OT — Mike McGlinchey 7.82

Scout- Alexander Amir

College: Notre Dame

Height: 6'8"

weight: 315 lbs

40-Time: N/A

Bench Press: 24 reps

Arm Length: 34"


Q.A.B. 7.00 Not the best quickness in space, but good balance once he locks on to his man  Flexibility 7.50 Gets low, sinks his hips, above average lateral movement  C.O.D. 6.00 Does not move well in space, but moves well with defenders  Explosion 8.50 Extremely powerful push and punch off the line of scrimmage  Versatility 7.00 Played both RT and LT very well in college, but his lack of speed may make him better suited for RT

Run Blocking

In-Line 8.50 Incredible strength and gets great jump off ball- almost impossible to move him  Movement off L.O.S. 9.00 Constantly and consistently overpowers defenders with his strength and jump off the ball  Reach Block 8.50 Quick release creates great positioning, generates power  Pull & Block Outside 7.00 Not that fast on the outside and can get lost, but places solid hits when pulling to the A gaps  Adjust In Space 6.00 Lack of speed hinders ability to pick up defenders in space, but even a small hit can disrupt defenders  Use of Hands 8.50 Extremely strong hands, generally maintains inside leverage

Pass Blocking

Quick Set 8.50 Very quick release off the line, balanced stance  Protect Corner 6.00 His lack of speed hurts against quick edge rushers, but his strong hands sometimes compensate  Footwork/Re-Direct & Slide 6.75 Pretty good footwork, strong hands help redirect, rarely loses balance moving with pass rushers  Anchor / Re-Set Ability 8.00 Strong as an ox- occasionally goes too high, but even then almost never gets pushed back  Handle Games/Stunts 6.50 Sometimes gets beat if stunt is on the outside due to speed, but picks up inside stunts well  Hands/Punch 8.50 Quick hands, rarely get knocked out of position, long arms keep defenders at bay


Toughness 8.00 Likes to hit people, has played all games since 2014  Consistency 8.50 Experienced, has played at a high level for all of college  Motor 8.25 Always plays through the whistle, doesn’t take plays off


Instincts 8.00 Finds defenders well, reads stunts and blitzes  Learn/Retain 8.00 Played both RT and LT, doesn’t miss assignments often  Teamwork 9.00 Plays through the whistle, always looking for people to hit


Elite size for the position, and incredible strength. Quick release off the ball allows him to set a strong anchor as well as push defenders back from the L.O.S. Very strong hands with good technique, as he maintains good inside leverage. Fierce competitor and high character- he’s a captain, always plays through the whistle, and is always finding people to hit. Power run blocking is where he excels.


Lack of speed is his biggest weakness. Gets beat by fast edge rushers. Has difficulty hitting defenders in space. Could improve footwork. Sometimes gets too high in vertical pass protection. His size and strength compensate, but in the NFL this could be an issue.

Big Picture

Mike McGlinchey has been an extremely steady offensive lineman for Notre Dame. He is very experienced, as he is a 5th year senior in Notre Dame’s pro-style offense. He is a mountain of a man, with defenders barely able to get him to budge once he gets set. He also has very good balance for his size. He lacks the speed and footwork necessary to be a franchise left tackle, but would be a top-notch right tackle and also a solid starter on the left side. He fits best in a power run scheme, but will generally have success in pass protection as well. It’s only against very fast edge rushers that he struggles. He also has the attitude that you want of a leader on the offensive line, with experience as a captain and always playing through the whistle.

Pro Comparison: Taylor Decker. He is almost the exact same size as Decker, and they have similar power off the ball and weaknesses in edge rushing pass protection.

Team Fits: McGlinchey could be a day one starter for any team in need of a tackle. The Cincinnati Bengals could use offensive line help as they have many young, talented skill position players on offense but no QB protection. The Arizona Cardinals need a solid run-blocking tackle, especially since their best offensive weapon is David Johnson out of the backfield. The Los Angeles Chargers would love to have a strong O-lineman for Phillip Rivers to make one or two last playoff runs, and McGlinchey is arguably the most consistent tackle in the draft. Prediction: Early-mid 1st round.

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