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NFL Week #11: 3 Winners and 3 Losers

(Photo By: Robert Scheer/IndyStar)

Written By: Matt Di Domenico

Twitter: @didomenicomatt5

Any given game, teams and players have to be able to perform at the highest level in this league. We have finally hit the time where the result of these games impacts the life of the season for some organizations. Week #11 had some very exciting games that came down to the final minutes of the game. Many of the players below showed up in those games to help lead their teams to victory and some like always were disappointing for their respective franchises. These are the 3 winners and 3 losers for week #11 in the NFL.


1. Buffalo Bills

It is getting very close for many people to start hitting the panic button on the Buffalo Bills because they got absolutely destroyed by the Indianapolis Colts in a 41 to 15 beatdown. This Bills defense gave up 370 total yards which is pathetic. Josh Allen and the Bills offense was just a mess. Allen seems to be bailing out of the pocket way too much, trying to make a play happen for this team. I am not hitting the panic button just yet on this team but if the Bills do not bounce back on Thanksgiving night against the New Orleans Saints, then it could be very challenging for them to take down the New England Patriots the rest of the way for the AFC East. Tough sledding in the next few weeks for the Bills and it certainly could make or break their season.

2. QB Ryan Tannehill, Tennessee Titans

An absolute embarrassment for the Titans starting QB Ryan Tannehill. This is a game that Tannehill and the Titans should have won easily. The Houston Texans have been a mess all year and they showed up yesterday to upset this Titans team. Tannehill went 35 for 52 with 323 passing yards, had 1 TD and 4 INTs. You are not going to win any games in this league if you throw 4 INTs. Now the Titans will be going against the red-hot New England Patriots next week. Tannehill must show up in this game or else the Patriots could be sitting with the number #1 seed will come this time next week!

3. QB Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys

This was a showing that many thought would be a shootout in the middle window of games when the Dallas Cowboys took on the Kansas City Chiefs. What happened was the complete opposite in a resulting score of 9 to 19. The Cowboys starting QB was not sharp in this game and was missing a lot of his weapons, but some were still available to him to score more than 9 points. Dak Prescott was 28 for 43 with 216 yards passing and had 2 INTs. It was one of Prescott's worst games as a starting QB in the NFL and now many question if he will bounce back on Thanksgiving when they take on the Las Vegas Raiders. Dak said after the game that he was very pissed off in his performance, so I expect him to bounce back this coming Thursday.


1. RB Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts

Jonathan Taylor showed up on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills to show everyone in the league that he is a running back that you do not want to face. Taylor had 32 rushes for 185 rushing yards and 4 rushing TDs. Taylor was also a huge factor in the passing game as well with a reception TD. Taylor has now staked a claim in the MVP conversation, but the Colts will have to keep winning if he is going to walk away with the award come the end of the season. Taylor will be the main reason why the Colts will get into the playoffs if they keep winning. Next up is the defending champs in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

2. WR Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings

The electric do it all WR that the Minnesota Vikings have was the main reason why they won the game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Jefferson and the Vikings took advantage of a banged-up Packers defense all game long. Jefferson had 8 receptions for 169 receiving yards and 2 TDs. Jefferson has proven that he is one of the NFLs best WRs and will be a problem for years to come. The Vikings needed this win to keep their playoff hopes alive. Next week Jefferson will take on the San Francisco 49ers and may have a similar day against them if all goes right.

3. QB Justin Herbert, Los Angeles Chargers

This was a debatable spot for two Los Angeles Chargers players but I gave the nod to Justin Herbert here instead of Austin Ekeler because in the end, Herbert made the throw that won the football game for this team. The Chargers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night in a shootout of 41 to 37. Herbert was 30 for 41 with 382 passing yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT. What flew under the radar was Herbert's 9 carries for 90 yards that moved the chains many times for this Chargers offense. This offense is very explosive and can match point for point with any offense in the NFL. If the Chargers can improve their defensive play, then they could be a very hard team to beat come January. Herbert will look to take down the Denver Broncos next week.

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