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One Potential Hall of Famer On Each NFL Team

Image Credit (Gary Vasquez/USA Today Sports)

Written by: Nicholas Mullick Linkedin:

The return of football is coming soon as teams are starting to begin with camps during the summer. But with football returning, this got me thinking about the NFL Hall of Fame Game on August 4th. I wondered which player on each team would likely be in the Hall of Fame. So I decided to give a player on each team I see as potentially going into the Hall of Fame. Keep in mind that I won't be including coaches, owners, or general managers. Let's start with the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals - DE/EDGE JJ Watt

Injuries have derailed Watt, but there is no question in my mind that he will be going into the Hall of Fame. Watt was unstoppable during his first 5 seasons in the league and was no question the best defensive player in the league. Hopefully, he can stay healthy and be dominant again. Watt was also named as a part of the 2010 National Football League All-Decade Team.

Atlanta Falcons - DT Grady Jarrett

Coming into this I thought I was going to label Nobody as the Falcons are focused on rebuilding the team. However, the Falcons decided to keep Grady Jarrett and he has been a very underrated player in this league. He was one of the pillars of that Falcons defense when they went to Superbowl 51. Jarrett is one of the most talented run stoppers I saw on the Falcons. I think in time he will be a Hall of Famer.

Baltimore Ravens - K Justin Tucker

There are many choices I can make here for the Hall of Fame in regards to the Ravens. You know what I am going with kicker Justin Tucker. May take a few years before he gets in, but he is one of if not the best kickers to ever play in the National Football League. He has been the most automatic kicker in the league and has been super clutch for many years. He even holds multiple records in the NFL. The most notable is kicking a 66-yard field goal, which is the longest field goal of all time. Tucker should absolutely be in the hall of fame when the time comes no questions asked.

Buffalo Bills - DE/EDGE Von Miller

There are a lot of choices for the Buffalo Bills. But I will go with the Obvious choice in Von Miller. He has had a tremendous impact on any defense he has been a part of whether in Denver or Los Angeles. After all, he was the Superbowl 50 MVP when the Broncos won the game against the Carolina Panthers. When the day comes of Von Miller retiring it will be a matter of time before he gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Carolina Panthers - Nobody

If McCaffery could stay healthy, I probably would have put him here. Unfortunately, injuries happen in football, and they have taken him out of a lot of games. In fact, he has only played 10 games in 2 seasons which is not great at all. But besides him I really can’t name another player In Carolina that I would label as a Hall of Famer as they are still rebuilding, I guess. I have no idea, to be honest, what Carolina’s plan is.

Chicago Bears - DE/EDGE Robert Quinn

I really don’t understand what the Bears have been doing as they chose for some reason to blow it up. I got to be honest, excluding maybe Robert Quinn. I don’t see anybody on the Bears being close to hall of fame status. When Quinn is healthy he has just been unstoppable. He had a career resurgence last season getting 19.5 sacks. He has had 5 seasons getting over 10 sacks. He has a total of 101 career sacks and should absolutely be in the conversation for the Hall of fame.

Cincinnati Bengals - S Jessie Bates

It is a bit early to start labeling players on this team as Hall of Famers. But if I had to choose one on this team, I would have to go with S Jessie Bates. Ever since joining the Bengals, he has been a tremendous piece to the Bengals secondary. Again it is still too early to tell, but if the Bengals play the same way they did last year, then there will be plenty of players on the Bengals that will be Hall of Famers.

Cleveland Browns - DE/EDGE Myles Garrett

This was a tough decision as I think this is a year or two early for Cleveland, but as of now, I am leaning towards Myles Garrett. Garrett has been a fantastic player that has helped Cleveland's defense, especially with their pass rush. Excluding his rookie season, Garrett has had more than 10 sacks per season. I think he will have a long career and grow a resume with the Browns which should make him a Hall of Famer.

Dallas Cowboys - OT Tyron Smith

Tyron Smith is a very important part of the Dallas Cowboys offense. When healthy the Dallas Cowboys are a better team, when he is out with injury this team is just an absolute mess. He has been to 8 pro bowls. He was also part of the 2010 National Football League All-Decade Team. Smith should be a Hall of Famer when he decides to call it a career.

