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NFL Spread Picks Wildcard Round (2022 Playoffs)

Image Credit: (Gregory Fisher/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

Well we are here, it is playoff time and I have yet again decided to make my spread picks for the entire playoffs. I will start with the Wildcard Round matchup. Before we do that below is my spread pick record for the Regular Season.

Spread Picks Record

Week 1 (8-8) Week 2 (9-7) Week 3 (9-6-1) Week 4 (6-8-2) Week 5 (4-11-1) Week 6 (8-6) Week 7 (9-5) Week 8 (7-8) Week 9 (7-5-1) Week 10 (7-7) Week 11 (5-9) Week 12 (12-3-1) Week 13 (8-7) Week 14 (6-7) Week 15 (6-10) Week 16 (7-6-3) Week 17 (6-9) *I decided to not count the Bills vs Bengals for my record.* Week 18 (8-6) *Did not Included the NE/BUF or BAL/CIN Game*

Total: (132-128-9)

Superlock Record (9-8) - Week 1: Baltimore Ravens, Week 2: Cleveland Browns, Week 3: Atlanta Falcons, Week 4: Houston Texans, Week 5: Philadelphia Eagles, Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars, Week 7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Week 8: Tennessee Titans, Week 9: Seattle Seahawks, Week 10 Dallas Cowboys, Week 11: Washington Commanders, Week 12: San Francisco 49ers, Week 13: Houston Texans, Week 14: Miami Dolphins, Week 15: Cincinnati Bengals, Week 16: Arizona Cardinals, Week 17: Dallas Cowboys, Week 18: San Francisco 49ers

That was an easy one as Arizona is terrible and quit on the coach. 49ers I am shocked kept going with the domination

Now that we have seen my record, let's get straight into the picks for the Wildcard.

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers (-9.5) The big losers in the Packers losing last week were the 49ers as they have been the Packers Kryptonite for so many years. However, I really like the 49ers in this matchup. The Seahawks have had a good story and got in the playoffs, but this team could barely put away the Los Angeles Rams last week and remember last month they lost to the Raiders and Panthers squad. This team has been very scrappy late in the season. I get the idea that many are taking the points seeing how it is too much especially for a division rival. However Seattle is still banged up with injuries and now CB Tariq Woolen is dealing with an ankle issue which is a concern. I still think he plays, but it was clearly an issue last week. Shelby Harris might not play in this game which is a concern as he his a great pass rusher for them. I think the 49ers are healthier and I will take them here.

My Pick: San Francisco 49ers (-9.5)

Los Angeles Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars (+2)

This is a hidden revenge game as remember former Chargers head coach Mike McCoy, he is the current QB coach for the Jaguars. You know no matter how I bet the chargers this season the one thing that always holds me back is their coaching. I really can’t trust the Chargers when they are coached by Brandon Staley. Staley was a freaking idiot for how he handled week 18 and now the Chargers may be without both Joey Bosa and WR Mike Williams against the Jaguars. No word on if they are officially out, but I doubt Mike Williams plays as back injuries are no joke. I don’t care if he is day to day, back injuries need to be properly taken care of. The Jags have played scrappy football, but I really like the Jaguars in this game. I am a bit concerned if Bosa does play as Cam Robinson is not going to play for the Jags, but I trust Doug Pedersen more than I do Brandon Staley.

My Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars (+2)

Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (-10)

Easiest Pick this week for me, I will take the Buffalo Bills in this game. Especially with news coming out where Skylar Thompson will be the starter of the Dolphins.

Look I had hope for Skylar Thompson and he is a player on my dynasty team, but Thompson stinks. He looked awful against the Jets and Patriots the last two weeks. Not only that, but Mostert will probably not play either with his hand/thumb injury. The Dolphins are so scred and even with Tua playing I don’t think they would even win the game either. BTW, I would not be shocked if Buffalo wins by 3 touchdowns in this game. This is free money, take the Bills here and I am going to Superlock the Bills here as well.

My Pick: Buffalo Bills (-10) *Superlock Pick of the Week*

New York Giants at Minnesota Vikings (-3)

No matter what happens in the playoffs there's always one game just has upset written all over it. Many fans believe that this is that game and I honestly don’t blame them as like I said the Vikings are frauds. Why don’t I blame them? Well, it's because I am one of those people. I think the Vikings are such an overrated team, heck look at how bad there defense has been lately. Plus on offense, losing OT Brian O’Neil is a tough pill to swallow as he is a great tackle. If the Vikings want to win this game, then they have to run the ball well as the Giants run defense is terrible. However I think the Giants offense is going to destroy this bad defense, so I will take the Giants here. BTW fun fact according to DVOA, the Vikings are the worst team that made the playoffs and it is not hard to see why.

My Pick: New York Giants (+3)

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals (-7)

No word yet on who will be starting for the Baltimore Ravens in this game. As of Wednesday both Lamar Jackson and Tyler Huntley have not practiced. So they may have to start Anthony Brown at QB and with how he has played, Brown is terrible. If I was guessing, I think that Brown will start, but I am just not confident. I think Lamar Jackson’s injury is a lot worse than they're telling us as this was supposed to be a 1 week injury, but now he has been out for like 3 weeks now. However the Ravens defense is going to be super tough to handle for the Bengals, but I still like the Bengals in this game

I would wait betting this game until we get further clarification on if Lamar will play or not. But if Brown or Huntley stats, absolutely bet the Bengals, if Lamar starts, bet the Ravens. For today I am taking the Bengals.

My Pick: Cincinnati Bengals (-7)

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5)

Out of all the spreads for this wildcard matchups, this is the strangest one. I get that Dallas has looked burned out lately, but the Buccaneers are easily the worst team that made the playoffs this year. When comparing both teams, Dallas is better in almost every single way. The Cowboys have the better offense, defense and coaching staff. Todd Bowles to me is the worst coach in the playoffs right now. You can make an argument saying Brandon Staley is worse, but to me Bowles is just so much worse of a coach. I can see Dallas winning by two touchdowns here, give me the Cowboys.

My Pick: Dallas Cowboys (-2.5)


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