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NFL Spread Picks: Week 8

(Image credit Evan Habeeb/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Before we take a look at my picks for week 8 let's take a look at my week 7 pick performance. And which teams are on a bye week.

Week 8: Record 8-5

Overall record: 47-56-3

Teams on a Bye Week

Baltimore Ravens

Las Vegas Raiders

Now that we have gone through how I went in Week 7, I will now give my weekly NFL picks with spreads for week 8. The Spreads from these games were all found on Draftkings.

Thursday Night Football

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals (Spread -6.5)

This matchup could potentially be seen again in the NFC Playoffs. The Cardinals have heavily impressed me this season. If you were to tell me they would be the only undefeated team entering week 8 I would have thought that you were crazy. This is another big test for the Arizona Cardinals in this game. I got to say I really like Arizona in this game. Not only because they are the home team but due to the Covid situation going with Green Bay as both Davonte Adams and Allen Lazard were recently placed on the Covid list and I doubt they play on Thursday. Even Packers defensive coordinator Joe Barry won't be here due to contracting Covid-19. I will absolutely take the Arizona Cardinals in this game and I will be watching this game. UPDATE: David Baktiari is also not going to play this game as well as he is still hurt.

My Pick: Arizona Cardinals (-6.5)

Sunday Football 1:00 PM

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (Spread -3)

Watching the Carolina Panthers offense it is clear that this offense is run by Christian McCaffery. They have never been the same offense since he suffered his injuries. Darnold has been awful and was even benched for XFL legend PJ Walker. I like PJ Walker but he did not impress me at all. Robby Anderson has been inconsistent and I have no clue what the heck he has been doing on this offense. Many will be betting on Atlanta because of Carolina’s struggles and they have points. Especially as the Falcons are the home team. The issue is Atlanta almost choked their victories against the Jets and Dolphins. Then again what else is new with the Falcons choking games. To be honest both are terrible teams. I will take the better defense which is the Panthers, but yeah I am not betting on this game at all.

My Pick: Carolina Panthers (+3)

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts (Spread +1)

This is the game of the week for me. This is an important one for both teams as they are battling for the AFC South Division. I doubt Houston or Jacksonville will take this division. Whoever wins this game gets leverage in winning the division. If the Titans win then they most likely get the division as they beat the Colts in week 3. If the Colts win then their odds of winning the division go up and they have equal leverage. I debated this game a lot because I don’t think the Titans are the best team in football. The Titans defense is not as good as many believe they are and should absolutely upgrade and buy during the trade deadline. Carson Wentz has definitely improved now that he is healed from his double ankle injury. I just wish he had a competent and consistent WR on this team. TY Hilton is almost retired and I Doubt he plays next season. I like Pittman but I don't see him as a #1 receiver. Parris Campbell has just been inconsistent and injured a lot. The Colts o-line will be healthier as Braden Smith could return for the Colts. I really like the Colts defense and In order to stop the Titans offense they must shut down Derrick Henry. I think the Colts have the manpower to do it as their run defense is pretty good. The Titans offensive line is not that good either and I don't know what is going on with Julio Jones but he looks like he doesn't want to play football. I will take the Colts in this game and I will be betting them in this game.

My Pick Indianapolis Colts (+1)

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions (Spread +3.5)

Welcome to the Fourth Tank game in the Tournament for the first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. Two teams who have been absolutely terrible this season. Honestly, they both may be the worst teams in the NFC Conference and truly battling who will get that first pick. I don't know what to think of Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni. So far he has done a poor job utilizing his running backs and with his play calling. The Detroit Lions are horrible on offense and on defense. This game is going to come down to play-calling for the Eagles and they should utilize the running backs more as Detroit's run defense is awful. But this is Nick Sirianni and what I have seen from him lately he has not utilized the running backs at all. I do think Jalen Hurts will have a big game as the Lions secondary is terrible as well and will be extremely mobile in this game. The Lions have an opportunity to do well but Jared Goff is Horrible. He has suffered massive levels of regression this season and is reverting to his playing as he did during his rookie season. I think TJ Hockenson will have a strong game because the Eagles linebacker core is garbage. On paper, the Eagles are the better team and I don’t think the Lions are good at all so I will be taking the Eagles in this game.

My Pick: Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5)

Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets (Spread +10.5)

This is the easiest game of the week to pick so I won’t go long with this game. The Jets lost Zach Wilson due to injury and will have to start either Mike Whiteor Joe Flacco at QB. Either or they both are not good options and I just think the Bengals overall are the better team. They're better on offense, defense, special teams, and coaching. Robert Saleh needs to do a better job with his coaching and Matt Lafleur has been awful as the offensive coordinator so far. I will take the Bengals in this game and If you have not used them in Survivor yet absolutely use them. The Bengals will be my Superlock as well.

My Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (-10.5)

San Francisco 49ers at Chicago Bears (Spread +3.5)

This was a spread that is extremely confusing to me. Especially as news came out that Matt Nagy won't be here as he has tested positive for Covid-19. Say what you want about his poor coaching this season losing a Head coach for a game is a big loss. Well unless you are facing the Steelers in the playoffs. Remind me Why Mike Tomlin is still coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers again? Anyway, the Bears are a complete mess right now. It is clear that Justin Fields is not ready at all to start. It doesn't help how bad his o-line has been this season as well. Say what you want about GM Ryan Pace and I am still shocked that he is still the GM in Chicago but this guy knows how to make gem picks in the later rounds of the draft. Khalil Herbert is a player. He has been fantastic as the running back for Chicago and If I am Tarik Cohen and Damien Williams I would be nervous about job security long-term. The way he runs with no help from the Bears awful o-line is extremely impressive. If he is on your waiver wire in Fantasy, absolutely pick him up now. This will be a big test as he is facing the 49ers defense but their run defense has not been good. I think it will be Jimmy Garoppolo that will be the starter in this game as Lance is dealing with a nagging injury but he will be lucky that Akiem Hicks will most likely not play. Now Khalil Mack is out with an injury as well... I will take the 49ers in this game.

My Pick: San Francisco 49ers (-3.5)

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns (Spread -3.5)

I debated this game with myself a lot but then I realized it's the Steelers. They love playing down to competition especially against a beaten-up football team like the Browns have been. I don't think Baker will play again this week due to that shoulder injury but Case Keenum looked fine last week against the poorly coached Broncos team. The Browns should have Willis and Conklin back to block for Keenum against the Steelers mediocre defense. The Browns defense is still good and the Steelers offense is a mess. Big Ben is done; he can't throw a football properly anymore. Najee Harris is a great player on offense and has done fantastic even though this game as the o-line has been absolutely terrible. The Browns are going to destroy Big Ben in this game. I feel that this spread is right where it should be but I will take the Browns in this game but I will not be betting this game.

Okay so normally I wouldn't section this off but I got to give respect to Mike Tomlin. Listen, I may not be a fan of Mike Tomlin still being the coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but kudos to him for speaking out to that reporter who questioned him about interest in coaching in college football. First off the Steelers ain't firing him as that is not the “Steelers Way’’ and second his latest contract will expire until 2024. Why are you asking him about another job that recently opened up in USC when he is locked into a contract with an NFL football team? I don't blame Tomlin for speaking up against that reporter at all.

My Pick: Cleveland Browns (-3.5)

Los Angeles Rams at Houston Texans (Spread +14)

I am not going to go long with this game at all. The Texans are a well-fought team and play close games but the LA Rams are just too talented. The Rams have a Top 5 defense and should get to the Quarterback if it is Tyrod Taylor or Davis Mills. Laremy Tunsil will not play in this game due to injury which is not good for the Texans. Matthew Stafford has never looked better and has been good this season. Who knew having a competent coach, o-line, defense, and running back would improve a QB many wrote off this season. Even though the Texans are the Home team I will go with the Rams in this game and I won't be shocked if they dominate.

My Pick: Los Angeles Rams (-14)

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (Spread -14)

Where to begin with the Dolphins. They are easily the most disappointing team in the NFL today and NO Brian Flores should not be fired from the Dolphins. The man to blame is GM Chris Grier with the questionable moves that he has made during the offseason. I am a pro-Tua supporter but he has been a complete disappointment since he has been drafted in the league. It doesn't help how bad this o-line has been. They are in contention as being one of the worst o-lines in the League with the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers. This defense has heavily regressed as well and I have no clue what the Dolphins will do. When you lose to the Falcons and Jaguars then there are problems. The Bills are the best team in the division and I expect that they will win this game and dominate thus covering the spread. If you have not read my recent survivor pick article then I will say that the Buffalo Bills would have been my survivor pick.

My Pick: Buffalo Bills (+14)

Sunday Football 4:05 PM

New England Patriots at Los Angeles Chargers (Spread +5.5)

I like what the Patriots have done this season but this spread should be a touchdown for me. I really like the Los Angeles Chargers in this game. New England destroyed the New York Jets last week and was impressive but the Chargers are actually a competent and extremely talented team. Justin Herbert continues to show why he is the future QB as he has had outstanding performances. The o-line for the Chargers is one of the best in football and the Patriots will have a tougher time getting to Justin Herbert. The Patriots are an unpredictable team. One moment they dominate and other moments they get destroyed by the Houston Texans. The reason why I like the Chargers is that they are the home team and are facing an East coast team that will have to travel to the west coast and play a football game. That is a big advantage for the Chargers and I will be betting on the Chargers in this game.

