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NY Jets Pass or Draft for Fantasy Football

(Image credit Dennis Schneidler/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick

With the NFL season already underway, not only does it mean the return of football but fantasy football as well. Especially during my favorite part of the fantasy football season, the draft. There are a lot of players that you would like to take or pass, especially with a team whose game is broadcasted weekly by where you reside. For me, it is the New York Jets and I like what the team has done on offense. In this article I will go through fantasy players on the New York Jets you should draft or pass either in your drafts or just throughout the regular season.

QB - Zach Wilson (Draft)

I am very high on Zach Wilson this season for both fantasy and regular football. Wilson has a lot more than what Darnold had during his tenure, a good o-line, targets for him to throw the ball to, and a more competent head coach. All of that increases the fantasy value of Zach Wilson as he has protection to prevent him from being hurt and he has a ton of tools to work with when passing the football. Now this selection has a boom or bust potential via fantasy but he will be a good QB2 option. He has a ton of fantasy potential as well when QB1’s are on bye as in week 8 the Jets take on the Cincinnati Bengals, Week 12 the Jets face the Houston Texans, and Week 13 the Jets face against the Philadelphia Eagles. I would not spend a top pick on him but he could go in the mid to late rounds of the fantasy draft.

RB - Tevin Coleman (Draft)

Absolutely a must draft as he has been listed as the starting week 1 running back. During the minimum snaps he took during the preseason he looked really solid. Mainly because he ran under current Jets offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur's system during his time with the 49ers. He will get a majority of the carries for now but there is a risk with Tevin Coleman. He has been injury-prone throughout his career and has not had a healthy season throughout his career. He could be a sleeper option to start as look at some of the teams that the offense is facing in the first five weeks of the season: Carolina, New England, Denver, Tennessee, and Atlanta. Four of these run defenses are mediocre to below average and could be great weeks to utilize Tevin Coleman.

RB - Michael Carter (Draft)

Michael Carter is a rookie player that was taken in the 4th round by the team during the 2021 NFL Draft. He has had the most disappointing performance during the preseason. Especially as he was hyped as the starter after he had a majority of snaps with the starters in camp. But we have to remember that rookies will always have growing pains. Hopefully, Carter improves in the regular season. Carter was solid running the football but was delayed when hitting the holes. His performance in the preseason is going to lower his fantasy draft value but I would not rule him as a pass in fantasy as Tevin Coleman has been known as being extremely injury-prone throughout his football career. I would draft him as a cuff back option if Coleman gets hurt in the future. Keep in mind that later in the season the Jets faced the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles, Cincinnati Bengals, and the New England Patriots in the second half of the season. The teams that I listed did not have good run defenses last season which is going to help Michael Carter's fantasy value.

RB - Ty Johnson (Draft)

I debated a lot with myself about putting Ty Johnson as a pass or as a draft in fantasy. I am leaning towards draft but only in bigger fantasy leagues. He absolutely will be on top of the waiver wire if Tevin Coleman gets injured or Michael Carter continues to struggle. Now he is listed as the second running back behind Tevin Coleman which is going to raise his fantasy value but he needs to be more consistent when he plays as that is a reason why the Detroit Lions got rid of him and how I would describe his tenure with the Jets during the Adam Gase years. But I would at this point rank his fantasy value more than last year's fourth-round pick La’Mical Perine.

RB - La’Mical Perine (Pass)

Yikes, what a big fall from last year. Perine was projected to be a future piece to this running back core. The issue with him has been injuries. Especially now as he is dealing with a foot injury and could possibly not play week 1. Perine is now listed as the 4th running back in the depth chart which is not a good sign of his development and his fantasy value. He would definitely be a pass in fantasy draft due to being undependable and being a part of a crowded running back core

WR - Corey Davis (Draft)

Absolutely a must draft. He was Zach Wilson’s favorite target during the preseason and it is clear that they have a strong connection. He has a ton of talent showing his strong hands, and smooth route runner. So far he has been a solid free-agent signing so far. He will lead the team with the most targets in the receiver core. Targets are the one stat that is the most important for receivers in fantasy football. Davis did lead the team with the most targets when Zach Wilson threw the ball. Davis should be taken in the mid to late rounds of any fantasy draft and absolutely should be a must-start when Zach Wilson is in at quarterback.

WR - Jamison Crowder (Draft)

I am glad the team kept Jamison Crowder as he was the only bright spot on the Jets offense last season. He stayed with the team after his contract was restructured. Crowder will be the starting slot receiver for the team. He didn't play too much in the preseason due to injury. Crowder’s durability is the biggest concern surrounding him. Already it's looking like Crowder won't play after he tested positive for Covid-19. Even though there is injury risk with Crowder I still think he will be an excellent target for Zach Wilson. I would take Crowder in the later rounds of the draft due to his durability concerns.

