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Notable Players Who Could Potentially be Cut on Every NFC Team

Image Credit: (Trevor Ruszkowski/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

Twitter: @nicholasmullick

The NFL Season is fast approaching and Training Camp going on with every team. Many players on each team are fighting for spots on the 53-man roster. Sometimes there are notable names who could be on the chopping block and could potentially be cut by the team. So I decided why not go through every team in the NFC and name one notable player who could potentially be cut at the end of the preseason.

Arizona Cardinals - TE Maxx Williams

I still am confused with some of the moves made by the Arizona Cardinals during the offseason. One of them was drafting TE Trey McBride as the Cardinals already had plenty of tight ends on the roster. I think it is clear that the Cardinals are not big fans of Maxx Williams and are likely planning to move on from him. Williams has not been the most durable player and Stephen Anderson has been sneakily good through his career as a blocking tight end along with showing flashes as a pass catcher. I would not be shocked if Arizona decides to part ways with Williams as I don’t see Arizona carrying 4 tight ends on the roster.

Atlanta Falcons - CB Teez Tabor

The Falcons are a tough one as the team is tanking the year and it is basically open season for any player getting cut. I debated this for a bit, but I decided to go with CB Teez Tabor. Tabor has been a journeyman in the league spending time with the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, and Chicago Bears. Teez Tabor was once a 2nd round draft selection and has failed to translate in the NFL. This could be his last chance in the NFL and if he can’t make the Falcons roster, his time in the league is done.

Carolina Panthers - QB PJ Walker

I mean, this is pretty much an obvious one. I am not going to go too long here. With the Panthers acquiring Baker Mayfield via trade, drafting Matt Corral in the 3rd round, and picking up Darnold’s 5th-year option, it seems like Walker is the odd man out of the QB crew unless he overly impresses in the next few weeks.

Chicago Bears - WR David Moore

This is another tough one because the Bears decided to blow it up during the offseason. I can see any player getting let go, but if I had to choose one player, I would go with David Moore. David Moore has been a notable player during his time with the Seattle Seahawks, but ever since he left Seattle he just has not produced. He has been a journeyman playing with the Panthers, Raiders, Broncos, Packers, and now Chicago. It does not help that he was recently arrested for a drug and weapons charge and the Bears trading for WR N’Keal Harry. He needs to impress or else he will have to find a new team to sign with.

Dallas Cowboys - DT Trysten Hill

I remembered in 2019 when he was hyped as a player for the future that could be a strong piece on the Cowboys defensive line. He has not worked out whatsoever with the Cowboys and has failed to produce on the field. Hill has definitely been a bust for a former 2nd-round draft pick and he seems to be the odd man out from the current defensive lineman on this team. It would not shock me if Dallas decided to move on from him at the end of the preseason.

Detroit Lions - LB Jarrad Davis

The Detroit Lions are a sneaky team this season as they made solid moves the past few years and finally have a good coach on their team. The one move that I am perplexed by the Lions made was bringing back Jarrad Davis during free agency. I don’t see what they see in him as he is a liability in coverage and struggles with his awareness. His tenure with the Jets was not great either. I am not confident Davis is a lock on the roster as the Lions have more intriguing players that could help the future of the team. I really don’t see Davis having a future in Detroit, but I wish him luck.

Green Bay Packers - WR Sammy Watkins

There are many people that are saying the Packers are likely going to get rid of Amari Rodgers due to how he struggled last season. However, I haven’t given up on Rodgers, and keep in mind last year was his rookie season. With a year of development, he should have a better season this upcoming year. I am not sure Watkins’s roster spot is safe as of course there is a ton of depth at the receiver position on the Packers and is already dealing with a hamstring issue. It also does not help that Watkins has not had a great season since 2019. Plus I have a feeling that the Packers are going to add in order to get another Super Bowl for Aaron Rodgers. That player is Odell Beckham Jr as he is still a free agent and could sign anytime, once he can prove that he is healthy. I mean the guy is known to openly ring chase and he might do it again if he signs with the Packers. Watkins needs to stay healthy and impress in order to solidify his roster spot.

Los Angeles Rams - P Riley Dixon

It was tough putting a notable player for the Rams that could get cut as a majority of them were a big part of the Rams winning Super Bowl 56. I decided to go the special teams route and put up Riley Dixon here as, to be honest, he was not great at punting with the New York Giants. If Cameron Dicker impresses in the next few weeks and Dixon struggles, I can see Dixon getting cut on final cut day.

