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NFL Survivor Picks: Week 8 Recap

(Image credit Rich Barnes/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

Week 8 of the NFL Season has concluded and it was an unsurprising week in Survivor as except for a few games many advanced. Let's dive into how I did, giving my top 5 options that I gave to pick in survivor and a trap game to avoid choosing for Week 7 of the NFL season.

Week 8 Top 5 Survivor Options

Week 8 Record (4-1)

Overall Record (33-8)

1. Cincinnati Bengals at New York Jets

This was the biggest upset of the year. Mike White was extremely impressive for the Jets taking over for Zach Wilson and making the organization look like fools for acquiring Joe Flacco. To be honest it was not hard as the Jets looked like fools even when that trade was officially announced. The Jets did a fantastic job coming back from that disgraceful Patriots game they had in week 7. The defense for the Bengals was abysmal. Like I mentioned in my latest Jets article CB Eli Apple should be cut. He has been awful throughout his time with the Bengals and he is a complete liability for the Bengals.

2. Buffalo Bills vs Miami Dolphins

Not a surprise that the Buffalo Bills won this game but it was extremely close during the first 3 quarters of the season. The Bills were very sloppy in this game on offense. Then it got to the 4th quarter and the Dolphins just gave up once Jordan Poyer picked off Tua in a terribly underthrown ball. Tua Tagovailoa has been a big disappointment since he was drafted. Especially as Justin Herbert was selected with the next pick and has been fantastic. Tua was not completely awful in this game. The Dolphins o-line is terrible. He is getting no help from them and it continues to be a disappointing season for the Dolphins. At least they will get a top 5 pick if they continue to suck this season. Oh yeah, their 1st round pick is the Philadelphia Eagles' property from the Jaylen Waddle Trade.

3. Los Angeles Rams at Houston Texans

This game was a total deletion until the Texans scored 22 unanswered points during garbage time in the 4th quarter. Then again the Rams pulled their starters thus resulting in the game being closer than it should have been. Imagine if Matthew Stafford was with the Lions and had competent coaching, o-line, running back, and a consistent defense as Stafford once again was fantastic. Darrell Henderson was excellent, rushing for 90 yards and scoring 2 touchdowns (1 receiving and the other rushing). The Rams defense was solid excluding garbage time and will get scarier once Von Miller is playing for this team. The Texans defense was horrible in this game and hopefully, they improve against the Miami Dolphins next week.

4. Kansas City Chiefs vs New York Giants

I am writing this moments after the game has been completed. The Chiefs are terrible. They are not the same team that they were last season. Something has happened to the Chiefs and Mahomes should have had more interceptions than he had in this game but the Giants defense loves to commit penalties at the worst time and luckily the Chiefs won a game that they should not have. It does not help and this is something that I have noticed with the Giants but since Joe Judge came in as the coach they have always played close games in primetime but fall apart at the last second and they look like a different team when they are not in primetime. I don’t understand it. I keep saying this but I don’t know about Daniel Jones. He shows you a ton of flashes that he can be a franchise quarterback If he is coached right. But great performances by the Giants defense but a tough loss for them as they played their hearts out.

5. Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions

Yikes, this was total domination. The Philadelphia Eagles completely destroyed the Lions in this game. There is a real possibility that the Lions may go 0-17 this season. I don’t think it will happen but out of all teams to get dominated by you get dominated by the Eagles. The Eagles defense looked like they were a top defense in this league when in reality that defense is extremely mediocre. The Lions were abysmal and Jared Goff is awful. No joke, I won't be surprised if the Lions decide to start David Blough at quarterback this season due to how bad the Lions offense was in this game. Thank goodness the Lions got two first-round picks with Jared Goff in the Matthew Stafford deal. You see Nick Sirianni this is how you properly utilize your running backs in this league. I am a pro Jalen Hurts guy but he legit did not do much in this game. He was not awful just meh in this game with 103 passing yards and 71 rushing yards

Trap Survivor Pick: Atlanta Falcons vs Carolina Panthers

Now before we get to the game I want to talk a little bit about what happened with WR Calvin Ridley.

Athletes go through so much during their careers and they suffer through a lot of pain. Many Fans already know the damage that an athlete suffers physically when participating in their respective sports. Many often forget about what they are going through mentally while they are playing their respective sport.

Calvin Ridley has been inactive the past few games due to personal reasons. Many were wondering why but we got that reason as Calvin Ridley tweeted that he was going to focus on his mental wellbeing and step away from the sport of football. I want to say that I am proud of Calvin Ridley for focusing on his mental wellbeing. It is very hard for someone in his position to speak up and make this decision. What I am also proud of is that now we are paying more attention to an athlete's mental state and are offering them the help that they need.

I wish Calvin Ridley the best with his recovery and take all the time you need. I will be very excited to see you whenever you are back on the football team.

Now let's get into the game. This result was not a surprise to me that the Atlanta Falcons lost this game. It is how they lost this game that I was surprised with. The Falcons lost to a team that had PJ Walker the XFL Legend at QB replacing Sam Darnold was out for the game due to getting concussed in the 4th quarter. I hate to say this because I am a fan of Darnold but he was awful in this game. He only had 129 passing yards in this game. At least he had 66 rushing yards but against this brutal Atlanta Falcons secondary not named AJ Terrell, he should have had a better performance. RB Chuba Hubbard was excellent in this game for the Panthers. By the way, the Falcons unsurprisingly blew a 10-3 lead in this game then again roses are red and violets are blue when it comes to the Falcons blowing leads.


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