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NFL Survivor Picks Week 3 Recap

(Image credit Troy Taormina/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick


Week 3 of the NFL Season has concluded and it was an unsurprising week in Survivor as except for a few games many advanced. Let's dive into how I did, giving my top 5 options that I gave to pick in survivor and a trap game to avoid choosing for Week 3 of the NFL season.

Week 3 Top 5 Survivor Options

Week 3 Record (3-1)

Overall Record (8-2)

1. Denver Broncos vs New York Jets

I could describe this game in one word, Mismatch. This game was a complete mismatch as the Denver Broncos were better than the Jets in every single way. From the offense, defense, special teams and even coaching in this game. Besides that, there really is not much to say about as Denver was just too dominant. If you chose Denver in this game you had a less stressful week in Survivor than you did Week 1 and 2.

2. Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans

No surprises with this game as Carolina in the 2nd half completely shut down the Texans offense and stepped up on offense. Houston looked well in the first half in this game but their run defense was completely terrible all game and even when Christian McCaffery left with a hamstring injury. I like Chuba Hubbard as he had a great game and he has a ton of potential but it will be interesting to see how he does as the full-time starter. In Fantasy Football it is worth a chance to take a flyer on him if you are lacking running back depth. Kudos to Sam Darnold in this game as he was very mobile scoring two rushing touchdowns and looked good when there was RPO’s in the offense. That was a big complaint I had with Adam Gase because Sam Darnold had the tools of being a very mobile quarterback and yet the so-called “offensive genius’’ refused to use RPO’s to help improve the offense. As many know I am a big fan of the New York Jets but I have had full support for Sam Darnold as he had no help at all from the organization to be successful. I was also a big fan of his college career and now that he has help from the Panthers look how successful he has become. I am excited to see more success from Sam Darnold in future games. Houston Texans 3rd round Rookie Davis Mills who started his first NFL game vs the Panthers didn’t embarrass himself in this game but did not have a strong performance at all. He was abysmal in the 2nd half of this game and he looked lost in this game and made some terrible throws all game.

3. Las Vegas Raiders vs Miami Dolphins

That was a lot closer than what it should have been but man was this a very good game to watch. I got to admit I was completely wrong about the Las Vegas Raiders. Especially with their defense as it has been a big part of why they have performed well in the first few weeks of the season beating Baltimore, Pittsburgh (Who played down to competition against the Raiders but what else is new.), and now the Miami Dolphins. When Denzel Perryman is healthy he has had a big impact on how well any defense he is on performs. I guarantee if he had a healthier career he would be regarded as one of the top linebackers in the league. Derek Carr was solid in this game even though he had a terrible interception in this game. The MVP on this offense was Peyton Barber as he was unstoppable all game and even scored a touchdown in this game. Jacoby Brissett was a lot better in this game as he made some solid throws in this game and even scored a rushing touchdown in this game. Honestly, Brissett is a serviceable backup and I wonder if Brian Flores will revert to the Starter-Reliever tactic that he used last season with Tua Tagovailoa and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Defense for the Dolphins did a solid job especially in containing Darren Waller for most of the game. The star player for the Dolphins was Linebacker Elandon Roberts as he was everywhere in this game and even had an interception that was returned for the Touchdown. I like Brian Flores as a Head coach of this team and I think he will continue to be a great coach. But I got to ask, why would you call a loft screen pass at the one-yard line? That was a terrible play call that resulted in a safety.

4. Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts

I was completely shocked that Carson Wentz played in this game. He last week managed to injure both of his ankles and I thought the Colts would build leverage in keeping their first-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. It was not a surprise that Wentz played injured in this game. He clearly should not have played at all in this game. I am not going to go long in this game as the Titans were clearly the healthier team but man this game was a lot closer than what it should have been. Ryan Tannehill continues to prove Adam Gase wrong as he threw three good touchdowns in this game. This Nick Westbrook-Ikhine who came out of nowhere he was pretty good and could have more snaps on the offense in future games. The Titans did lose AJ Brown for the game due to a hamstring injury and Bud Dupree was on a snap count due to an injury.

