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NFL Spread Picks: Week 7

(Image credit: Coty Davis/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Before we take a look at my picks for week 7 let's take a look at my week 6 pick performance. And which teams are on a bye week.

Week 7: Record 7-7

Overall record: 39-51-3

This is the first week where teams are on a bye week. In total there are 6 teams on bye and they will be listed down below

Teams on a Bye Week

Buffalo Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars

Dallas Cowboys

Los Angeles Chargers

Minnesota Vikings

Pittsburgh Steelers

Now that we have gone through how I went in Week 6, I will now give my weekly NFL picks with spreads for week 7. The Spreads from these games were all found on Draftkings.

Thursday Night Football

Denver Broncos at Cleveland Browns (Spread -3.5)

The Cleveland Browns are in trouble. Look at the injuries that they are dealing with on offense as Baker is dealing with a shoulder injury and I don't think he should play this game. Both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt are dealing with injuries. Hunt is on IR and I don't know when he will be back. Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham are still banged up. Both Offensive Tackles are also dealing with an Injury The Browns needed a bye week soon but their Bye is at week 13. Denver’s defense is going to have a good time with this beaten-up Browns team. The Offense is a lot healthier now and Teddy Should do fine in this game. I am going to go with the healthier team in this game and pick the Denver Broncos but I would wait to bet until more news comes out on the Browns injury report

UPDATE: While writing this news came out that OL Jedrick Willis, OL Jack Conklin, and RB Nick Chubb have all been ruled out for this game against the Denver Broncos. If I am Cleveland I would not put Baker in this game. He is going to get hurt with his shoulder with all the injuries on offense. Cleveland’s defense should be good to go but due to how beaten up the Browns are on offense, I will absolutely now bet this game with Denver on Thursday Night Football. Even though Denver will be the away team. Oh, and the Denver Broncos will be my super lock for the week.

My Pick: Denver Broncos (+3.5)

Sunday Football 1:00 PM

Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins (Spread +2.5)

Let's Start the afternoon's game with the third TANK GAME for the tournament for the 1st overall pick. Oh boy, where to begin. I will start with the Miami Dolphins after their disgraceful performance in London against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Dolphins defense was bad vs the Jaguars especially when they did not have Xavien Howard and Byron Jones. They would be better with them healthy and Noah Igbinoghene is absolutely terrible and they wasted a 1st round pick on him. Tua should be a bit healthier in this game and he is going to need to show something and this o-line is brutal this season. Speaking of which Why is Miami not on Bye this week? They just played in London last week and absolutely should be on a bye the next week. I feel that it is completely unfair that they got to play again this week. Atlanta is coming off a bye but let's be real Atlanta should've lost that game vs the Jets last week as we almost saw an Atlanta choking special occur again. Atlanta is also terrible too and their defense is terrible but I will say CB AJ Terell is a player for the future. He has been fantastic this season. The Falcons offense finally realized that they used a first-round pick on Kyle Pitts and he played pretty well in this game. I really don’t know what to do in this game. I think Miami will be better in this game. Worse for worse if Miami loses at least they will get a higher chance of getting a top 1st round pick right. Wait I keep forgetting their first-round pick is Philadelphia Eagles' property due to the Jaylen Waddle trade. I will take the Dolphins but yeah I am not going to bet on this game.

My Pick: Miami Dolphins (+2.5)

Carolina Panthers at New York Giants (Spread +3)

I am still shocked that Daniel Jones was able to play last week due to a Concussion. If you saw the hit Jones took I would have absolutely not been surprised if we saw him not play for two weeks. But he played this week. I don’t know if Barkley, Golliday, or Slayton will be playing. Kadarius Toney will be out of this game with an ankle injury. No Andrew Thomas who has been a lot better this year. I don’t know what to think of Carolina and they should have won last week vs the Vikings If the receivers broke their habit of dropping balls. Chuba Hubbard is a good player but this offense has been lost ever since Christian McCaffery went down with an injury. I think the Panthers offense will rebound especially as they face the Giants defense which is not that good and their defense is good and should be boosted with Stephon Gilmore if he returns this week. I really don’t know who to pick in this game. I think the spread is fair but I am going to go with the Carolina Panthers but this is a no bet for me.

My Pick: Carolina Panthers (Spread -3)

New York Jets at New England Patriots (Spread -7)

Even though the Jets are my favorite team I got to say I really like the New England Patriots in this game. Especially as the game is in Foxborough. Mac Jones has been impressive so far this season. I wonder if Damien Harris will play but I am not sure about that. The Patriots have played matchups very close but I think the Patriots are a lot better than the Jets currently are right now. Yes, the Jets are coming off a bye last week but this team almost got destroyed by a Falcons team that is horrible. That game should have been a blowout but Atlanta almost choked the game. I think New England will do what they did last week and eliminate Corey Davis on offense but this time the Jets will have Jamison Crowder on offense which could help. I have no idea what the Jets are doing with Elijah Moore and so far he has been disappointing so far. I don't think Mekhi Becton will play for the Jets this week. The Jets run defense is good but I don't trust the secondary and this defense in coverage. I think Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry should have strong games. I will take the Patriots in this game. If you have not read my survivor pick article then I would have taken the New England Patriots this week in survivor.