Minnesota Vikings - CB Nate Hairston

I remember Hairston as he has been a journeyman cornerback in the league. I most remember him during his time with the Indianapolis Colts where he showed flashes during his rookie season. Ever since that season, he just has not been consistent and was then traded to the New York Jets. Hairston has mainly played special teams but is a solid veteran to have on the roster. With the Vikings making multiple moves in the draft at the secondary position, it made Hairston’s roster spot in jeopardy. He must show consistency on defense if he wants a position on this team.

New Orleans Saints - WR Kevin White

I was contemplating which player I was going to go with at this spot, but the one name that popped up was Kevin White. I honestly forgot that White was still in the league after his tenure with the Bears was a flop and he was on the 49ers in 2020 when that team had the injury bug. White is known for being one of the biggest draft busts in Chicago Bears history. With the Saints drafting Chris Olave, Michael Thomas returning from injury (and hopefully not continuing being a cancer in the locker room), and many depth pieces on the team, White could be looking for another team to perform on next season.

New York Giants - WR Darius Slayton

The next few weeks are going to be huge for many players. One of them is Darius Slayton who impressed me during his rookie season. Ever since he has not been terrible, but he has not been able to replicate his production. Slayton has also been an injury bug dealing with nagging ankle/hamstring injuries. Releasing Slayton would clear 2.54 million dollars and give the Giants much-needed salary relief (6.8 million dollars) to help with their rebuild for the future.

Philadelphia Eagles - TE JJ Arcega-Whiteside

I was very close to saying WR Jalen Reagor as it is clear the Eagles have given up on him by acquiring AJ Brown via trade and he has slid down the depth chart. But I think that is too easy so I decided to go with JJ Arcega-Whiteside here. Mainly because I am always intrigued when teams experiment with players and change their position. It is what the Eagles are doing with Arcega-Whiteside as he has flopped as a wide receiver. Maybe a switch to the Tight End position could help save Arcega-Whiteside’s career with the Eagles. But sometimes an experiment could fail and could result in the former 2nd round pick being out of a job with the Eagles due to the depth at that position.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR Scotty Miller

Another obvious choice, so I am not going to go long. With how crowded that receiver core is and Julio Jones being signed to the team it is not looking good for Scotty Miller as he seems to be the odd man out. Millier is a notable name as he was a big part of that Superbowl 55 winning squad.

San Francisco 49ers - TE Tyler Kroft

Originally writing this I was going to go with DE/EDGE Dee Ford, but while writing this news came out that he was released from his contract. I don’t see the 49ers cutting Jimmy G as he is likely going to be traded during the deadline. Out of all the players in San Francisco, I decided to go with Tyler Kroft. Kroft was once an intriguing prospect and had a strong impact in the 2017 season catching 7 touchdowns. But has not impressed since and has had a ton of durability issues. The 49ers really don’t need Kroft on the roster as they have plenty of tight ends on the roster.

Seattle Seahawks - DE/EDGE L.J. Collier

The Seattle Seahawks have been known for making strange draft decisions in the 1st round of the draft. Some have worked, but one choice that clearly did not work was DE/EDGE L.J. Collier. But it was a predictable one as L.J. Collier was projected as a 3rd/4th round prospect. He has not worked out in Seattle and has struggled to produce in Seattle. It's telling that Seattle declined his 5th-year option as they don’t see Collier as a player long-term. Along with the selection of Tyreke Smith and acquiring Shelby Harris in the Russell Wilson trade, it further showed that Seattle is planning to part ways. Cutting him can clear around 980 thousand for the Seahawks salary cap and unless he impresses in the preseason, Collier could be looking for another team to play on.

Washington Commanders - WR Kelvin Harmon

This is a tough one to choose because I don’t think the Commanders have a lot of notable names on the chopping block. I decided to go with WR Kelvin Harmon, as he was a receiver I thought could have been a gem in the 2019 NFL Draft. He showed flashes during his rookie season as well and Washington was on the right track with his development. It is a shame that ever since Harmon has dealt with multiple injuries. Ever since he suffered a Torn ACL he just has not been the same player and was on and off the active roster. He is going to need to stay healthy and impress in order to get a roster spot.



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