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OT — Orlando Brown 7.72

Scout- Jack Bourgeois

College: Oklahoma

Height: 6'8"

Weight: 339 lbs

40-Time: 5.84

Bench Press: 14

Arm Length: 35"


Q.A.B. 6.00 Average athleticism, good balance and quicker than fast. Not as strong as he is big. Flexibility 5.00 Knee bend is average but decent for 6' 8", relies on engaging rushers with length more then getting low and using underneath leverage.  C.O.D. 4.50 Turns like a freight train, doesn’t move well going east or west unless blocking down the line.  Explosion 7.50 Powerful explosive blocker, not the fastest first step but has some real pop on his initial punch throws opponents off balance.  Versatility 8.00 Can play both LT and RT, pulls from the LT position and lead blocks in space for screens, hustles down field to make blocks in the 2nd and 3rd level. Often makes multiple blocks in one play.

Run Blocking

In-Line 8.50 Destructive when crashing down on the DT’s and sealing the edge for outside runs.  Movement off L.O.S. 7.50 An aggressive road grader and pile mover that has the size to push anyone off the LOS.  Use of Hands 9.00 Brown’s reach block and ability to set/seal the edge and create open lanes is his strongest attribute in the run game. Once he engages his block there’s no getting around him, he’s simply too big.  Pull/Block Outside 7.50 Oklahoma often asked Brown to pull completely across the line, though he isn’t the fastest to the hole, he often spring open huge gains as a lead blocker. Great at locating LB’s in the 2nd level.  Adjust In Space 7.50 Though he doesn’t have any form of speed or the quickest feet to redirect in open space, he uses his massive wingspan to get a hand on defenders to redirect.  Use of Hands 8.00 Great hand fighting skills, Powerful Punch often used to send a DE out of the play and move onto another block. His incredible reach gives him a huge advantage not allowing defenders to stack and shed.

Pass Blocking

Quick Set 7.00 Get out of his stance well and quickly into position, his long stride gives him time to react to the pass rusher’s initial direction before engaging. Doesn’t lunge or over step.  Protect Corner 9.00 Orlando Brown is a stone wall, his long stride and reach allow him to be the ultimate body catcher. He’s simply too big, too long and has enough technique to not allow elite defenders around or through him. Great at absorbing opponents power and speed.  Footwork/Redirect/Slide 8.00 Great kick slide, long stride but keeps his feet underneath him, rarely loses footing, decent hip movement. Average redirect of momentum.  Anchor/Reset Ability 9.00 Rarely gives up a sack, dominant against bull rush and speed rushers but could slightly improve against the inside move. Great finisher, maintains blocks and plays through the whistle.  Handles Blitz/Stunts 8.50 Recognizes and picks up stunts/blitz’s with ease, has shown the ability to affect multiple rushers in one play. Great recognition of disguised blitz’s and delayed stunts.  Hands/Punch 8.50 His arm extension is his biggest weapon, strong punch and straight arm.


Instincts 8.00 Really good at locating his QB when rushed outside the pocket, positions himself for cutbacks on plays opposite of him.  Learn/Retain 8.00 Understands positioning and angles in the run game, rarely misses his assignment and has improved his all around game since his 1st year. Has cut down on unnecessary penalties and learned to control/channel his aggression.  Teamwork 9.00 Brings toughness and tenacity to the Oline and his team. Was a leader and tone setter of his team.


Orlando Brown is a towering prototype of a tackle, a road grader who plays aggressive and knows how to use his size and length to his advantages. His reach and arm extension allow him to engage and stop defenders in their tracks before they can gain momentum. He’s an anchor in pass protection and a mauler in the run game, who’s 2nd level blocks often spring open big gains.


Browns is not the most athletically gifted tackle (not bad for his size), he’s a little slow getting to and through the hole when pulling and blocking down field. He’s also not very strong for his size, after cutting from 450 lbs to 339, it’s believed he actually has room to shift the remaining excess to muscle and get bigger in the weight room.

Big Picture

Orlando Brown is a 3 year LT with 40 consecutive starts, he was voted 2016’s Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year, 2017’s Unanimous 1st Team All American and comes from a NFL pedigree. He is still a lock to be a top 50 pick in 2018 and a day one starter at the left tackle position for any team in need of a durable, mean, massive blocker to anchor their QB’s blindside. He possesses adequate footwork and mechanics but typically wins with length and power. His frame makes it a nightmare for edge rushers trying to get around the corner, his one slide step equals two-three from the defender. Brown can play both the zone and power blocking scheme, but is best suited in a down hill offense that allows him to impose his will and own the edge. He’s arguably the best offensive tackle in the draft and also has the most room to grow technique wise if polished correctly.



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