Denver Broncos - QB Russell Wilson

No debate here as Wilson has been a very good quarterback coming into the NFL. He helped contribute to the Seahawks Dynasty as the QB of the team. Wilson should have 2 Super Bowl rings if it was not for offensive coordinator Darell Bevell making the play call to throw the football at Superbowl 49. Wilson last season was dealing with injuries but should rebound well with the Denver Broncos, who have been desperate to go to the playoffs as they have not since Peyton was the QB.

Detroit Lions - Nobody

Too early to tell yet on which Lions player will be a hall of fame player as they are a team still rebuilding. I like the direction that the Lions are going right now and if they continue to get better then maybe I can start labeling plates as a Hall of Famer.

Green Bay Packers - QB Aaron Rodgers

There is no debate with this one here. Say what you want about Aaron Rodgers the person, but Rodgers the player is one of the best QB’s in the NFL today. He has been carrying this team for multiple years and you can’t take away that Super Bowl trophy. He is 100% going into the hall of fame, no question.

Houston Texans - WR Brandon Cooks

Many will disagree with me, but I see Cooks as a Hall of Famer. Will he be a first-ballot Hall of Famer, No in fact I think it will take a few years before he is in. You can’t deny how much of an impact he had with the Saints, Rams, Patriots, and even the Texans. Excluding his rookie and 2019 season, he has had over 1,000 yards and 5 touchdowns. Along with being a big part of the Patriots team in Superbowl 52 and Rams team in Super Bowl 53 (Even though the Rams did not get in there properly). Honestly, the Patriots may have won Super Bowl 52 if Cooks did not leave with a concussion. It might be a bit of a longer wait for Cooks, but he is a very talented receiver that deserves the nod.

Indianapolis Colts - OG Quinton Nelson

Yes, you can also put Matt Ryan in this spot, but I decided to go with Quinton Nelson here. He has been the most dominant offensive lineman in the league no question. Nelson can play at any position if it is at guard, tackle, or even center. Nelson is this generation's Joe Thomas and if he keeps this up and stays healthy, he should absolutely be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Nobody

It is too early for me to say a single player on this team will be in the Hall of Fame. Maybe we will potentially see that in a few years now that they have a more competent coach.

Kansas City Chiefs - QB Patrick Mahomes

I guarantee you that there is already a Mahomes plaque somewhere in the storage of the NFL Hall of Fame Museum. Mahomes is not even in his 30s yet and he has already won a Super Bowl and unanimously ranked as a Top 3 QB in the NFL today. He will no doubt, in my mind, go into the Hall of Fame.

Las Vegas Raiders - DE/EDGE Chandler Jones

I think hands down Jones will be going into the Hall of Fame. He has been extremely talented for multiple years. Especially during his time in Arizona which were his best years in the league. He did have great ones with New England and was a part of the Superbowl 49 squad that won the Lombardi trophy. I think he will continue to have a successful career with the Las Vegas Raiders and grow his resume to try and be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Los Angeles Chargers - DE/EDGE Khalil Mack

Years later, I could probably change this to Justin Herbert. But I think it is too early to call him a Hall of Famer as of now. I have to go with Khalil Mack here. He has been a transcendent talent that has had a big impact on any defense he is a part of. He had great seasons with both the Raiders and Bears. Hopefully, he can continue having a strong career with the Chargers and continue to build a resume strengthening him getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Los Angeles Rams - DT Aaron Donald

No question here on which player on this team will go into the Hall of Fame. It is a lock that Aaron Donald will go into the hall of fame, and his career is not done yet. He has been one of the pillars of the Los Angeles Rams defense and finally got his Super Bowl ring after defeating the Bengals. Donald should honestly be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Miami Dolphins - WR Tyreek Hill

Hill absolutely in time will get his name called into the Hall of Fame. He was one of the main pieces to the Kansas City Chiefs offense that won Superbowl 54. Hill is also one of the fastest receivers that I have ever seen play football and there is a reason why he is nicknamed Cheetah. He has been a tremendous talent in the NFL and has been the #1 receiver in Kansas City, and should be in Miami as well.