My Pick: New England Patriots (+7)

Washington Football Team at Green Bay Packers (-9.5)

Washington continues to prove how disappointing they have been this season. What happened to this awesome defense that brought them to the playoffs last season. This secondary has been brutal this season and William Jackson is starting to be more of a liability than a benefit for this defense. What a terrible addition he has been for this defense. They now have to face Aaron Rodgers and he is going to dominate all games. The Packers offense has performed really well this season and they should do a solid job. By the way, David Baktiari is practicing this week and I don't think he will play this week but if he does it is a big boost for this offense. Washington’s offense is not terrible and I like Taylor Heinicke as he has shown flashes in this game. Terry McLaurin is the best player on Washington’s offense. He will have a monster of a game this week as the Packers secondary is not that good. But I just think Green Bay is too good. I will take the Packers in this game and I won't be shocked if this game is a mismatch.

My Pick: Green Bay Packers (-9.5)

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (Spread: -6)

This could potentially be a game that has long-term effects on who wins the division. Cincinnati has completely surprised me this season. Then when you look at the schedule they faced Minnesota Week 1 (who are overrated), Chicago Week 2 (with a beaten up QB in Dalton), Week 3 Pittsburgh (Who loves playing down to competition, Again Why is Mike Tomlin Still the Head Coach for the Steelers again?), Week 4 Jaguars (Urban Meyer distraction game), and Week 6 Detroit (Cursed and Worst team in the League). The Bengals have had an easy schedule. My point is this week will be their biggest test all season to show that they are the real deal against the lucky Baltimore Ravens. I got to say Cincinnati defense concerns me especially with how bad their secondary is as anyone who starts Eli Apple is already at a disadvantage this season. But they do have players that have performed well this season. The Bengals offense is legit and Joe Burrow has been awesome this season. I just wish that the Bengals invested more on the offensive line because he is getting beaten up and had to go to the hospital for his throat injury. The Ravens Offense lost Ronnie Stanley for the year due to injury but I got to say Lamar Jackson has been excellent this season. If he can be a little more accurate throwing the ball then I would have more confidence in the Ravens. The Ravens defense has been solid even with the injuries. Odafe Jayson Oweh has been a slam dunk pick so far this season and hopefully, he can keep this up for many seasons to come. The Ravens will be the home team and I think this game will be closer than many think. I think Baltimore wins but I will take the points with the Bengals but this is a game I will stay away from.

My Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (+6)

Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans (Spread +4.5)

This is the game of the week for me. But spread wise I don’t really know what to think of this game. Let's start off with the Tennessee Titans as they had a strong game against the Buffalo Bills. Kudos to Jeffery Simmions for making that tremendous tackle to win the game. The Titans offensive line may be shaky but I have two words to describe this offense: DERRICK HENRY. We as football fans are witnessing a hall of fame career take place in front of our eyes. Henry has been excellent during his time in the NFL and is currently the best running back in the league today. AJ Brown and Julio Jones played in this game and while AJ performed well I am very concerned with Julio Jones. He looked like he was not healthy at all and that he did not want to play football in that game. Hopefully, he gets better Physically and Mentally when they face the Kansas City Chiefs. Speaking of which, let's take a look at the Chiefs. What the heck happened to them as they have looked completely sloppy all game. Mahomes is not his usual self in this game. He had one of the worst throws I have ever seen where he botched the snap and threw it right to Washington defenders. Tyreek Hill and Clyde Edwards-Helaire are dealing with injuries as well in this game. The o-line has been okay for the Chiefs but this offense needs to step up and do it now if they want to win this division. I got to say both teams' defenses stink. They are not good at all and both offenses should dominate this game. I will take the home team and the points with the Titans but this game is a no bet for me as there are many question marks for both teams.

My Pick: Tennessee Titans (+4.5)

Sunday Football 4:05 PM

Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams (Spread -14.5)

This is the Revenge Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff game as this will be the first game against their original team before the Trade occurred between the two. I got to be honest this game is going to be a complete mismatch. The Rams are better in every category with their offense, defense, coaching, and special teams. The Lions have injuries all over the place. I just don't see how the Lions win or come close in this game. Jared Goff is terrible. The guy is reverting back to his rookie season and I don’t even think this game will be close at all. This team is also still cursed. The Rams will be the home team which gives them a tremendous advantage as well in this game. I will take the Los Angeles Rams in this game as I think they will destroy the Detroit Lions.

