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars (Spread +3.5)

This is a bit of a weird spread to me as the Indianapolis Colts like I said last week pulled a Pittsburgh Steeler and played down to competition against the Texans. I mean what a disaster week one was for the Colts. I am really close to washing my hands with the Colts betting wise and it would not shock me if the Colts can’t get it together that Frank Reich is out of a job at the end of the season. It is playoffs or bust for them, but Matt Ryan looks cooked and that defense is not good. Plus I don't think Shaquille “Darius’’ Leonard or DeForest Buckner will be playing this week due to injuries. Jacksonville performed pretty well against Washington, but I really don’t know if I can trust them either betting wise as Carson Wentz threw all over them. This is coming from someone who has the Jaguars as there second favorite team, but compared to las year they are definitely better coached. I will take the Jaguars in this game, but I will be steering clear betting this game.

My Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5)

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers (Spread +2)

Ahh this is a classic game that I always bet and it mostly works out. So you know what I am going to keep the tradition rolling, give me the New England Patriots. Yes I know that there is a possibility Mac Jones does not play and the offense is being run by two terrible coordinators in Matt Patricia and Joe Judge. But it almost is a given as the Steelers have never been able to beat the Patriots when it truly matters and convincingly. Plus T.J. Watt is going to be out for awhile and that is a tremendous loss for this defense. Plus the offense was trying to lose that game against the Bengals last week. I am saying this now, but they got to get rid of their offensive coordinator Matt Canada as that offense was poorly coached. Yes I know it was Week 1 last week, but even last year that offense was a mess with the play calling, even though Big Ben should have retired years ago. I will take the Patriots in this game with pride and even if Hoyer is the QB I will do it with pride.

My Pick: New England Patriots (-2)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (Spread +2.5)

Is this the game of the afternoon slot? I feel like it is because it is a division rival, but I debated this. Look on paper the Buccaneers are better than the Saints, but you can say the same thing with the injury report. Just look at Tampa Bay’s injury report and its not pretty. Almost there entire wide receiver core was banged up and excluding Mike Evans the entire core have not practiced. Maybe they will be healthier close to game time, but I am not so sure. It has been noted how banged up the interior o-line is but both offensive tackles Tristen Wirfs and Donovan Smith are injured as well and might not play week 1. It is insane how banged up this offense is. For the Saints a majority of their team practiced, but I would worry about Jameis as he suffered a back injury and like I keep saying, back and neck injuries are no joke whatsoever. I think Tampa is the better team, but because they are banged up I am not confident whatsoever. I will take the Saints as they are healthier, but due to my low confidence I will not bet this game.

My Pick: New Orleans Saints (+2.5)

Sunday Football (4:05 pm) Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers (Spread -8.5)

I got to say this is the easiest pick in the afternoon games for me and I will just announce who I am picking right away. I am taking the 49ers in this game. Yes I know that they lost to the Chicago Bears last week, but that game was a bad weather game. I was shocked that the game was not postponed at all due to how bad Soldier Field conditions were when it rained. Plus I may be in the minority, but I was not impressed with Seattle at all last week. The Seahawks only won against Denver Week 1 is because Nathaniel Hackett is way over his head as the head coach. The 49ers should have TE George Kittle back, unless he has a setback in practice. I got to say thank goodness he did not play last week as, if he did play Kittle would have aggravated his injury. But yeah, take the 49ers here.

My Pick: San Francisco 49ers (-8.5)

Atlanta Falcons at Los Angeles Rams (Spread -10.5)

Before I talk about this game, I want to ask the Atlanta Falcons a question. Are you trying to go above the Detroit Lions as the most cursed team in the NFL? Last week they yet again blew a gigantic lead in this game. In fact there was one point where they had a 97% chance to win the game and they blew it. 28-3 really broke them as a team and as an organization. Now losing that game was kind of bittersweet as while they did blow another big lead, this team long term will benefit as they are tanking the season for a top draft pick which will surely help on their rebuild.

When looking at this game on paper this game is a mismatch as the Rams are clearly more talented. However I think Atlanta’s pass rush was pretty decent against New Orleans. The Rams offensive line is not good and clearly missing Andrew Whitworth. I absolutely see the Rams trying to acquire a tackle during the trade deadline as they don’t care about picks. The Rams though have extra rest and Falcons are an east coast team going to the west coast and play. I will take the Rams to win the game, but spread wise it is just too many points for me to not take the Falcons.