Minnesota Vikings - S Harrison Smith

It was tough choosing a player in Minnesota as you can make a case to put any player in. But I decided to go with Harrison Smith as he has been to 6 pro bowls and has been a playmaker for the Vikings' defense when he is healthy. He has gotten better and better with every season that passes. He is not slowing down anytime soon and will continue to beef up his stats and further solidify him going into the hall of fame.

New England Patriots - S Devin McCourty

McCourty has been one of the big pieces to the Patriots secondary for the past decade. His skills on defense have contributed to being a three-time Superbowl Champion. He has also been super durable for the Patriots as he has only missed 5 games throughout his 12-year career in the NFL. It would shock me if Devin McCourty was not a Hall of Famer in 10 years after he retires from the league.

New Orleans Saints - DE/EDGE Cameron Jordan.

This was a very tough choice as there are talented players on this team. I decided to go with DE/EDGE Cameron Jordan. He has been to 7 Pro Bowls and has been a tremendous leader for the New Orlean Saints for multiple years. He has been impactful as a pass rusher and run stopper. Something impressive about Cameron Jordan is that he has been very durable throughout his career. I don’t think he even missed a game throughout his career and has been this impactful. He should have a ring in 2018, but that disgraceful NFC Championship Game against the Los Angeles Rams, where the refs made multiple poor officiating calls. Add onto it Jordan was also part of the 2010 National Football League All-Decade Team.

New York Giants - Nobody

The Giants are still rebuilding and as of now, I can’t name a player on this team as a Hall of Famer yet. Hopefully this time the Giants choose the right coach and GM Joe Schoen can build the team.

New York Jets - Nobody

Yeah, I wish I could name a player on the Jets and say they are a Hall of Famer, but no. No Hall of Famers on this team at all. Maybe in 2-3 years, I can label a player a Hall of Famer, once the rebuild is done.

Philadelphia Eagles - OC Jason Kelce

I debated putting Fletcher Cox here as he was a big piece to the Philadelphia Eagles defense that helped win Superbowl 52. But Kelce has more importance on the offensive line as the center snapping the football. He has had a tremendous impact on the Eagles offensive line and has been a big help in the running game. Kelce should be in the Hall of fame due to his long career and his impact with the Eagles.

Pittsburgh Steelers - LB TJ Watt

TJ Watt is absolutely the best player on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Look at last year when he was out of games due to injuries, the defense did not look the same at all. Last season he had a career-high 22.5 sacks tying Michael Strahan’s record. He along with his brother JJ will likely be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

San Francisco 49ers - OT Trent Williams

There are a ton of options to choose from on this team I see as Hall of Farmers. I decided to go after one of the best tackles in the NFL today in Trent Williams. Williams has been to the Pro Bowl multiple times. He has been an excellent blindside blocker and has a lot of the attributes that you want in a tackle. Even Hall of Fame tackle Tony Boselli even believes that he is the best tackle in the league.

Seattle Seahawks - Nobody

I debated putting Jamal Adams here, but he needs to be consistent with his coverage ability for him to be a Hall of Famer. Plus Adams has not been as great in Seattle, then he was with the New York Jets. Seattle is currently in a rebuild and I can’t fully name a player being a Hall of Famer yet.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - QB Tom Brady I mean, is there really a debate here? Say what you want about the guy and the dark arts of BIll Billechick coaching. I can’t ignore the 7 Super Bowl championship victories that Brady has been a part of. He is one of if not the greatest quarterback in NFL history and he is still going at the age of 44 (Turning 45 in August). I think it is safe to say that Brady is going into the Hall of Fame.

Tennessee Titans - RB Derrick Henry

I actually debated this one between RB Derrick Henry, S Kevin Byard, or OT Taylor Lewan. I decided to go with Derrick Henry as he has just gotten better and better every time I see him. He was unstoppable during 2018-2020. Even in 2021 he was unstoppable scoring 10 TDs and rushing for 937 yards and would have probably gotten another 2,000 rushing yard season if he was healthy.

Washington Commanders - Nobody

Yeah, it is way too early to tell that a single player in Washington will be a Hall of Famer. I debated putting QB Carson Wentz on the list, but he did not come across well in his tenure in Indianapolis and did not play in Superbowl 52. It is way too early to call anybody in Washington a Hall of Famer.

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