My Pick: Los Angeles Rams (-14.5)

Philadelphia Eagles at Las Vegas Raiders (Spread -3)

I got, to be honest, this might be the game of the afternoon. The Raiders heavily impressed me last week in their victory against the Broncos. I thought this team would be completely distracted from the whole Jon Gruden email fiasco that resulted in him resigning as the head coach for the Raiders. Their offense performed well and Darren Waller is the best player on this offense. He has been fantastic and has had double-digit targets with Derek Carr. I think the running game will be a problem as Philadelphia's run defense is not terrible. But the Raiders offensive line has not been performing well the past few weeks and Philadelphia should take advantage to that. The Raiders defense is not terrible but I got to say Maxx Crosby has been a solid player for the team. I would not rule out the Eagles at all though. I am still a believer in Jalen Hurts and he was solid against the Buccaneers. I am shocked this spread is not higher because the Eagles Traded Zach Ertz to the Arizona Cardinals. This will be an interesting game for both teams and I think the game will be closer than what many believe. I will take the points with the Philadelphia Eagles

My Pick: Philadelphia Eagles (+3)

Sunday Football 4:25 PM

Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals (Spread -16.5)

I will not go long with this game at all. The Arizona Cardinals are going to completely destroy the Houston Texans in this game. This is a complete Mismatch the Cardinals have a better offense, defense, and special teams. QB Davis Millis will be getting the start and he is going to get battered by the Cardinals defense as Laremy Tunsil will not play this week. The Texans defense is a mess and the team recently released Whitney Mercilus which is a huge loss to the locker room as he has been a leader for the team. Plus the Cardinals defense just got a boost with Zach Ertz on this roster who is more of an upgrade than Maxx Williams ever was healthy. I just think there are not enough points for me to take Houston in this game. Honestly, I am shocked this is not a 20 point spread. Maybe it is because of Kingsbury and other coaches contracting Covid-19 but I think he should be ready to go and coach this game in Arizona. So I will go with Arizona in this game and I will be betting on this game.

My Pick: Arizona Cardinals (-16.5)

Chicago Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Spread -13)

This is another game that I think should be an easy game for the Buccaneers. They are the better team and this offense will get better as I hear Rob Gronkowski will most likely play in this game returning from injury. Excluding the Bears Pass rush and Akiem Hicks, this defense has heavily regressed this season. Their secondary definitely got a lot weaker. If Chicago wants to win this game they have to bring it and score immediately. But the Buccaneers defense excluding the secondary is going to have a strong game. The Bears o-line is terrible and Tampa Bay’s defense is a must-start this week and they should do a good job shutting down Allen Robinson. I don't trust Matt Nagy at all, especially with his terrible play calling. I think Tampa Bay will win this game but I just think that this is way too many points for the Bears in this game. So I will take the points with Chicago but I will not bet on this game at all.

My Pick: Chicago Bears (+13)

Sunday Night Football

Indianapolis Colts at San Francisco 49ers (Spread -3.5)

This was the toughest game for me to pick this week. I debated it all day. First off let's start with San Francisco as I have no clue who will be starting at quarterback for this team. Trey Lance is hurt and did not practice while Jimmy Garoppolo is also coming back from injury. Deebo Samuel will have a strong game. Their o-line is still good right now. The Colts are a bit healthier as they are getting back TY Hilton from injury and Wentz is a lot healthier. Speaking of Which TY Hilton almost retired from the game due to his injuries and even went up to Andrew Luck and talked to him about it. The Colts would have lost 2 players in the prime of their careers. One they completely ruined in Luck and the other with TY Hilton. The receivers should do a good job against a weak 49ers secondary. The Colts defense should do a solid job against the 49ers offense. This game is a no-bet but I am leaning towards Indianapolis due to the question marks at quarterback.

My Pick: Indianapolis Colts (+3.5)

Monday Night Football

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks (Spread +5)

I don’t know what to think of the New Orleans Saints. It seems like the Saints are good but in some moments they are absolutely terrible in this season. The Saints will be facing a terrible Seattle Seahawks defense and I like Alvin Kamara and Marquez Callaway in this game. At least if the Seahawks continue to struggle they can rebuild that defense in the draft right. Oh yeah, I forgot their first-round pick is New York Jets property due to the Jamal Adams trade. It has not worked out for Seattle and they had to re-sign Jamal to a massive extension because of the trade. Seattle got lucky last week when they faced a Steelers team that has a habit of playing down to competition again. Remind me why Mike Tomlin is still the Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers again? Anyway, the New Orleans Saints are not the Pittsburgh Steelers as they have a better QB, offense, and a better coach with Sean Payton. I think this spread is about right and I will be taking the New Orleans Saints but yeah I am not going to bet this game at all.

My Pick: New Orleans Saints (-5)


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