5. New York Giants vs Atlanta Falcons

What the heck was that? What a terrible performance by the New York Giants vs the Falcons. But first I want to talk about the Falcons. First, the defense stepped up and had a better performance in this game which isn't saying much as the Falcons defense is completely terrible. The run defense was so-so but let Saquon Barkley score a touchdown in this game. Dante Fowler and Grady Jarrett continue to be the best players on this defense. I do see Fowler as a possible trade candidate during the deadline. I got to ask the Falcons What are you doing with Kyle Pitts? He has been completely misused and has done nothing so far in his NFL career. Now let's get to the Giants, Oh Dear. First off let's get to Adoree Jackson, He should have had an interception but Jackson has never had the best hands and even dropped a few interceptions during his NFL career. But that should have been an easy interception to have and that would have given the Giants a huge advantage and the Falcons would not have scored later in that drive. The coaching has been a disaster and Joe Judge has made a ton of questionable decisions. This team had 10 days to prepare for this game against a terrible Falcons team and the team looked unprepared. Even Saquon Barkley even said after the game that the team doesn't believe in the scheme that is just a big problem. But here is my biggest problem with this game: you can't beat a weak and tanking Atlanta Falcons team in your home stadium. That is just unacceptable. Now Barkley was terrific, Daniel Jones was solid, this guy Colin Johnson who came out of nowhere was pretty good and showed flashes. At least the team has a kicker in Graham Gano. Nothing much from the Tight Ends again and Evan Engram is a disaster, they should seriously trade or cut him. At this point, he has been a complete disaster for way too long now making the same mistakes. There is no hope with the New York Giants this season and I think it is clear that GM Dave Gettelman will be gone by the end of the year and possibly offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will be gone as well. But at least they won the first tank game in the tournament for the 1st overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. But this was the riskiest pick of the week and If you chose the Falcons instead of the Giants then congratulations on advancing and using a team that many will not use in future weeks.

Trap Survivor Pick: Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles

I am writing this minutes after the Dallas Cowboys have Defeated the Philadelphia Eagles. It is clear to me that Dallas has a ton of talent on this team. Mainly on offense but Dallas has talented defenders. I got to say Micah Parsons is a player on this defense. He was all over the place in this game and has been a great replacement for Sean Lee. Micah Parsons and Leighton Vander Esch have been the best part of this Dallas Defense. While I like what Dallas has done, a big problem that I have with this team is Coaching. Mike McCarthy has not learned the mistakes that he made in Green Bay and has not adapted at all to the new version of the NFL. His Clock Management has been all over the place and I would have more confidence in Dallas if they had a competent Head Coach. But overall a thumbs-up performance by the Dallas Cowboys and I never ever want to hear the narrative that Dak Prescott is holding this team back ever again. Dak is too good for those narratives and has been a big reason why the Cowboys have been successful so far. But in regards to the Philadelphia Eagles, I mean what a terrible performance. Jalen Hurts had a terrible 1st half performance in this game and there were Eagles fans that wanted to see Joe Flacco in at quarterback. Let me just say this as a Jets fan I saw way too much of Joe Flacco during his time with the Jets and he was brutally bad. If I was the Eagles I would rather put in Gardner Minshew at QB over Joe Flacco because let's get real. Flacco is not the long-term answer, in fact, he is not the short-term answer either due to how bad he is. Minshew was acquired from Jacksonville for pennies on the dollar and he was solid during his tenure with the Jaguars. Trust me you think Hurts is bad don't even think about wanting Joe Flacco at QB. But Hurts was solid in the 2nd half of this game. What also boggles my mind is what they did with the Running backs. Three total carries by the running backs, Really. You did not even adapt by utilizing the running back in this game. You know Hurts is struggling in the first half, Why not use the running backs to give him options. That is 100% on the Coaching staff including Head Coach Nick Sirianni. I mean this team should have had 14 points if it wasn’t for garbage time where the cowboys mainly played backup players on defenses.


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