OT — Kolton Miller 7.36

Scout- Jack Bourgeois

College: UCLA

Height: 6'9"

weight: 310 lbs

40-Time: 4.95

Bench Press: 24

Arm Length: 34 1/8"


Q.A.B. 8.00 Very quick for his size. Great athlete, light on his feet, with good balance.  Flexibility 6.00 Can improve on knee bend and lowering his pad level. Plays too high due to his height.  C.O.D. 7.00 Decent change of direction, has trouble redirecting with just one step to recover on inside moves  Explosion 7.50 Shows explosion when moving forward while run blocking. Good quick set off the snap.  Versatility 7.00 Can play in any scheme, has success in as both a run and pass blocker and has the athleticism to get out in space in a hurry to block on screens and toss plays.

Run Blocking

In-Line 8.00 Destructive down the line blocker. Seals the lane and often affects multiple defensive line man by finishing his block and creating a pile up at the line.  Movement off L.O.S. 8.10 Good push, aggressive mauler when moving forward but tends to not get low enough to create leverage.  Reach Block 7.20 Athletic enough to to get to opponents outside shoulder and seal the edge, good arm extension allows him to dictate body positioning. Understands angles and utilizes his length well to control opponents.  Pull & Block Outside 8.40 Excels when he’s moving in space, great at getting down the line when asked to pull.  Adjust In Space 6.80 Uses his reach to get his hands on guys when having to redirect or adjust last second. Great down field blocker.  Use of Hands 6.50 Adequate hand placement, inconsistent and too high at times. Doesn’t have a strong punch or powerful upper body.

Pass Blocking

Quick Set 8.00 Kolton has very fast setting feet, he’s quick to set into his stance and usually wins with his initial step and punch.  Protect Corner 8.00 Excellent kick slide, decent footwork but needs to improve on contact level. He’s often too high and lu  Footwork/Redirect & Slide 6.50 Choppy footwork needs to become more fluid with his corner slide. Decent recovery and redirect to counter inside moves.  Anchor/Reset Ability 6.00 Miller needs to get stronger in the weight room to adjust to the NFL bullrush. He was often pushed backwards and overpowered.  Handle Games/Stunts 7.30 Good recognition of defensive schemes. Picks up blitzes and stunts with his quickness and length.  Hands/Punch 7.50 Great length but is a body catcher type blocker. Doesn’t have a strong punch or powerful upper body. Rarely loses the hand fighting battle, but needs to work on lowing his hand level.


Toughness 7.50 Plays with an attitude and aggression when in the run game. Minimal injury history.  Consistency/Motor 8.00 High motor, high energy player who’ll block and attempt to dominate his opponent through the whistle.  Production 8 Very productive in college. Only allowed 4 sacks over his entire career at UCLA.


Instincts 7.00 Locates stunts/blitzes well. Has a good sense of pressure and where his QB is at all times.  Learn/Retain 7.50 Has played both LT and RT and transferred his skill set well from one side to the other.  Teamwork 7.00 Kolton does a great job at communicating with his lineman and does a decent job of transferring blocking responsibilities mid play.


Kolton Miller is a freak athlete for his size. He broke the offensive lineman broad jump at the NFL Combine, ran a sub 5 forty and has the prototypical NFL left tackle build. He’s physically gifted, can play in any blocking scheme, and excels as both a run and pass blocker. His corner protection is his biggest asset and he’s a mauler in run blocking. He’s great in space and uses his quickness to get upfield in a hurry.


Outside of cleaning up his mechanics and at times choppy footwork, Kolton NEEDS to improve his overall strength. He lacks pro level upper body strength and due to his lean frame he doesn’t have the core or lower body power needed to block elite bullrushers. Knee bend and lowing his targeting area will also need to be improved upon to become a star at the next level.

Big Picture

Kolton Miller is the most well rounded tackle in the entire draft. His ability to quickly slide to the corner, mirroring his opponent and block them directly out of the play is the best in his class. He has all the measurables needed to be a day one starter in the NFL at both left and right tackle, as well as in any scheme. His aggressiveness while blocking downhill, combined with his finesse pass blocking will have teams seeing him as a mid to late 1st rounder.

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