WR - Elijah Moore (Draft)

I am really high on Elijah Moore this season and the coaching staff has hyped him up during training camp. This selection may be a risky move as Elijah Moore did not play due to a quad injury but there is a lot of potential regarding Moore. Especially as Crowder has been injury prone and he will have a big opportunity in Week one after Crowder tested positive for coronavirus and most likely won't play vs the Carolina Panthers. He has a ton of potential this season and could come out of nowhere as Chase Claypool did last season. It would be a smart decision to wait until the later rounds to draft Moore as he is a rookie but he does have a high ceiling.

WR - Keelan Cole (Pass)

Keelan Cole was signed to a one-year prove-it deal after the Jacksonville Jaguars chose not to re-sign him. So far he has done a solid job both on offense and special teams. For now, I would not use a fantasy pick on Keelan Cole due to how crowded the receiving core is but I would absolutely keep an eye on him throughout the season. Especially as Jamison Crowder and Corey Davis have durability concerns and Elijah Moore is a rookie who could struggle. He could be a solid replacement for either receiver at any point if they are out for a few weeks. It is also telling that he is listed above Denzel Mims in the recent Depth Chart which is telling to the level of confidence that the coaching staff has in Keelan Cole.

WR - Denzel Mims (Pass)

Mims is currently buried on the depth chart as the 5th receiver on the depth chart. There were a lot of rumors that he could potentially be cut which I thought was ridiculous. Turns out he suffered through a bad case of food poisoning where he lost a lot of weight. It is still not a good sign fantasy-wise where he has been listed on the depth chart. I would not even take Denzel Mims in a fantasy draft at all. I could see him being put in a rotational role on the offense and if both Moore and Crowder get hurt Mims could become a solid waiver claim later in the season.

WR - Braxton Berrios (Pass)

Nope absolutely pass on Braxton Berrios in Fantasy drafts. He is terrible on offense and should mainly be used on special teams only as that is where he is more valuable for the Jets.

WR - Jeff Smith (Pass)

Jeff Smith for the past few years with the Jets has shown a ton of flashes with the team. I am going to have to pass with drafting him due to how crowded the receiving core is on the Jets. I am predicting that he will mainly be utilized on Jets Sweeps and with wildcat runs on offense.

TE - Tyler Kroft (Pass)

Tyler Kroft is currently listed as the starting tight end for the New York Jets and showed a ton of flashes against the Green Bay Packers. It is a bit risky to draft Kroft as he has had some injury concerns and has been inconsistent with his play. If you want to draft Kroft but it will have to be in the later rounds of the draft and if you are in a deeper league. But as of now, Kroft would not touch Kroft until he shows consistency and can be durable throughout the beginning of the season. He could be a solid waiver wire claim later in the season when the Jets face off against the Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Philadelphia Eagles as they had a difficult time last season covering tight ends.

TE - Ryan Griffin (Pass)

Ryan Griffin is a pass for the fantasy draft because he will mainly be utilized as a blocking tight end this season after the team traded Chris Herndon. He does come with an injury risk as well and with plenty of tight ends available in the draft, I would focus on the starters. I would watch him on the waiver wire if Tyler Kroft gets injured or he struggles later on in the season.

TE - Daniel Brown (Pass)

Not going to go on long here. Daniel Brown will mainly be utilized on special teams and as a rotational blocking tight end.

Jets Defense (Pass)

I do believe this team could have an impact stopping the run and getting a few sacks. Look at how talented this D-line is with Quinnen Williams, John Franklin-Myers, Sheldon Rankins, Jonathan Marshall, Nathan Shepherd, and hidden gem Foley Fatukasi. But fantasy football this team should absolutely be a pass. The reason why this defense should not be selected is due to how bad their secondary is. I don't have any confidence with any cornerback on this roster except for Bryce Hall. They are going to be exposed throughout the season by a crowded receiver core against the Panthers, Broncos, Titans, Bills, Dolphins, Saints, and Buccaneers. Even though I have high hopes with the experimental players Jamien Sherwood and Hamsah Nasirildeen are going to have growing pains and could be dominated by elite Tight ends in the league. Now they can be a waiver wire claim as they face the Houston Texans week 12 and Philadelphia Eagles week 13. So if you want to plan for when your starting defense is on bye week 12 and 13 definitely look at the Jets defense as a week replacement. But absolutely avoid drafting them in Fantasy Drafts.

K - Matt Ammendola (Pass)

As everyone knows the kicking position has been a rotational door for years ever since the team moved on from Nick Folk. This year the battle was between Chris Naggar and Matt Ammendola and Ammendola was the most consistent kicker and won the battle. Hopefully, he keeps his momentum up but I would not draft him as there are more kickers in the league that I have more confidence in him. But if he keeps his performance up and performs well in the regular season I will put a waiver claim on Ammendola as a kicker in fantasy.

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