My Pick: Los Angeles Chargers (+5.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks (Spread -3.5)

I would have labeled this game Tank Game but Russell Wilson will be back later in the season and I can't fully rule out Seattle yet. Geno Smith is a mess. He was completely awful against a mediocre Saints team. He constantly overthrew the ball many times and was lucky that DK Metcalf scored that touchdown in this game. It doesn't help that Alex Collins is banged up and how mediocre this o-line is. If Collins won't be ready to go Seattle will have to start Rashaad Penny who is terrible. Seattle's defense is bad and this secondary is abysmal. They need to move Jamal Adams to linebacker as he has suffered a decline as a safety. Seattle spent two 1st round picks and gave a massive extension for him. My goodness, Jamal Adams has been a complete flop since they acquired him. At least they are solid against the run and can limit James Robinson. The Jaguars are a mess as well but they are coming off a bye and should be well prepared in this game. Trevor Lawrence has not been the best but has shown a ton of flashes but he has no help from the o-line as they have not performed well. Even though the game will be in Seattle and keep in mind that the Jaguars will travel from the Southeast to the Northwest. I will take the Jaguars in this game but this is a no bet.

My Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars (+3.5)

Sunday Football 4:25 PM

Washington Football Team at Denver Broncos (Spread -3)

If this game was played later in the season I would have also labeled this as a tank game but I decided against it. But my goodness both teams are a complete mess right now. Let's start with the Broncos and I mean what is there to say. This team is poorly coached and lost to a Browns team without their starting QB, Offensive tackles, and running back core. They have a chance to rebound here against Washington who has been a disappointing team this season. Washington’s defense to me is the biggest disappointment and they will have their handful as Jerry Jeudy will return but Teddy Bridgewater is clearly still hurt. Washington’s offense is better, well-coached, and healthier. I will go with the points in Washington but there is no chance I will be touching this game at all.

My Pick: Washington Football Team (+3)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (Spread +5.5)

I don't understand why this spread is this low. The Saints are a mediocre-at-best football team. Jameis Winston is not the long-term guy and he made some awful throws in this game. The only player that I trust on the Saints offense is Alvin Kamara and thank goodness the team re-signed him. They are so beaten up at wide receiver that we had an appearance from Kevin White one of the biggest NFL Busts in recent history. They hope that Michael Thomas is healthier soon but I wonder if he will even be on the roster due to him being a distraction last season could lead him to be traded. The Saints defense is solid but they have to face off against the Buccaneers offense who will most likely have Gronk back. I doubt Antonio Brown plays as he was recently seen on crutches due to his ankle injury. Besides that and the cornerback issue, the Buccaneers are the better team and I will take the Buccaneers to win this game and cover the spread.

My Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5.5)

Sunday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings (Spread +2.5)

I really like the Dallas Cowboys a lot this season. They have a ton of talent on offense and defense. I never ever want to hear that Dak Prescott is holding this team back. He has shown why he is a top QB in the NFL today. Elliott has started his decline but Tony Pollard has been a solid running back as well. They have a ton of depth at WR and La’el Collins will be back to improve the Cowboys offensive line. Their defense has improved with Micah Parsons and CB Trevon Diggs has been a fantastic player for this defense. I just wish the Cowboys would have a competent coaching staff. I said it before and I will say it again Mike McCarthey is going to hold this team back. The Minnesota Vikings are extremely overrated. Mike Zimmer has not done a good job of play calling and has had talent bail him out in certain games. They should not have as many wins as they do now. This Vikings defense is garbage. I think that this spread is too small for me to bet on the Vikings so I will take the Dallas Cowboys.

My Pick: Dallas Cowboys (-2.5)

Monday Night Football

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs (Spread -9.5)

Like I said in my survivor pick article this game is Judgement Day for both teams. If the Chiefs give up then I doubt they will make the playoffs and If the Giants lose then I doubt that they will make the playoffs as well. I have no clue what is going on with the Chiefs but they look broken and Patrick Mahomes has not been good at all this season. I don't know if he is hurt or something is off mentally but he has made a ton of silly errors. I see this as a comeback game for the Chiefs especially as they are the home team. I still don’t know what to think of the Giants but they did a fantastic job against a Carolina team that is not healthy on defense and an offense that is broken since McCaffery got injured. If the Chiefs want to win they need to put pressure on Daniel Jones. I think they can do that as Andrew Thomas will not play due to injury. I think the Chiefs win the game but it is way too many points to bet the Chiefs in this game. I will take the points with the New York Giants in this game spread-wise.

My Pick: New York Giants (+9.5)


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