My Pick: Atlanta Falcons (+10.5)

Sunday Football (4:25 pm) Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys (Spread +7)

What a week for the Dallas Cowboys. They lost QB Dak Prescott for many weeks. I think he is not coming back for 2 months. Jerry Jones says he will be back in three weeks and that would be a big mistake knowing how the Seahawks handled Russell Wilson. So Cooper Rush will be the starting and hopefully he can recapture the magic last season in that Vikings game. But excluding Micah Parsons, that defense is terrible. The Cowboys are poorly coached and lets get real here, it is no longer if but when Mike McCarthey is gone. I really doubt he is back coaching this team at the end of the season as just look at how pissed Jerry Jones was leaving AT&T Stadium. The Bengals last week were very sloppy last week against the Steelers. But they should have an easier week with Dallas, so give me the Bengals here.

My Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (-7)

Arizona Cardinals at Las Vegas Raiders (-5.5)

I might be in the minority here, but this game feels like a desperate matchup. Both teams kind of needed to win here as the Raiders blew that game against the Chargers who were trying to give the Raiders a win and Arizona was embarrassed in Week 1. I got to say I think Arizona is a lot worse than I thought they were. Yes they may have looked worse due to facing the Chiefs, but their defense is just horrendous, especially with that secondary which was abysmal. The offensive line is going to get dominated by the Las Vegas Raiders. I will take the Raiders here.

My Pick: Las Vegas Raiders (-5.5)

Houston Texans at Denver Broncos (Spread -10)

The Texans should send flowers to the Colts, as that team played down to competition against them. The Texans themselves performed badly in that game as well. This is the home opener for Denver and they are going to want to perform well after that horrendous game last week against the Seahawks. I mean this has got to be one of the worst coaching debuts I can remember in awhile. Nathanial Hackett basically gave this game away to Seattle at the end of the game. There are many things I got to ask a few questions about. First, Why would you with a minute left in the game just decide to run the clock out when you already have two timeouts? How do you kick a 64 yard field goal with a kicker who never was consistent kicking at that range and only made that length once? Why not use the 242 million dollar QB that this team traded and signed during the offseason as you had 20 seconds left? Why use the time outs in the final 2 plays of the game when Seattle was going to kneel the game out? I was sitting and watching the game thinking if Nathanial Hackett was trying to get himself fired and be a one and done coach. Now I know it is his first game as the head coach of this game, but that game in Seattle was very telling to me. He better wake up and do a better job the rest of the season. If Hackett coaches the same way that he did against Seattle, then he will be a one and done coach. As for this game I say the Broncos win the game and cover the spread.

My Pick: Denver Broncos (-10)

Sunday Night Football Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (Spread -9.5)

I am not a fan of this being the Sunday Night Football game. I get it is a division rivalry that has been around since a century, but there are much better games that I would rather see over this one. I am not going to go long with this one, I am just going to blindly take the Packers here. The Bears still suck and if it was not for the bad weather, they would have lost that game against the 49ers. I am still going to fade any team against the Bears this year and I can’t remember the last time Bears vs Packers was a close game since I believe it was 2019. I just can’t take Chicago yet, so give me the Packers.

My Pick: Green Bay Packers (-9.5)

Monday Night Football Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills (Spread -10)

I again will be quick with this one, give me the Buffalo Bills here. The Bills got extra rest in this game and they should absolutely destroy the Titans who struggled against the Giants at the end of that game. The Titans losing DE/EDGE Harold Landry was a big loss that I said was going to hurt this team. I was even contemplating using the Bills as my superlock this week, but I decided not to.

My Pick: Buffalo Bills (-10)

Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles (Spread -2)

I know it is week 1, but I got to say Minnesota looked a lot better and organized without Mike Zimmer as the head coach. This is a very underrated matchup as the Eagles looked great against the Lions. It is hard to pick a team here as I guess the hype level is getting to many along with this spread. I guess I will take the Eagles here knowing how bad Kirk Cousins is in prime time, but I will not bet this game. This is a must watch this week.

My Pick: Philadelphia Eagles (-2)



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