OT — Tyrell Crosby 7.04

Scout- Cody Manning

College: Oregon

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 325 lbs

40-Time: 5.23

Bench Press: 17

Arm Length: 35 1/4"


Q.A.B. 6.50 He doesn’t get in his stance as fast as you would like. Does keep a proper balance when anchoring.  Flexibility 6.00 He does look tight in his hips, can struggle with rushers that can bend around him.  C.O.D. 6.00 He does struggle if he tries to change where he wants to go in open space.  Explosion 7.00 His first step is slow but he does a great job at exploding through defenders on his blocks.  Versatility 7.25 He has experience at both tackle spots, would be better suited at RT, could slide inside I believe.

Run Blocking

In-Line 7.75 He does a great job at sealing lanes for the runner when he is hitting the defender straight on.  Movement off L.O.S. 6.75 He doesn’t get much push off the L.O.S. when he is dealing with strong defenders.  Reach Block 7.00 He does a good job at getting where he needs to be to create a lane, sometimes pad level raises.  Pull & Block Outside 7.00 Has times where he gets a high pad level when he pulls, unless he locks his hands on them, he loses  Adjust In Space 6.25 He can be lost in space at times but will make an attempt to find someone he can put his body on.  Use of Hands 7.75 Once he locks his hands on the defender he will have his way with them. Drives them out of the way.

Pass Blocking

Quick Set 6.50 He can be slow when getting his body set, this allows the defender to win the early battles at times.  Protect Corner 7.50 He understands his role and protects his corner, he was rarely beat, and kept sacks at a minimal.  Footwork/Redirect & Slide 6.25 He does need some work on his footwork and how he slides to spots, can come up in stance.  Anchor/Reset Ability 7.75 He uses his big body to his advantage to help anchor his side of the protection so no one gets by.  Handle Games/Stunts 7.50 He showed he doesn’t get fooled by stunts, didn’t let any confuse him so they can get to the QB.  Hands/Punch 7.25 Once he locked his hands on defenders, he would help seal his side of the protection.


Toughness 7.00 He is a very tough player, and loved to finish his blocks by driving defenders into the ground.  Consistency / Motor 7.50 He would look for defenders to block at all times, never appeared to give up on any plays.  Production 7.25 He is a player a head coach could depend on knowing he would complete his assignment on the play.


Instincts 6.50 He did have times he look lost in open space, wouldn’t feel it out right to the second level.  Learn/Retain 7.25 He showed he was ready for stunts when they were pulled, he was prepared for the team he faced.  Teamwork 7.75 He would continue to find ways to help runners find lanes to run through, looked to make a block.


He has the prototypical NFL lineman size that a team is looking for. He does a great job at using his size to his advantage to help clear lanes for the runners to go through. Once he locks his hands on to defenders, he will have his way with them, and will look to drive them into the ground. He doesn’t get fooled on stunts and will protect his side for pass plays.


He isn’t the most athletic lineman so he can be slow out of his stance and not get set on time. He has times where his pad level will start to rise which is typically as he gets in space or on the 2nd level. If he doesn’t lock on properly, he loses control of the defender, and relies on his body staying in the way to help hold the block. He does need to work on his footwork for the next level.

Big Picture

Tyrell Crosby has the size and strength to be able to compete at the next level. He will come in and help a teams running game with his bull dozer ways of blocking. He uses his body to his advantage and will help seal lanes for runners to go through. He can also be depended on passing downs because he understands his pass protection assingments, and will hold his own versus any rusher. While he can pass protect, he is limited because of his lack of athletic ability. Because of this I believe he is better suited to be a right tackle at the next level. But, he is versatile enough where he can slide over to left tackle because of an injury, and I think he could play at guard if needed as well. I think Crosby has the ability to come in and start for a team that needs a tackle. He should be able to develop, and if he works on his footwork, and overall strength, then I believe he could be a cog on a team’s line by his third season. He may not develop into an All-Pro but if a team helps him evolve into the lineman he can become he could play in the league for a long time. Because I think he shouldn’t play LT, I believe teams should take a chance on him at the late 2nd-3rd round.

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