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NFL Survivor Picks: Week 3

(Image credit: Jim Dedmon/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


Week 2 is officially in the books and hopefully you have survived and are now looking at who to pick for Week 3 of the regular season for your survivor pools.

Again, I would like to remind everyone about what a survivor pool is and its rules. A survivor pool is a weekly contest where people select one team straight up per week to win their game. If a team that a participant in the Survivor pool chooses wins like the San Francisco 49ers did last week against Philadelphia Eagles then the participant in the survivor pool advances to the next week. But, now you can't choose the San Francisco 49ers anymore for the rest of the season. But if the team that the participant in the survivor pool chose loses as the Pittsburgh Steelers did against the Las Vegas Raiders then the participant is eliminated from the pool.

Now that we know the rules in a survivor pool, here are the Top 5 options, A trap Survivor pick, and a survivor pick that I would have gone with if I was not eliminated last week (Again, Why is Mike Tomlin still the head coach for the Steelers again?) for week 3 of the 2021 NFL season.

Week 3 Top 5 Survivor Options

Overall Record (8-2)

1. Denver Broncos vs New York Jets

The New York Jets are too beaten up right now. Especially on defense and their o-line has been a mess since Mekhi Becton’s Injury. I like Zach Wilson but man he is going to have a handful when dealing with this Broncos defense. To make it worse now they have to go to Denver to play the Broncos. The last time the Jets faced the Broncos they had a fourth-string quarterback that they had to start. This is not the Broncos of old as this is a healthier team. Teddy Bridgewater is the best quarterback that this team has had since Peyton Manning was here and I have a lot of trust and confidence in him as the QB instead of Drew Lock. This is absolutely the safest pick of the week to make in survivor.

2. Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans

Even though it is a Thursday Night Game I really like the Carolina Panthers in this game. They completely steamrolled the Saints last week. Sam Darnold looked amazing now that he has real coaching, depth at receiver, and an option at running back. While I wish he did this with the Jets I am glad he is a part of a team that can properly utilize him. The Texans won't have Tyrod Taylor at QB due to an injury. This sucks because he is underrated and has done a great job in the first two games he started with the Houston Texans. The Texans now have to start Davis Mills who is highly inaccurate. I doubt that Deshaun Watson even plays a game for the Texans this season. The Panthers defense is extremely strong and has done a solid job getting to the quarterback. Even though the Panthers are not the home team I will be shocked if they do not beat the Houston Texans on Thursday Night Football.

3. Las Vegas Raiders vs Miami Dolphins

The Las Vegas Raiders have heavily impressed me the last two weeks. Even though the Raiders won against a beaten-up Ravens team and an incompetent Steelers team. This defense has gotten a lot better and this o-line is better than what I thought it was. Kolten Miller was terrible his first years in the league but he has developed into a strong blindside blocker for the Raiders. Derek Carr continues to prove why he is one of the most underrated QBs in the NFL today. I had this team ranked as a below-average team and they have proven me wrong this season. They should be a top survivor pick this week. Especially as they are the home team and Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa is dealing with a rib injury and might not play this week. If news comes out that he doesn't play then the Raiders should win this game as Jacoby Brissett did not play well against the Bills during Tua’s absence. I am not confident with the Dolphins' o-line to protect their QB. If Tua plays this game will be close but if he doesn't then the Raiders should absolutely win this week.

4. Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

I hate taking divisional games in survivor pools unless the game is a complete mismatch. Now I would not call this game a mismatch but the reason why I have the Titans at this spot is the question mark at QB for the colts. It's no surprise that Carson Wentz suffered another injury but I am more amazed that he managed to injure both of his ankles at the same time. If Wentz plays he will not be 100%, then again roses are red and violets are blue. But I doubt that Wentz will play because he has two sprained ankles and their backup QB is Jacob Eason. I won't be shocked to see the Colts bring in another QB in the upcoming games as Sam Ehlinger is on IR due to a knee injury. Their o-line has regressed as well and hopefully, they will be able to rebound in this game. The Colts don't have a good number one receiver on this team. I like Michael Pittman Jr but he is more of a WR 2 or 3. The Colts defense has also regressed this season and this secondary is not good at all. The Titans definitely woke up after beating the Seattle Seahawks. I think the Titans defense can get to the quarterback and provide pressure. Their secondary is not that good but it should be solid against a weak Colts receiver core. I would not be surprised if the Titans dominate against the Colts in this game if Wentz is not the quarterback.

5. New York Giants vs Atlanta Falcons

This is absolutely the risk survivor pick of the week for me. This game is also the first tank game for the 1st pick in the NFL Draft. Both teams are absolutely terrible. To me, this is maybe the only time that you are able to utilize the Giants in survivor. I do not trust the coaching for Joe Judge at all. This defense is absolutely terrible and I don't know what happened to them. The defense was one of the bright spots on this team last season and they have been terrible for the team. The offense is brutal as well and where the heck is Kadarius Toney. Saquon should be healthy in this game which should help. I don't know about Daniel Jones, this quarterback shows you a ton of flashes that he could be a good player in this league if he's coached right. That's a big if statement as well knowing the track level of coaches hired that this organization has made since Tom Coughlin left. Luckily the Giants are facing the Atlanta Falcons and they are a brutal team as well. This defense is no question the worst defense in the NFL right now. They let Jalen Hurts run all around them and they had no answer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This offense is also not good at all and I got to say Matt Ryan deserves a lot better than dealing with this franchise. He is going to have another one of his years be a waste. To me, I largely went with the Giants as they are the home team in this game and they have low future value in survivor. But the risk is worth the reward choosing the New York Giants this week as they don't have a ton of future value to use them. Maybe during a division game but I would not trust this team at all. If the Giants can't beat the Falcons then it will be another long season for this team.

Trap Survivor Pick: Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles

I would not take the Cowboys in this game for survivor pool for three reasons. First off their defense is a complete mess after Demarcus Lawrence suffered a long-term injury. They almost lost to the Chargers due to their defense but luckily the Chargers stadium was unsurprisingly filled with opposing fans. Second, I do not trust Mike McCarthy at all and he is making the same mistakes he made with Aaron Rodgers. He has not learned nor adapted to this new style of football. McCarthy has made a ton of questionable moves during his tenure here. The third and final reason is that this Eagles team is better than everyone thought it would be and I really like Jalen Hurts in fantasy this week and he is going to run all over the place in this game. Even though Dallas is the home team I think Philadelphia is a lot better than them and the Cowboys will have better weeks to choose them in survivor. It is best to save them and don't use them this week against an Eagles team who is a lot better than we all thought they were.

Record 1-1 (Week 1: Jax, Week 2: Cin)

Who I would of went with for my Survivor Pick for Week 3: Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans

No question with this one for me. I would have gone with Carolina for my survivor pick if I was still alive. Especially as Davis Mills will be the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans. If it was Tyrod Taylor at quarterback I would have stayed away from this game. Mills was very inaccurate last week against the Cleveland Browns and I am not sold on him being the answer for this team. Christian McCaffrey is easily one of the top running backs in the league and the Texans run defense is not that good. I think the Panthers have the better offense, defense, and coaching and should win this game against a beaten-up Houston Texans team.

Teams Used: (Week 1: 49ers, Week 2: Steelers)


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