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NFL Week 3 Takeaways

Photo Credit to Dale Zanine-USA Today Sports

Written by Stephen Brown III

With another week in the book, we saw some more wild finishes, horrendous performances, and a clearer picture of how this season might go. With that in mind, let’s dive into the week that was.

1. The Bears have given the keys of the offense to Nick Foles

I’m leading with this one because as a Bears fan, I’m ecstatic. I wrote before the season that I would’ve preferred to see Foles be named the starter from week 1. However, I also cautioned that the Bears should have a short leash on Trubisky. After some up and down play, Matt Nagy benched Trubisky for Foles. In the fourth quarter (with under 7 minutes left), the Bears scored 20 straight points to win 30-26. Foles threw three TDs (and would have potentially had five after a weird pick in the end zone and a drop by Anthony Miller). The Bears officially named Foles the starter for the foreseeable future, which should bring some consistency to the offense and allow the Bears to rattle off some wins and make a playoff push.

2. The Eagles continue to look woeful

After a rough 0-2 start, the Eagles looked to bounce back against the reigning worst NFL team, Cincinnati Bengals. After watching even more injuries pile up and some shaky QB play from Carson Wentz, the team ended up tying the Bengals. Not a lot is going right for the Eagles but the good news is, they are still only a half-game out of the division lead. However, if Wentz doesn’t start playing better, this team could be out of it by Thanksgiving.

3. The Seahawks are DangeRuss

For years, people wondered what Russell Wilson would look like if the Seahawks actually threw the ball. It seemed they would run all game and only let Russ throw when they were losing late in the game. Well, the Seahawks are finally letting Russ throw and he’s been historic. After another 5 TD performance (which could have been six had it not been for DK Metcalf pulling a Leon Letts), Russell Wilson is on pace for 70+ TDs and hopefully, his first MVP (he’s never even had an MVP vote). Even though his defense hasn’t been great, if the offense keeps cooking like this, they will just outscore everyone they play.

4. Rodgers continues his warpath

The other best team in the NFC also continued to cruise, beating the preseason NFC frontrunner Saints on Sunday football. This team was 13-3 last year and didn’t look great. This year, they have started 3-0 and look unstoppable. Aaron Rodgers still looks like vintage Rodgers, showing tremendous touch on deep balls while Aaron Jones looks like one of the best backs in football. We are on collision course for another Rodgers vs Wilson NFC Championship and if those two are playing like they are now, we might be in for one of the most epic shootouts in NFL history.

5. Josh Allen continues to impress

I wasn’t high on Josh Allen coming into the season but so far, he’s proven me wrong. He played the Jets and Dolphins the first two weeks but still had a solid performance against a much better Rams defense. Despite almost being a part of an all-time collapse (the Bills lead 28-3), Allen kept his cool and lead the Bills down the field and threw a game-winning TD. The Bills did get bailed out by a terrible DPI call on 4th and 12 that would’ve otherwise ended the game. However, Allen still needed to take advantage of the opportunity and make the game-winning TD pass, which he did. If Allen can keep playing like this all season, he’ll be in MVP talks with Wilson and Rodgers.

6. The Ravens might be in trouble

I know it was only their first loss of the season. I’m not here to bury the Ravens. They will likely make the playoffs (although possibly as a wild card team). However, it’s clear that their magic is starting to wear off a bit. If a team with a good offense can get an early lead, this team looks like they won’t be able to throw well enough to make a comeback. I like Lamar. I think he’s electric and a lot of fun to watch. However, I think a lot of his throwing success comes from the run. Their ability to throw is definitely opened up by how well they run the ball. So, when they get down early and aren’t able to run as much, their offense suffers. So, while the Ravens are still a solid NFL team, I just don’t see them making a legitimate Super Bowl run this year.

7. The Jets are horrendous at football

I saved the Jets for the last takeaway since they will end the season in dead last. It seems like every team this year has shown flashes of good play. Even the 0-3 teams have put together good drives and been in games. The Jets are the exception. They are undoubtedly the worst team in football and frankly, I’m not sure it’s even close. Offensive “guru” Adam Gase continues to head one of the most inept offenses in football. Despite it being year three, we STILL don’t know if Sam Darnold is any good because of the offense he’s in. Some might want to blame Darnold for the struggles, but if you watch the Jets, it’s clear the entire system is broken. Unless they can eke out a win vs a team like the Dolphins or Broncos, this team will go 0-16. At that point, it might be best to just trade Darnold, fire Gase, and start fresh with Trevor Lawrence and a new coach (maybe someone like Eric Bienemy). I’ll tell you one thing, I am glad that I’m not a Jets’ fan.

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